Jim Beam & Ginger Highball Recipe: Complete Guide (2023)

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Jim Beam and Ginger Highball is a handmade, cult-favorite concoction that does not need much effort. 

With the right ingredients, you can craft a simple and refreshing staple that you can enjoy on game day and at any time.  

Here’s the Jim Beam and Ginger Highball recipe you can make at home. Read on. 

Jim Beam & Ginger Highball Cocktail Recipe 

ginger Highball Cocktail drink

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes


1 part Jim Beam bourbon whiskey

3 parts Ginger ale (Fever-Tree)

Lemon wedge (Garnish)


Get a highball glass or tall glass and a jigger for measurement. Measure 1 part of Jim Beam and 3 parts ginger ale, then build over ice. Top it off with a lemon wedge as your garnish. 

Combine smooth bourbon and the zingy ginger ale by slowly stirring it before drinking. You can also squeeze the lemon wedge (garnish) to elevate your cocktail. 

Serving: 1

What’s Jim Beam & Ginger Highball? 

Jim Beam & Ginger Highball is a whiskey cocktail, and its original version (whiskey highball) emerged way back in the 1890s [1]. 

Several sources claim that the whiskey drink is called “balls,” and they use a “high” or tall glass to serve it. 

Jim Beam and Ginger Highball is a classic and easy cocktail to make.

Since the zingy ginger ale complements the smooth bourbon, it tastes great and you can make a refreshing staple for any season. 

Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and Ginger Highball can give you more time to kick back and unwind with friends and family. 

What Does Jim Beam & Ginger Highball Taste Like? 

Highball Cocktail Drink and a can of Ginger Ale

If you combine smooth bourbon whiskey with ginger ale, the luscious oaky, and sweet taste of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey is balanced with the little ginger, sour, and citrusy notes of ginger ale. 

The zingy ginger ale and Jim Beam bourbon you build over ice taste great and refreshing with a little ginger at the end, which is ideal for a kick-back on game day. 

You can twist the lemon wedge (garnish) for a tangy and citrusy aroma and taste. 

Its Alcohol Content 

The estimated alcohol content of cocktail drinks like Ginger Highball & Jim Beam can be computed using the formula (ABV x Liquid Volume/ Total Volume) x 100 [2].  

Jim Beam bourbon whiskey features a 40% ABV, while the ginger ale is alcohol-free.

If you combine smooth bourbon with ginger ale, here’s the alcohol content computation: 

  • ABV x Liquor Volume = (0.40 x 1 oz) + (0 x 3 oz) = 0.40
  • Total Volume = 1 oz (Jim Beam bourbon whiskey) + 0.5 oz (melted ice) + 3 oz (ginger beer) = 4.50 oz
  • Estimated Alcohol Content = (0.40/4.50 oz) x 100 = 8.88 % or 9%

Therefore, the Jim Beam and Ginger Highball contain almost 9% alcohol per serving. 

A glass or two of this drink will not get you drunk.

However, since it is an easy cocktail and a refreshing staple that tastes great, you can get drunk in no time if you consume four servings in an hour. 

What’s The Ready-To-Drink Jim Beam & Ginger Highball Can? 

hand holding Ginger Highball in can

Jim Beam and Ginger Highball can is a ready-to-drink cocktail with 5% ABV. It combines Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and crisp ginger ale for a balanced yet bold taste. 

“Our new ready-to-drink Highballs are the perfect way to enjoy Jim Beam in a new, refreshing way – whether you’re a bourbon fan or you’re trying bourbon for the first time.”

– Malini Patel, Managing Director, Jim Beam

The ready-to-enjoy refreshment is crafted to solve beer boredom and to enjoy this cocktail anytime and anywhere easily. 

The canned cocktail has more carbonation and is slightly sweeter than the cocktail in a highball glass full of ice.  


Can Jim Beam & Ginger Highball get you drunk?

Yes, Jim Beam and Ginger Highball can get you drunk. After all, it contains 9% ABV per serving. However, to get drunk with this easy cocktail, it may take you at least four servings in an hour. 

Does Jim Beam go well with ginger ale?

Yes, Jim Beam goes well with ginger ale. The little ginger complements great with the Jim Beam bourbon. 

In addition, it is refreshing and well-balanced, which makes it ideal for kick back and relaxation on game day. 

How many calories does Jim Beam Ginger Highball have?

The Jim Beam Ginger Highball contains 105 calories.

If you are watching your calories, limit your consumption, but that can be challenging because it tastes great. 

Final Verdict

Jim Beam and Ginger Highball recipe is one cocktail you can easily whip up in three minutes. 

Get your highball glass and start crafting your bourbon cocktail with Jim Beam, ginger ale, ice, and a lemon wedge for garnish. 

Take it slow because it contains alcohol and can get you drunk if you consume it too fast. 



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