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Legent Bourbon Price Guide & Best Review (2024 Updated)

Legent buying guide

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Lydia Martin

For some, Legent’s bottle design looks like a careless brush of a palette. However, it showcases the side faces of the blended bourbon makers, Fukuyo and Noe. As interesting as the design, does this bourbon offer what whiskey enthusiasts search for? 

Find out in this Legent bourbon price review.

All About Legent BourbonLegent Bourbon

Legent bourbon whiskey is a one-of-a-kind bourbon that uses two unique styles of whiskey making. It is a collaboration between two whiskey legends, Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s master distiller, and Suntory Whiskey’s master blender, Shinji Fukuyo. 

They incorporated some ideology from the founding house of Fukuyo. This unique bourbon whiskey uses distinct Japanese methods in making wines while remaining true to the concept of bourbon’s principles. 

Interesting Information 

Interesting Information 

History & Origin

Suntory Holdings Limited owned Jim Beam when the company finally acquired it in 2014. This multinational brewing company produces fortified liquors [1] and varied types of whiskeys and spirits. Jim Beam’s master distiller, Fred Noe, worked with Suntory Holdings Japan’s master blender, Shinji Fukoyo, to develop a different Kentucky Straight bourbon breed. 

They brainstormed for two years until they devised a concoction incorporating bourbon-making methods and whiskey-aging processes. This move was risky but was something that produced an impressive result. 

Production Process

Grains for Mash Bill

The spirit is distilled and aged for at least four years before being moved to either sherry casks or other wine barrels. The distillation is Fred Noe’s playground. After this part, the expertise of Fukuyo steps in as he blends the younger bourbon with an older whiskey. 

The two did vertical testings on various mixed spirits before having these bourbons finished in sherry or red wine barrels.

Mash Bill

Like other bourbon whiskeys made at Jim Beam, this bourbon whiskey is also made of 76% corn, 12% rye, and 10% malted barley. Fred Noe and Shinji Fukuyo applied and learned from their fields of expertise after the mash bill components were distilled. 

Both are interested in improving their level of mastery. Thus they were able to come up with a blended bourbon whiskey with complex layers of flavors. 


Jim Beam Distillery

This unique bourbon is owned and released under Jim Beam. It opened a broader whiskey category. Unlike any traditional Kentucky straight bourbon, this has a one-of-a-kind bottle made in the USA but with a touch of Japan. 

Tasting Notes


The palate has the rich taste of grains with sweet notes of caramel, honey, and red fruits. It also has a nuttier flavor and a strong hint of vanilla and oaky taste. It is warm to the mouth but not in a displeasing way. 


Legent with glass

The nose is greeted with the balanced aroma of grains, spice, and candied fruits. 


It has a golden shade with a somehow reddish hue. 


This bottle has an unexpectedly long finish with a sweet wine undertone. It also has a slight touch of spice which dies shortly.

What Makes Legent Bourbon Special?

Legent bourbon whiskey is special because this is a collaboration of two masters from both ends of the world with different techniques. They were able to infuse three products from Jim Beam and produce a new breed of Kentucky straight bourbon.

They used a four-year-old bourbon (at least) and finished its aging in sherry casks giving it spicy and dried oak flavors. Another batch of the same bourbon is finished in red wine casks acquiring hints of fruitiness. 

What’s Legent Bourbon’s Cocktail Omakase Series?

Legent Bourbon’s Cocktail Omakase Series on desk

Legent Bourbon’s Cocktail Omakase Series is where fans are invited to participate in a Cocktail Omakase (2) tasting with different locations. 

An expert, either a mixologist or a bartender, creates a drink similar to how a dealer’s choice works. However, Omakase is different since drinkers will be asked to register, so the creators of the drinks will create their versions based on the participants’ answers.  

Common Legent Bourbon Price

Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml   47% Roughly $42

Compared to Other Bourbons

Common Legent Bourbon Prices

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is from Brown-Forman. There is no age statement released, although talks circulating say these were aged for at least seven years. The details of its tasting profile denote baked apples, cinnamon, and mangoes with just enough smoke and spice. 

It has a clear, bright, and smooth finish. This bottle is cheaper than Legent’s as its 750 ml bottle is priced roughly at $37.

Smoke Wagon

Smoke Wagon

Smoke Wagon was created by ordinary individuals who started their own company, then bought, blended, and aged MGP spirits. It has rich fruit notes with strong oak and smoke on both palate and the nose. 

Each 750 ml bottle is roughly $54, a bit more expensive than Legent’s.

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark from Beam Suntory is a very smooth bourbon mainly because of the meticulous aging method. They are very particular with the details, including stave insertion on barrels during the regular aging time and extended aging. 

It has a lot of sweet vanillas with citrus, cocoa, licorice, and toasted oak. It finishes medium-long with a sweet peppery note.

Popular Legent Bourbon Cocktail Recipes

Popular Legent Bourbon Cocktail Recipes

Kentucky Kyushiki

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 2 ounces Legent bourbon
  • 1/2 ounce green tea simple syrup
  • 2–4 dashes of lavender bitters
  • Lemon peel (for garnish)


Place all ingredients in a rock glass except garnish. Stir well. Drop ice and garnish with lemon peel.

Serving: 1

Jet Set

Jet Set on table

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes


  •  2 ounces Legent bourbon
  • 1/2 ounce Amaro liqueur
  • 1/4 ounce dry curacao
  • 1/4 ounce spicy liquor (preferably Ancho Reyes Original Liqueur)
  • 1/4 ounce simple syrup
  • 2–4 dashes of chocolate bitters


Prepare a Glencairn glass. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass. Muddle glass contents. Pour and strain into Glencairn glass with ice cubes. Serve. 

Serving: 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is bourbon a cheap whiskey?

Bourbon is not inherently a cheap whiskey, but rather a distinctive type of American whiskey with specific production requirements. To be labeled as bourbon, the whiskey must be made primarily from corn (at least 51%), aged in new charred oak barrels, distilled to no more than 160 proof, and entered into the barrel for aging at no more than 125 proof. These regulations, among others, contribute to the quality and character of bourbon. While there are certainly inexpensive bourbons available, there are also premium and luxury offerings that command higher prices due to factors such as aging, craftsmanship, and brand reputation.

Who makes Legent bourbon?

Legent bourbon is a collaboration between two distinguished whiskey makers: Fred Noe, Master Distiller of Jim Beam, and Shinji Fukuyo, Chief Blender of Suntory. The innovative partnership combines Fred Noe’s expertise in bourbon production with Shinji Fukuyo’s mastery of Japanese blending techniques. Legent bourbon is produced by Jim Beam, a renowned American whiskey distillery with a long history dating back to 1795. The unique collaboration between Jim Beam and Suntory brings together the best of both worlds, resulting in a bourbon that showcases the rich flavors of Kentucky bourbon enhanced by the artful blending techniques of Japanese whiskey.

Is Legent bourbon Japanese?

While Legent bourbon incorporates elements of Japanese whiskey blending techniques, it is not exclusively Japanese. Legent bourbon is produced by Jim Beam, an American whiskey distillery located in Kentucky. However, the collaboration between Jim Beam and Shinji Fukuyo, Chief Blender of Suntory, brings a Japanese influence to the production process. Shinji Fukuyo applies his expertise in blending to create a unique flavor profile for Legent bourbon, incorporating elements of both American bourbon and Japanese whiskey. The result is a bourbon that offers a harmonious balance of rich, complex flavors, combining the best of both whiskey-making traditions. Despite the Japanese influence, Legent bourbon remains firmly rooted in American bourbon production, reflecting the heritage and craftsmanship of Jim Beam distillery.

What is cost bourbon?

The cost of bourbon can vary significantly depending on factors such as brand, age, production methods, and packaging. In general, bourbon is available at a wide range of price points to suit different budgets and preferences. Entry-level or “bottom shelf” bourbons can be relatively affordable, typically ranging from $10 to $30 per bottle. These bourbons may offer good value for everyday drinking or mixing in cocktails. Mid-range bourbons, priced between $30 and $60, often provide a balance of quality and affordability, with more complex flavors and smoother finishes. Premium and luxury bourbons, priced above $60 and sometimes reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars per bottle, are prized for their exceptional quality, rare ingredients, and unique aging processes. These high-end bourbons are often sought after by collectors and connoisseurs for special occasions or as investment pieces. Ultimately, the cost of bourbon is influenced by various factors, and there is a wide range of options available to suit different tastes and budgets.

Is Jack Daniel’s a bourbon?

No, Jack Daniel’s is not technically a bourbon. Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey, which is similar to bourbon in many ways but has distinct characteristics that set it apart. Like bourbon, Tennessee whiskey is made primarily from corn and aged in new charred oak barrels. However, Tennessee whiskey undergoes an additional step known as the Lincoln County Process, where the whiskey is filtered through charcoal before aging. This process imparts a smoother and mellower flavor to the whiskey, distinguishing it from bourbon. While Tennessee whiskey shares some similarities with bourbon, it is considered a separate category of whiskey with its own unique production methods and flavor profile.

Is bourbon a strong whisky?

Bourbon can vary in strength depending on its alcohol by volume (ABV) content, which is typically indicated on the label. The ABV of bourbon typically ranges from 40% to 50%, although some cask-strength or barrel-proof bourbons may have higher ABV levels. In general, bourbon is not inherently stronger than other types of whiskey such as Scotch or Irish whiskey, as strength can vary among different expressions and brands. However, bourbon is known for its bold and robust flavors, which may give the impression of strength to some drinkers. Ultimately, whether bourbon is considered a “strong” whiskey is subjective and depends on individual taste preferences and tolerance for alcohol. As with any alcoholic beverage, it’s important to drink responsibly and in moderation.

Is Legent a bourbon or whiskey?

Legent is a bourbon whiskey. It is a unique collaboration between two esteemed whiskey makers: Fred Noe, Master Distiller of Jim Beam, and Shinji Fukuyo, Chief Blender of Suntory. Legent combines the best of Kentucky bourbon craftsmanship with Japanese blending techniques, resulting in a distinctive and innovative whiskey. While Legent incorporates elements of both bourbon and Japanese whiskey, it is classified as a bourbon due to its production process, which includes aging in new charred oak barrels and meeting other criteria outlined by the regulations governing bourbon production.

What does Legent bourbon taste like?

Legent bourbon is known for its complex flavor profile, which combines the rich and robust characteristics of Kentucky bourbon with the nuanced and refined notes of Japanese whiskey blending. The flavor profile of Legent bourbon is characterized by layers of complexity, offering a harmonious balance of sweet, spicy, and oaky flavors. On the nose, Legent bourbon presents aromas of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak, complemented by hints of dried fruit and floral undertones. On the palate, it delivers a rich and velvety texture, with flavors of caramel, honey, baking spices, and a touch of smokiness. The finish is smooth and lingering, with a gentle warmth that invites another sip. Overall, Legent bourbon offers a sophisticated and well-rounded drinking experience that appeals to both bourbon enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs alike.

How long is Legent bourbon aged?

Legent bourbon is aged for an undisclosed period, as the exact aging duration is not specified by the producers. However, like traditional bourbons, Legent undergoes aging in new charred oak barrels, a process that contributes to its rich flavor profile and complexity. The aging process allows the bourbon to interact with the wood, extracting flavors and characteristics from the barrel that enhance its overall quality and character. While the specific aging duration of Legent bourbon may vary from batch to batch, it is crafted with careful attention to detail and craftsmanship to ensure a premium drinking experience.

How do you pronounce Legent Bourbon?

Legent Bourbon, a unique blend of American and Japanese whiskey-making techniques, carries a distinct pronunciation: “lee-jent buhr-bən.” This name may prompt curiosity, with its unconventional spelling and enunciation. To articulate it correctly, begin with a soft “lee” sound, followed by a gentle “j” as in “jeep.” The emphasis rests on the first syllable, “lee.” The second syllable, “bent,” echoes the sound of “went,” and the final part, “buhr-bən,” mirrors the pronunciation of the word “bourbon,” with stress on the first syllable. Mastering the pronunciation adds an element of appreciation to the experience of indulging in this exceptional bourbon.

What proof is Legent Bourbon?

Legent Bourbon stands proudly bottled at 94 proof, offering enthusiasts a delightful balance of flavor and potency. This equates to 47% alcohol by volume (ABV), making it a formidable yet approachable spirit. The 94 proof designation underscores Legent’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that each sip delivers a harmonious blend of robust character and smoothness. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of a signature cocktail, Legent Bourbon’s 94 proof strength elevates any drinking occasion, inviting connoisseurs to savor its complexities and nuances.

Where is Legent Whiskey made?

Legent Whiskey finds its home in the heart of bourbon country, specifically in Kentucky, USA. Renowned for its rich distilling heritage and pristine natural resources, Kentucky provides an idyllic setting for crafting world-class whiskey. Within this storied landscape, Legent honors tradition while embracing innovation, drawing inspiration from both American bourbon craftsmanship and Japanese whiskey blending expertise.

The fusion of these distinct traditions results in a whiskey that transcends boundaries, offering a sensory journey that celebrates the best of two worlds.

From the rolling hills of Kentucky to the hands of skilled artisans, Legent Whiskey embodies the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines its origin.

Whether enjoyed locally or savored across the globe, Legent proudly carries the legacy of its birthplace, embodying the essence of Kentucky’s proud whiskey-making tradition.

Is bourbon more expensive than whiskey?

The pricing of bourbon versus other types of whiskey can vary significantly based on factors such as brand, age, production methods, and market demand. While some bourbons may indeed command high prices due to their prestige or rarity, there are also many affordable options available.

Similarly, other types of whiskey, such as Scotch or Japanese whisky, can range from budget-friendly to exceedingly expensive, depending on various factors.

Ultimately, whether bourbon is more expensive than other whiskies depends on individual bottles and their respective qualities.


Legent bourbon whiskey is one of the preferred whiskey bottles in the market because it has complex flavors. Noe and Shinjiro managed to pick the right bourbons to incorporate, and the entire world is enjoying it now. It stands out with its unique attributes.

The review, test, and research done on every step they take ensured the excellence of the character of this bourbon whiskey. The price is reasonable considering the outcome of what Fred and Shinji worked on. This Legent bourbon review concludes that this bourbon deserves a spot on the top shelf. 


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