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6 Best Johnnie Walker Colors Ranked (2024 Edition)

Best Johnnie Walker Colors Ranked

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Discovering Johnnie Walker’s iconic whiskies is a journey through time. With origins dating back to the 19th century, Johnnie Walker’s spirits continue to captivate connoisseurs today. Each bottle tells a unique story through its flavors and history.

I attended a private whisky tour of Johnnie Walker recently, and I’m excited to share my learnings about the different Johnnie Walker colors, considering their quality, pricing, and tasting notes.

6 Johnnie Walker Colors Ranked According to Price 

6. Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Average Price: Roughly $18.99 per 750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 40%

Interesting Fact:

Johnnie Walker Red is the first blend they introduced to the world, originally called Walker’s Old Highland, and they produced this bottle as a strong alcohol mix to soda. It remains one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world today. 

“What is remarkable about Johnnie Walker is, if you look at the work today and then you look at the work from 200 years ago, there are consistencies”-Chris Goddard, Global Marketing Director of Johnnie Walker

Tasting Notes: 

Opening the bottle, I noticed the notes of toffee, sour apple, and a touch of spices on the nose.

Sipping it slowly, it has a progressing taste of sweet grain, vanilla cream, sour apple, and spice to the palate.

It ends with a sweet, short, progressing taste of apple skin, tannin, and fruit.

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5. Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Average Price: Roughly $24.99 per 750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 40%

Interesting Fact:

Johnnie Walker Black is said to be the benchmark of premium blended whiskey.

They aged this blended Scotch for twelve solid years resulting in Johnnie Walker’s depth and flavor. Johnnie Walker Black is one of their best seller bottles worldwide.

Tasting Notes: 

As I popped Johnnie Walker Black Label, it had a noticeable smell of subtle smokiness, hints of tropical fruits and grainy malt, and a note of dry oak.

To the tongue is a full taste of vanilla with hints of spices, raisins, and orange zest. The finish is long and smooth with soft layers of smoke, malt, and peat.

4. Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Average Price: Roughly $29.99 per 750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 40%

Interesting Fact:

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label is an upgrade to the well-appreciated Black Label. This whiskey has no age statement released.

They also used heavily charred ex-sherry casks to achieve this smooth texture. 

Tasting Notes:

There are subtle hints of smoke, but they are more predominant as I crack the seal. It has a very clear blend of honey, tropical fruits, and toffee on the nose.

My tongue savors the smokiness and rich spices with a long but sweet finish.

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3. Johnnie Walker Green Label 

Johnnie Walker Green Label on desk

Average Price: Roughly $47.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 43%

Interesting Fact:

Johnnie Walker Green Label is very flavorful. It is like you are drinking various liquors coming from one bottle.

You can amplify these overflowing flavors with branch water, particularly the peat.

Tasting Notes:

The scent of sandalwood with chocolate in the background greets the nose as I slowly swirl the whisky in my glass.

After my first sip, I savor fresh grass, fruits, nuts, and smoky wood on my tongue with a long, spicy finish.

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2. Johnnie Walker Gold Label 

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Average Price: Roughly $87.99 per 750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 40%

Interesting Fact:

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a special Scotch drink with blends of sweet treats.

This 18-year-old whiskey from the West Coast Highlands of Scotland offers luxury among these different colors. It is almost the same as Platinum.

However, The Platinum drink tastes less than the Gold Scotch’s fresh and bold character.

Tasting Notes:

My nose is filled with the aroma of creamy vanilla, honeyed oats, and a dab of gingerbread as I pour the gold label into my Glencairn glass.

On my first sip, the scent goes to the mouth mixed with caramel fudge and butterscotch. The flavor intensifies, ending with a faint note of wood smoke. 

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Average Price: Roughly $179.49 per 750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol By Volume: 40%

Interesting Fact:

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has the super-premium blend among all Johnnie Walker labels.

It is from the finest old-aged grain and malt whiskey picked from distilleries from all corners of Scotland.

JW Blue Label Scotch whiskey is the most famous Johnnie Walker label worldwide.

Tasting Notes: 

The nose is left with the rounded scent of Johnnie’s signature dry smokiness but with a bit of raisin.

The tongue will savor a blend of honeyed nuts, citrus, malts, sherry, sandalwood, oak, and tobacco.

A very rewarding and long finish ends the experience.

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The Story Behind The Johnnie Walker Colors

The color selection of Johnnie Walker’s whisky bottles is more than just a random choice – it is a deliberate and thought-out process reflecting each blend’s characteristics and complexities.

The colors are carefully chosen to visually represent the distinct flavor profiles and experiences of the different blends.

However, the practice of labeling bottles by color was introduced when Alexander Walker handed over the business to his sons. They began using this method to distinguish and classify the various blends of whisky they offered.

How To Drink Johnnie Walker

How To Drink Johnnie Walker

These whiskies are first-rate, with flavors that are perfect for shots. The first on the list would be the Black, followed by the smokier Double Black.

The Green and Blue bottles are also a good fit for this role.

Best For Cocktails/Mixers

Best For Cocktails & Mixers

The best bottle to use as a baseline for alcoholic beverages (1)  is the Red bottle. This was intentionally made for mixing purposes, although it has proven itself a versatile drink.

The Black Label is also a good bottle for a classic Rob Roys or any highball.

On The Rocks

The tasty malts used for the Green labels make it great on the rocks. Ice awakens a plethora of flavor, although this will be appreciated better by an experienced drinker.

Johnnie Walker Green, Platinum, and Blue are also great with ice. 



The smoothness of the Blue Scotch whiskey is best for drinking neat. The sweetness of the malts and balanced spices makes it very easy to sip and swallow.

“Colors weave tales of Johnnie Walker’s whisky journey through time.”- Liquor Laboratory

The flavors of the Green Scotch are also pleasant to sip. But what’s the best whiskey to drink straight?

Johnnie Walker All Labels with Price

In the vast world of Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker stands out for its iconic labels, each representing a unique blend and flavor profile. From the entry-level Red Label to the prestigious Blue Label, the Johnnie Walker range caters to a diverse audience. However, prices can vary based on factors like location, taxes, and market conditions. To give you a general idea, the Red Label is typically the most affordable, while the Blue Label represents the pinnacle of luxury with a higher price point. Exploring the entire spectrum of Johnnie Walker labels provides a comprehensive journey through the artistry and craftsmanship of this renowned whisky brand. For specific and up-to-date pricing information, it’s advisable to check with authorized retailers or the official Johnnie Walker website.

Johnnie Walker Colors in Order

Understanding the Johnnie Walker colors in order allows enthusiasts to navigate the brand’s offerings more effectively. The lineup begins with the approachable Red Label, known for its versatility in cocktails. Moving up, the Black Label introduces a bolder flavor profile, showcasing the art of blending in a richer and smokier expression. The Double Black Label intensifies this experience, adding a layer of peat smoke for those who enjoy a more robust Scotch. The Green Label, a vatted malt, provides a glimpse into the world of single malts, offering a harmonious blend of various whiskies. The Gold Label Reserve, characterized by its honeyed sweetness, sits between the Green and Blue Labels in terms of prestige. Finally, the Blue Label stands as the pinnacle, representing the epitome of Johnnie Walker’s craftsmanship and offering an unparalleled sipping experience.

Can You Tell About Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the crown jewel of the brand, revered for its exclusivity and exceptional quality. Crafted from a selection of rare and aged whiskies, Blue Label delivers a luxurious and smooth Scotch whisky experience. The blending expertise behind this label ensures a harmonious fusion of flavors, with hints of honey, vanilla, and dried fruits. As an icon of opulence, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is often considered a collector’s item, making it a sought-after choice for those special occasions when only the finest Scotch will suffice.

Is Johnnie Walker Green Label Worth The Price?

The Johnnie Walker Green Label holds a unique position in the brand’s lineup as a vatted malt whisky, meaning it consists only of single malts with no grain whisky. This expression showcases the art of blending in a different light, combining whiskies from various regions to create a balanced and complex flavor profile. With notes of fresh fruit, malt, and a subtle smokiness, the Green Label appeals to whisky enthusiasts seeking a versatile and nuanced dram. Its distinct character and the absence of grain whisky make it a standout choice for those appreciating the purity of single malts within the Johnnie Walker range.

All About Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label is a captivating expression, known for its velvety texture and indulgent taste. Sitting between the Green and Blue Labels in terms of prestige, the Gold Label Reserve is a blend of malt and grain whiskies, aged in oak casks for a rich and well-rounded flavor profile. With notes of toffee, vanilla, and a touch of spice, this expression offers a luxurious and approachable whisky experience. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is often celebrated for its balanced sweetness and the seamless integration of various aged whiskies, making it a sophisticated choice for those seeking an elegant and enjoyable Scotch.

Compare It With Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label represents a bold and full-bodied addition to the brand’s portfolio. Crafted from a selection of malt and grain whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 18 years, this expression offers a sophisticated and nuanced drinking experience. The Platinum Label showcases the complexity of well-aged Scotch, with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and a subtle smokiness. As a premium offering, it caters to those who appreciate the depth and character that extended maturation imparts to a whisky. Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a refined and memorable sipping experience.


What is the order of the Johnnie Walker colors?

The order of the Johnnie Walker colors, generally from the entry-level to the premium labels, is Red Label, Black Label, Double Black Label, Green Label, Gold Label Reserve, Platinum Label, and Blue Label.

Which Johnnie Walker color is best?

Determining the “best” Johnnie Walker color is subjective and depends on personal taste preferences. Each label offers a unique flavor profile, and the best one for an individual varies based on their preferred characteristics in a Scotch whisky.

What is the highest quality Johnnie Walker?

The highest quality Johnnie Walker is often considered to be the Blue Label. It is a premium and prestigious blend, crafted from rare and aged whiskies, showcasing the brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Which Colour Johnnie Walker is the most expensive?

The most expensive Johnnie Walker color is the Blue Label. Its luxurious and exclusive nature, along with the use of rare and aged whiskies, contributes to its higher price point compared to other labels in the range.

Is Gold Label better than blue?

The comparison between Gold Label and Blue Label depends on personal preferences. While Blue Label is often considered more prestigious due to its rarity and complexity, Gold Label offers a rich and smooth drinking experience with its own distinct flavor profile. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual taste preferences and budget considerations.

Is Green Label better than gold?

The comparison between Green Label and Gold Label is subjective. Green Label is a vatted malt with a complex flavor profile, while Gold Label is known for its velvety texture and balanced sweetness. Preferences vary, and what one may find “better” depends on individual taste preferences.

Why is Blue Label so expensive?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is expensive due to the use of rare and aged whiskies in its blend. The craftsmanship involved, along with the exclusivity of the label, contributes to its higher price point. The luxury and prestige associated with Blue Label also play a role in its elevated cost.

Why is Black Label so expensive?

While Black Label is not as expensive as some of the higher-tier labels, its price reflects the quality of the blend. Black Label is a well-crafted and popular Scotch whisky, aged for a minimum of 12 years, contributing to its reputation and price point.

Is Johnny Red or Black better?

The choice between Red Label and Black Label depends on personal taste preferences. Red Label is a lighter and more affordable option, suitable for mixing, while Black Label is a more complex and refined blend, often enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Each serves different purposes, and what is considered “better” depends on the context of consumption.

What are the tiers of Johnnie Walker labels?

The tiers of Johnnie Walker labels can be categorized into different levels of prestige and complexity. The general tiers are Red Label (entry-level), Black Label and Double Black Label (mid-tier), Green Label and Gold Label Reserve (higher-tier), Platinum Label (ultra-premium), and Blue Label (luxury).

Which is higher Red Label or Black Label?

Black Label is considered higher than Red Label in terms of complexity and aging. Black Label is aged for a minimum of 12 years, contributing to its richer flavor profile, while Red Label is a lighter and more approachable blend.

How to order a Johnnie Walker Black?

To order a Johnnie Walker Black, simply ask the bartender or server for a “Johnnie Walker Black Label.” If you have a specific preference for how you’d like to enjoy it, such as neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, make sure to specify your preference when placing the order.

Is Johnnie Walker Black or Red better?

The choice between Johnnie Walker Black and Red depends on personal preferences. Black Label is aged for a minimum of 12 years, offering a more complex and refined flavor profile, while Red Label is a lighter and more affordable option, often used in cocktails. The “better” choice is subjective and based on individual taste and preferences.

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Final Thoughts

The manufacturers of Johnnie Walker whiskey carefully chose the expansive options of Johnnie Walker to provide whiskey lovers options. These bottled spirits are aged exactly to ensure that each expression’s needed flavors come out.

In every Johnnie Walker color, the distiller covers taste, depth, and texture, ensuring they deliver affordable but high-quality whiskey for all. With all these, this whiskey brand will continue to rule the globe as it has over the years.


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