How Much Rum Will It Take To Get You Drunk? (2023 Updated)

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Just hearing the word ‘rum’ will make you think of white sand beaches, palm trees, and clear blue sky. It is an ideal summer getaway as you sit back and enjoy the tropical notes of rum. 

But getting drunk fast can take away the joy of this moment. So you may wonder, how much rum will get you drunk? 

How Much Rum Gets You Drunk

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A few shots from a standard bottle of rum will get a person drunk easily. With 40% ABV, rum is like any other distilled spirit with a high alcohol concentration. But aside from alcohol content, some factors affect a person’s alcohol tolerance. 

The factors include age, gender, sleep regime, and food consumption. People’s build can also affect how fast they can get drunk. A heavy person with more muscle mass gets drunk slower than someone with the same weight but more body fat.

7 Factors To Consider

7 Factors To Consider

1. Alcohol By Volume Levels

Most bottles of rum have a standard content of at least 40% ABV. A normal body-type person will take three to four standard shots to feel the effect of the spirit. It amounts to 120ml to 135ml of rum intake.

Overproof rum with more than 60% ABV needs a little toning down to lessen the effect. 

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2. Age, Sex, & Body Weight

Healthy young people have a faster metabolism than old ones, making them process alcohol faster than our old folks.

Women usually have a smaller physique and more body fat than men. On the other note, men have a bigger body frame and more muscles to help dilute alcohol faster.

3. Alcohol Consumption 

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Having a young, healthy body does not guarantee a slower intoxication, especially if you are swigging the shots. It is better to have a standard drink and a rest in between. 

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4. Medication/Drugs Intake

Too much intake of cough or cold medicine can have the same effect as getting drunk. The effect can vary from dizziness to loss of consciousness. And if the body takes in alcohol during this medication, it can cause severe health issues. 

It is an important step to first seek a physician before drinking. 

5. Sleep Regime & Health Condition

Taking rum with high alcohol content can make a sleep-deprived person drunk fast. It is the same with insomniac people, who rely on alcohol to make them sleep. Meanwhile, the presence of drunk genes in some people makes them more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol.  

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6. Water Intake & Meal Consumed


Water intake in between shots of rum can slow down the effect of intoxication. But the meal that you consume before drinking is also important. 

Protein-high food like yogurt stays longer in the stomach, which slows down alcohol absorption. Bananas can help you get drunk slowly because of the high level of fiber and potassium [1].

7. Tolerance Level

People who regularly drink alcoholic beverages like rum have higher Blood Alcohol Content or BAC levels on their bodies. For that reason, the body already knows how to process the alcohol faster than those who only drink occasionally. 

Heavy drinkers get drunk slowly and may not show signs of intoxication immediately. 


How many shots of rum make you tipsy?

Two to three rum shots containing 40% ABV can make you tipsy. But, how many shots will get you drunk?

Does rum get you drunk fast?

Yes, rum will get you drunk fast if you have an improper sleeping pattern, high BAC levels, and an empty stomach. 

In Summary

It takes more than three shots of 40% ABV or 80 proof rum will get you drunk. Overproof rum is beyond 60% ABV and has a high concentration of alcohol to affect a person quickly. 

Getting proper sleep, meal consumption, and water intake can slow down alcohol absorption. People with insomnia or anxiety under medication should seek a doctor first. When combined with alcohol, some medicines can cause extreme damage to internal organs. 

Lastly, have an interval between shots to last longer at a gathering or party. 



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