Kirkland Tequila Silver vs Patron: Which is Better? (2023)

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For different reasons, Kirkland Tequila Silver and Patron are two of the most prominent tequilas on the market today.

Kirkland tequila is famous for its price while Patron is known for its brand, but which do you think is better? Here’s our in-depth Kirkland Tequila Silver vs Patron review. 

Kirkland Tequila Silver & Patron In-Depth Comparison

Kirkland Tequila Silver

The price point is the most notable difference between these two fine tequilas.

Patron Silver is way more expensive than Kirkland Tequila Silver because Patron is an ultra-premium tequila. 

Both Kirkland and Patron have different origins, histories, and production processes. Moreso, they do not share equal ownership, distillery, or use the same base materials. 

With all the differences mentioned, it is no surprise that it will affect both the price and the tasting notes of the tequila. 

How Are They Different? 

How Are They Different? 

History & Origin

Kirkland Tequila Silver, Costco’s proprietary tequila brand, comes from different distilleries. In 2019, the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos produced the tequila for Kirkland Signature before transferring to another distillery, the Santa Lucia, S.A. de C.V.

On the other hand, Patron Tequila was launched in 1989 by the Patron Spirits Company. The distinctive beehive-shaped bottle became iconic in liquor stores and bars and remains a symbol of quality until today. 

Production & Distillation Process

Tequila Distillation Process

Both tequilas have different production and distillation processes because Patron still uses traditional processes while Kirkland uses modern ones. 

Kirkland’s new distillery uses high-pressure autoclaves and diffusers to cook the agave piñas. It is then double distilled before resting in a steel tank before bottling. 

On the other hand, the piñas of Patron Silver are hand-chopped and then baked in small brick ovens.

It will be crushed using a two-ton volcanic stone wheel and roller mill to extract the juices and then fermented before it undergoes double distillation before bottling. 

Base Materials

Patron Silver is an ultra-premium tequila that uses only high-quality raw ingredients to develop complex and deep flavors.

Its distillery uses ripe weber blue agave (ages eight years or so), and the skilled Jimadors use a sharp tool, Coa, to strip the leaves and reveal the piña. 

On the other hand, Kirkland Tequila Silver uses 100% blue agave with undisclosed age. 

Ownership & Distillery


Patron Silver tequila is made and distilled in Siete Leguas in Jalisco, Mexico. It was previously owned by John Paul DeJoria, who was once a homeless man and now a billionaire.

However, in 2018, he sold 70% stakes to Bacardi Limited for $5.1 billion [1]. 

On the other hand, Kirkland’s signature is owned by Costco, a membership warehouse club and one of the largest retailers of spirits in America.

It is currently distilled in Corporate Distillery Santa Lucia (NOM 1173). 

Fun Fact: The Mexican government assigns identification numbers (NOM) for Tequila distillery to identify which distillery produced the tequila.

But what are the best tequilas at Costco?

Tasting Notes

Kirkland Tequila Silver 

  • Palate: Fruity notes with subtle cooked agave taste, along with sweet, earthy, black pepper, and vegetative notes
  • Nose: Pronounced notes of cooked agave, floral, slight medicinal note, and alcohol 
  • Color: Crystal clear
  • Finish: Medium length, lingering pepperiness, sweet and fruity

Patron Silver

Patron Silver

  • Palate: Dry, smooth, savory with slightly roasted agave, white pepper, and undertones of anise and vanilla
  • Nose: Lovely aroma of cooked agave, grass, green pepper, earthy with hints of eucalyptus
  • Color: Crystal clear
  • Finish: Dry, long, moderately spicy kick, agave heavy, and savory afterglow 

Price, Age & Alcohol Proof

Patron Silver (Blanco) is directly bottled after distillation, while Kirkland Tequila Silver is rested in a steel tank for 30 days or more before bottling. 

They are labeled with 40% ABV (80 Proof).

Patron is more expensive than Kirkland. A 750 ml bottle of Patron costs around $51.99 on Drizly online, while a 1.75 L bottle of Kirkland is shy of $24.99 on Total Wine

Why Most People Think Kirkland Silver & Patron Are The Same 

People think Kirkland Silver and Patron are the same because of some urban legends that Kirkland is crafted at the same distillery as Patron. 

However, it is fake news because Kirkland carries the NOM IDs 1472 and 1142, and its present distillery is 1173 (Corporate Distillery Santa Lucia). 

Patron is distilled in Siete Leguas and has a NOM ID of 1492. But what can you mix with Patron tequila?

Patron & Kirkland Tequila Silver Price Comparison

Patron & Kirkland Tequila Silver Price Comparison

Brand Size Alcohol Proof Average Price
Kirkland Tequila Silver  1.75 L 80 Around $24.99 (Total Wine)
Patron Silver 750 ml 80 Around $51.99 (Drizly)
1.75 L Around $105.99 (Drizly)

* Prices may vary in local liquor shops.


Which silver tequila tastes better on ice, Kirkland or Patron?

Patron Silver tequila tastes better on ice than Kirkland. Patron tastes better on the rocks because it is warm and peppery, and ice will help remove the tequila’s hard edges. 

Is Patron better to be drunk neat than Kirkland Tequila Silver?

Yes, Patron is better to be drunk neat than Kirkland Tequila Silver. Patron has nice tasting notes, and a competent traditional flavor best enjoyed neat. 

Final Verdict

Kirkland and Patron are unaged Blanco tequilas that can stand on their own merits without hiding behind a barrel.

However, based on our blind tastings and in-depth research, Patron is better than Kirkland. 

While Patron is significantly more expensive than Kirkland, its tasting notes and traditional flavor profile make it a better tequila.

On the other hand, Kirkland is also a nice tequila and makes a good option for cocktail recipes. 



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