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Johnnie Walker Whiskey Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide (2023)

Johnnie Walker Whiskey buying guide

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Don’t get confused with Johnnie Walker labels and deprive yourself of experiencing its smooth and palatable blends. Sit back, relax, and don’t fret because we got you covered. In this guide, you will learn everything about Johnnie Walker prices, range, quality, popularity, and all that matters.

All About Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a renowned brand of Scotch whisky that has been in existence since the 19th century. Created by John Walker, the brand has become a global icon in the world of whisky. Johnnie Walker offers a diverse range of expressions, each distinguished by its flavor profile, aging process, and blend of malt and grain whiskies.

The brand is known for its signature square bottles and iconic labels, including the Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Gold Label Reserve, Green Label, Platinum Label, Blue Label, and more.

One of the distinguishing features of Johnnie Walker is its commitment to blending, with the aim of achieving a consistent and high-quality taste across its range. The whiskies are sourced from different regions in Scotland, and each label represents a unique combination of flavors and characteristics.

For instance, Johnnie Walker Red Label is a versatile and accessible blend, while Johnnie Walker Blue Label is considered a premium and luxury offering, often featuring rare and well-aged whiskies.

The brand is celebrated for its innovation, quality, and global recognition, making it a popular choice among whisky enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, Johnnie Walker continues to be a symbol of craftsmanship and tradition in the whisky world.

Johnnie Walker Whiskey: A Brief History  

Johnnie Walker Whiskey

Developed in the early 19th century, Johnnie Walker emerged as a highly competitive whiskey. Produced by global powerhouse Diageo, it even became one of today’s best-selling Scotch brands.

This popular scotch with a Striding Man logo was created by John Walker, a grocer in Kilmarnock, Scotland. 

He introduced a new way of selling whiskeys. Instead of selling whiskeys/wines in single malts with varied quality and spirits from bottle to bottle, he sold blended whiskies and offered a consistent product. 

His strategy became a huge success. His son, Alexander, soon took over his business and introduced the company’s first commercial premium blend called Old Highland Whiskey in 1867.

Soon after, the company started to grow bigger and introduced various categories and types from generation to generation. 

How It’s Made 

How It’s Made

Johnnie Walker is made from distilled corn, a blend of grain whiskies, mostly barley and malt whiskies. Unlike single malts, its blend of whiskey hails from different distilleries.  

Johnnie Walker creates various flavor blends through this process, ranging from smooth and sweet to peaty and smoky.

The company creates its flavors differently. The most affordable label, Johnnie Walker Red, is made by blending lighter peat whiskies and dark ones from the Scottish East coast. 

On the other hand, Johnnie Walker Black contains 30 to 40 different malt whiskies aged around 12 years, adding more peatiness. The Johnnie Walker Green has no grain whiskey. It only contains blended grains from four single-malt distilleries.  

How To Drink It 

To drink one of the best scotches in the world is as simple as how you usually drink your usual drinks, contrary to what most elite drinkers claim.

It’s a no-brainer that various glasses and temperatures may affect your whiskey’s flavor, especially when adding water or ice.

Thus, we suggest using a big chunk of ice cube since it melts slower than smaller ones.  

As a part of a cocktail for you and your family and friends, we highly suggest using a highball glass. You can also add flavored soda waters such as lime or lemon to make your Johnnie Walker Red Label taste better.

You can also drink it neat. You may also add a drop or two of water to open up its flavors and decrease its alcohol density.  

Popular Johnnie Walker Varieties

Popular Johnnie Walker Varieties

Johnnie Walker Red

Johnnie Walker Red Label

This is the basic version of this company’s many labels on the market.

It contains a honey-colored blend of grain and malt whiskies from various distilling establishments in the country.

It is mainly recommended as a mixer because it didn’t taste as good as the others. You can purchase this at around $22.99 – $24.99 for 750 ml. 

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Johnnie Walker Green Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label

This is the basic version of this company’s many labels on the market. It contains a honey-colored blend of grain and malt whiskies from various distilling establishments in the country.

You can also purchase this at around $22.99 – $24.99 for 750 ml.  

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

This label is the most expensive Johnnie Walker product label sold under the world-famous Johnnie Walker company.

It comes from various blends of several whiskies with various ages and various distilling establishments. For a 750 ml bottle, this scotch usually costs around $150.00 – $180.99.  Check out Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black here

Johnnie Walker Black Label

The world-famous black label version is often claimed to offer flavors from all four corners of Scotland. Some even say it is a solid representation of the Scottish tradition.

With this label, you will taste peat and smokiness, which is more prevalent, similar to campfire aromas. 

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

The Gold Label Reserve is claimed to be aged in about 18 years. It has a smooth and enveloping aroma, which can be enjoyed when slowly sipped in a Glencairn glass and with a matching cigar on the side.

It has a fruity aroma reminiscent of banana flavors and nutmeg, making it unique and more luxurious.

Johnnie Walker Platinum

The Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is another fine 18-year old whiskey. It offers diverse toffee and flavored cherry characteristics and a supplement of rich smokiness.

This brand label offers a honey-sweet, enveloping profile, giving the drinkers sophisticated blended spirits.   

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Blended vs Single Scotch  

Most often than not, Johnnie Walker has always been compared to single grain whiskeys because of its blended features. Typically, scotches used to be produced in single grains and just one distillery. However, Johnnie Walker changed the game when it introduced a new way of producing premium scotch by combining various scotches from different distilleries. 

Single malts may be considered to be superior to a blend in some ways. However, it is noteworthy to claim that a blend has a smoother taste than single malts. With this, the price of single malts is also higher than a scotch blend.  

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Johnnie Walker Whiskey Prices 

Common Johnnie Walker Whiskey Prices 

Type Size Proof Average Price
Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whiskey 750 ml 80 $22.99 – $24.99
Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years 750 ml 80 $189.99 – $209.99
Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whiskey 750 ml 80 $29.99 – $32.99
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whiskey 750 ml 80 $150.00 – $180.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch Whiskey 750 ml 80 $41.99 – $44.99
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whiskey 750 ml 80 $79.99 – $89.99
Johnnie Walker Green Label 750 ml 86 $59.99 – $69.99
Johnnie Walker Platinum 750 ml 80 Around $100
John Walker & Sons King George V 750 ml 66 Around $520.99
John Walker & Sons Odyssey 750 ml 80 Around $1120.99
Johnnie Walker Swing 750 ml 40 Around $65

Compared To Other Brands

Compared to other Brands Prices

Johnnie Walker offers various prices depending on the label the brand offers. From its cheapest, the red label brand version, to its most expensive Blue label version, it could be a worthy opponent for other brands. 

Its world-famous Green Label is about the same price as Glenfiddich 15, or maybe slightly higher. While its red label version costs almost the same as the reputable Irish scotch brand Jameson. It is slightly more expensive than the bare Ballantine’s Finest brand, which prices about $20 in some places. Prices usually vary depending on the stores these brands are sold at.

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Popular Johnnie Walker Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Popular Johnnie Walker Whiskey Cocktail Recipes 

The Blood and Sand

This cocktail menu Johnnie Walker will give your scotch a fruity flavor spirit. It is mainly made from orange juice, which is a crowd favorite. 


  • 1 part sweet Vermouth 
  • 1 part Scotch
  • 1 part fruit liqueur 
  • 1 part orange juice


Prepare all the ingredients in their suggested amount. Then, mix all the ingredients in a cocktail glass. We highly recommend personally squeezing the orange juice rather than using store-bought juices to maintain its premium spirit. 

Johnnie Walker Highball

This is one of the easiest whiskey-based cocktails because you are only supposed to mix two ingredients. This sweet and refreshing cocktail is the best choice for all those who don’t like drinking their scotch neat.   


  • 50 ml Johnnie Walker Red
  • Lemon to garnish
  • 150 ml soda


Fill the highball glass with ice cubes. Next, add 50 ml Johnnie Walker Red Label. Then, pour 150 ml of soda. Garnish your scotch with lemon, and you’re great to go. You may also opt for a ginger ale instead of soda if you wish to taste something more different or some sort. These options are solely your choice. 

The Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail

Loyal lovers of scotch’s spirits will definitely love this cocktail recipe, among all other options and offerings available, prices aside. 


  • ½ Part Drambuie
  • 2 Parts Scotch 


To prepare this drink, just get an old-fashioned glass and fill it with lots of ice. Then, add ½ part Drambuie and two parts of scotches. This drink will manage to keep at least 40% of alcohol by volume.


Why is Johnnie Walker Blue so expensive?

Johnnie Walker Blue label is expensive because it offers the rarest scotches that make up its various blends of several whiskies with various ages and various distilleries. It has a premium taste that usually costs around $150.00 – $180.99 per 750 ml bottle.

Which Johnnie Walker label is the best?

The Johnnie Walker Blue is considered the best label for the scotch company. Hence, it is also priced as the highest, matching its premium taste and even popularity. It even bagged various awards and remained as the label’s best-seller. 

What are the levels of Johnnie Walker?

The levels of Johnnie Walker correspond to the different colors of its label. The order ranges from the cheapest to the most expensive starters with the Johnnie Walker Red, followed by the Black Label, Johnnie Walker Double Black Label, Gold, Green, Platinum, and Blue.  

Which is the cheapest Johnnie Walker?

The cheapest Johnnie Walker variant is typically Johnnie Walker Red Label. It is known for being an affordable and widely available option in the Johnnie Walker range.

Is Johnnie Walker a good whiskey?

Johnnie Walker is generally considered a good whiskey brand. It has a wide range of expressions, each offering a distinct flavor profile, and is well-regarded for its consistency and quality.

Which Johnnie Walker is most expensive?

The most expensive Johnnie Walker variant is often the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is a premium blend known for its complexity, rare cask selections, and luxurious packaging.

Why is Johnnie Walker Black so expensive?

Johnnie Walker Black Label is priced higher than some other variants due to its premium quality and a blend of aged whiskies. The inclusion of well-aged malt and grain whiskies contributes to its complexity and smoother taste, warranting a higher price point.

What is the most expensive whiskey?

The title of the most expensive whiskey can vary based on the market and availability. However, some exceptionally rare and aged whiskies, such as The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection, have reached high prices at auctions.

Which one is better Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniels?

Comparing Johnnie Walker to Jack Daniel’s is subjective and depends on personal taste preferences. Johnnie Walker is a Scotch whisky with a diverse range of expressions, while Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey known for its distinct mellowing process. Both brands have their unique characteristics.

How to properly drink whiskey?

Properly drinking whiskey involves sipping and savoring it to appreciate its flavors. Many prefer to drink it neat, with a splash of water, or over ice. Some enjoy whiskey in cocktails, but the choice of method often depends on personal preference and the specific whiskey.

Which is more expensive Johnnie Walker red or black?

Generally, Johnnie Walker Black Label is more expensive than Johnnie Walker Red Label. This is because Black Label contains a higher proportion of well-aged and premium whiskies, contributing to its elevated price compared to the more accessible Red Label.

Key Takeaways 

Aside from having high levels of polyphenols, plant-based antioxidants linked with lowering your risk of heart disease, [1] drinking whiskey could also help you enjoy a relaxing evening after a day’s hard work. Sometimes, a gulp of beer isn’t enough, right?

Johnnie Walker proved to be one of the best brands on the market that most people love because of the diversity of flavors it offers. This company also became famous because of its attractive and unique square bottles, which made shelving their scotch far more attractive than other brands. 

It even launched special Johnnie Walker editions such as the Game of Thrones, White Walker, and A Song of Ice. Lastly, this scotch blend brand also offers an accommodating price range that caters to any budget most drinkers opt to spend.  


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