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15 Mixed Drinks With Makers Mark Bourbon (2024 Updated)

Mixed Drinks With Makers Mark

From the letter-pressed labels to the hand-dipped wax, Maker’s Mark’s unique brand style has been incredibly famous. For many years, it has produced signature products that can be a great liquor base.

We got you the top recommended mixed drinks with Makers Mark bourbon you should try. Read on.  

Top 15 Delectable Mixed Drinks With Makers Mark Bourbon 

15. Maker’s Penicillin

glass of Penicillin Cocktail with torch on the background

It’s a bourbon-based Penicillin that has similarities with cold toddy. Maker’s Penicillin cocktail has two liquors: Maker’s Mark bourbon and Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky. 

This mixture creates a balanced flavor of honey and lemon, smokiness from the Scotch, and spice from the ginger. 

14. Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Orange whiskey cocktail is one of the fab holiday drinks made with Maker’s Mark. It’s made with equal parts of cranberry juice, orange juice, and Maker’s Mark whiskey with maple syrup.

You don’t need a shaker to make this cocktail; combine all the ingredients in a cocktail glass filled with ice and stir it. Rosemary is the perfect garnish to make a different holiday taste.

13. Old Fashioned

old fashioned cocktail with bottle of makers mark

Maker’s Mark has its Old Fashioned cocktail version made with its bourbon variant, dashes of aromatic bitters, orange peel, and sugar.

In an Old Fashioned glass, sugars are muddled with the bitters and a splash of bourbon, but in some recipes, they use water. 

Press orange peel over the glass to release its natural citrus oil. But to make the orange peel zest oil prominent, you can muddle the peel ahead with the sugar and bitters.

12. Gold Rush

glass of gold rush cocktail with bottle of makers mark

Gold Rush is a perfect all-time season cocktail made of a delightful Maker’s Mark bourbon, lemon juice, and honey syrup. This combination of sweet honey and citrus juice is great whether you’re cooling down or warming up all year round.

It has an easy recipe and takes no rush to make – just add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. If it’s well-chilled after shaking, serve it in a rocks glass with ice and top with lemon peel.

11. Paper Plane

glass of paper plane drink on a wooden table

Take off your drink from cooler weather with this Paper Plane cocktail. This cocktail uses equal parts of Maker’s Mark bourbon, Amaro, Aperol, and lemon or lime juice. 

Mix all the ingredients and double strain in a coupe glass. Top this cocktail with a lemon peel. You won’t need ice for this cocktail on cool days. But what’s the ideal bourbon for a Paper Plane cocktail?

10. Maker’s Mark Mule

makers mark mule cocktail drink

A refreshing Moscow Mule uses a Maker’s Mark bourbon for a richer and deeper flavor. Maker’s Mule is perfect for those hot and warmer days or any time of the year. Its recipe uses muddled pieces of fresh fruit like strawberry, mango, or any fruit you choose.

Like the classic Moscow Mule, Maker’s Mule is added with ginger beer. If you want it fancier, add homemade ginger syrup to elevate your Maker’s Mule spiciness and tanginess.

9. Maker’s Sour

Maker’s Sour cocktail drink with lemon and cherry

Maker’s Sour is a refreshing blend of sweet and sour, similar to the old-school favorite Whisky Sour cocktail. The recipe mixes lemon juice, Maker’s Mark bourbon, and simple syrup. 

Add an egg white before you shake the drink if you want a traditional sour cocktail. It gives extra texture to the tangy and refreshing drink.

8. Kentucky Buck

Kentucky Buck cocktail drink with Maker’s Mark bourbon

A classic Kentucky Buck cocktail mixes ginger beer, lemon juice, fresh strawberries, and a dash of bitters with Maker’s Mark bourbon. You can add cranberry juice and turn it into a festive Merry Berry Buck.

You don’t need a shaker in this recipe; stir gently in a tall glass with ice and garnish with fresh strawberries or cranberries.

7. Maker’s & Ginger

Maker’s & Ginger cocktail garnished with lime

Maker’s Mark with ginger ale will fizz up your bourbon game. This crowd pleaser and easy-to-make classic cocktail have a two-ingredient: bourbon and ginger ale.

You can add dashes of bitters or a premium ginger liqueur to give more character to the cocktail. Serve it in a cocktail or tall glass with a simple lemon wedge.

6. Classic Mint Julep

The Maker's Mark Mint Julep drink with lots of ice and mint leaves

This Classic Mint Julep made with Maker’s Mark makes a naturally tasty bourbon cocktail. It balances the sweetness from sugar, the crispness of Maker’s Mark, and mint notes from spearmint leaves.

Make sure to use fresh spearmint leaves to muddle in the sugars or simple syrup to get the fresh minty flavor. Find other popular bourbons perfect for Mint Julep here.

5. Bourbon Bloody Mary

Bourbon Bloody Mary or Bloody Mark features a spicy and savory cocktail. It has tangy ingredients of tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, celery bitters, and condiments like pepper, paprika, and salt.

There are many variations of Bloody Mary cocktails. But we recommend trying this with Maker’ Mark bourbon, which gives this cocktail a well-rounded flavor with a rich bourbon boost.

4. Kentucky Bubbly

Sparkling apple cider and Maker’s Mark makes a Kentucky Bubbly. This combination makes a natural pairing of a crisp and fizzy cocktail. It’s ideal for parties and perfects around upcoming holidays.

Mixing a dash of bitters adds more depth and tanginess to the drink. [1] To make it fancier, use a champagne flute to serve it and top with maraschino cherries.

3. Manhattan

Manhattan Cocktail glass drink

This Maker’s Mark recipe of Manhattan is bound to upgrade any evening date. Combining sweet vermouth and cherry juice with Maker’s Mark bourbon makes a refined and alluring ruby red Manhattan. 

You can enjoy it in a cocktail glass, served with no ice, and topped with maraschino cherries to make it chic and classy. See more bourbons for a Manhattan cocktail here.

2. Bourbon Renewal

bottle of Makers Mark and Whiskey Sour on a wooden table

Bourbon Renewal is a remix of a classic Whisky Sour cocktail. But this cocktail calls for Maker’s Mark bourbon with crème de cassis, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a dash of bitters.

Shake all the ingredients using your pro shaking techniques, then strain and serve it in a rocks glass over fresh ice. 

1. Bourbon Spritz

woman making Bourbon Spritz Cocktail using Makers Mark

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Spritz is a festive and tasty cocktail perfect all year long. It’s made with a bitter orange aperitif, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Prosecco, and simple syrup.  

Sparkling beverages like Prosecco are topped in a mixed drink. A carbonated beverage is never added to the cocktail shaker while mixing the other ingredients. [2]


What is a good mixer for Maker’s Mark?

Citrus fruit juices like orange, lemon, lime, ginger ale, ginger beer, and sodas could be a good mixer with Maker’s Mark. Surprisingly, Maker’s Mark is a versatile bourbon that is good to mix with other cocktails.

What is the best way to drink Maker’s Mark?

Maker’s Mark is best to drink neat or over ice. Its sweet aroma, hints of caramel, and vanilla are noticeable when you drink it neat. Also, it’s good over ice, just a cube or two, because too much ice can destroy its subtle flavor profile.

How should beginners drink Maker’s Mark?

Beginners can drink Maker’s Mark by sipping it on the rocks. Maker’s Mark is an easy-sipping whisky with a softer texture on the palate, making it a great option for newbies. Drinking it over ice is a good intro to help you not feel the burn down while drinking it.

Can you give examples of mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark? 

Examples of mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark include the classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, and Bourbon Smash, each highlighting the rich and smooth flavor of Maker’s Mark bourbon.

Why use Maker’s Mark in mixed drinks?

Maker’s Mark is chosen for mixed drinks due to its smoothness, balanced flavor profile, and versatility, making it an excellent base spirit that pairs well with a variety of mixers and ingredients.

Can mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark be customized? 

Absolutely! Mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark can be customized by adjusting the proportions of ingredients, experimenting with different mixers or garnishes, and adding unique twists to create personalized cocktails.

Are mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark suitable for different occasions? 

Yes, mixed drinks with Maker’s Mark can be enjoyed on various occasions, whether it’s a casual gathering with friends, a celebratory event, or simply as a refreshing drink to unwind after a long day.

Final Say 

Maker’s Mark is a versatile bourbon that is tasty when sipped, especially if used in mixed drinks. The good news is it’s not required to be a master mixologist or have the skills of a pro bartender to make cocktails with Maker’s Mark bourbon.

All these mixed drinks listed above are quick and easy to make in the comfort of your home.


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