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9 Best Malibu Rum Flavors (2023 Updated)

Best Malibu Rum

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Malibu Rum is one of the leading flavored spirits worldwide because of its refreshing and sweet taste. It was launched in 1978, and to keep up with the trend, the brand continually produces different rum flavors. 

Our team scoured the internet just to create a quick overview of the different Malibu Rum flavors you can enjoy. 

9 Malibu Rum Flavors 

9 Malibu Rum Flavors 

1. Malibu Original

Malibu Original

Rum is made from distilled sugarcane [1], and Malibu Original is crafted with Caribbean sugarcane and pure water matured for two years in an oak barrel.

It has 21% ABV, and it tastes like sweet coconut liquor, which is perfect for drinking on the beachside. A bottle is priced at roughly $17, and this island rum can be your summer’s favorite drink. 

2. Malibu Watermelon

Malibu Watermelon

A new great addition to the Malibu Rum flavors is the Malibu Watermelon. The Caribbean rum is blended with a juicy, ripe, and refreshing taste of watermelon with 21% ABV. Malibu Watermelon has a fresh finish, and you can score one at approximately $14. 

3. Malibu Lime

Malibu Lime

Whether you hang by the beachside or partying with your friends, Malibu Lime can be your go-to drink. Malibu Lime is an infused rum with a refreshing twist of lime extracts for a tropical and refreshing taste. If you want to try and taste the difference, a bottle of Malibu Lime can cost you around $17.

4. Malibu Strawberry 

Malibu Strawberry

The Malibu Strawberry is one of the latest additions to the Malibu collection, and it is bursting with smooth and sweet strawberry flavor. The flavored rum has an alcohol content of 21%, and for roughly $17. You can enjoy it over ice or as a liquor base for your refreshing cocktail. 

5. Malibu Pineapple

Malibu Pineapple

If you love Piña Colada or Bay Breeze, do you know that you can use the Malibu Pineapple flavored rum? The Malibu Pineapple has a combination of sweet pineapple and classic tangy flavor from the coconut. You can score one bottle for approximately $15. 

6. Malibu Mango

Malibu Mango on table

If you want to try a rum-based cocktail with a fruit-forward twist, Malibu Mango can be your go-to summer drink. The Malibu Mango, with 21% ABV, has a tropical rum taste. This flavored rum can make the party more enjoyable; plus, you can get it for roughly $17. 

7. Malibu Passion Fruit

Malibu Passion Fruit

Next on the Malibu Rum flavors list is the Malibu Passion Fruit, packed with ultimate island vibes. The Malibu Passion Fruit is a flavored rum with 21% ABV. It also has a subtly sweet flavor from the passion fruit. A 750 ml bottle of Malibu Passion Fruit costs around $10.   

8. Malibu Tropical Banana

Malibu Tropical Banana on desk

Malibu Tropical Banana is a classic Caribbean rum with a hint of smooth banana. The flavored rum contains 21% ABV, and it is best consumed as a cocktail or alcoholic slushie. The Malibu Tropical Banana can be an instant refresher. 

You can score a bottle of this flavored rum for roughly $17. 

9. Malibu Black

Malibu Black on table with cocktail

Compared to other Malibu Rum Flavors, Malibu Black has a higher ABV content of 35% and a higher proof. It has less sweetness and a bolder taste of Caribbean Rum. The buzz can be subtle, and it is nice and strong.

Since it is a smooth, dark, and delicious rum, you have to drink it moderately. A bottle of Malibu Black starts at $20.

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Malibu Rum Splash Variants

Malibu Rum Splash Variants

Malibu Splash Watermelon

If you are looking for a tropical cocktail that can instantly transport you to an island, Malibu Splash Watermelon can be a great option. The sparkling malt beverage is 5% ABV with a natural watermelon flavor. It can cost you roughly $10 for six cans.

Malibu Splash Strawberry

Malibu Splash Strawberry with box on desk

The Malibu Splash Strawberry is a flavored malt beverage with a fusion of coconut and strawberry flavor. It will only cost you around $8 for a pack of 4. Malibu splash strawberry is sweeter than Malibu strawberry rum because malt beverage needs more sugar to achieve the desired ABV [2].

Malibu Splash Lime

Enjoy and drink in a can of chilled Malibu Splash Lime, a sparkling malt beverage with a hint of coconut and refreshing lime. A can of Malibu Splash lime is approximately $3 each. It can be more enjoyable if you pour it in a glass with ice and sprite. 

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Malibu Splash Passion Fruit

If you are craving the sweet and tart flavor of passion fruit, you may want to try the Malibu Splash Passion Fruit with only 5% ABV. A pack of 4 12 oz can cost you around $11. You can enjoy this flavored rum directly from the can.

Malibu Splash Pineapple

Malibu Splash Pineapple

Last on the Malibu Splash Rum collection list is the Malibu Splash Pineapple. The malted beverage with 5% ABV has pineapple and coconut’s refreshing and sweet taste. The slightly carbonated fusion of coconut and pineapple is incredibly refreshing. A pack of 4 12 oz is around $9. 

Malibu Rum Cocktails In A Can

Malibu Rum Cocktails In A Can

Piña Colada Cocktail In A Can

One of the best ways to enjoy the party is by removing the hassle of mixing classic cocktails with many ingredients. Fortunately, Malibu Rum came up with the Piña Colada Cocktail in a can. 

The ready-to-sip Piña Colada is stored in a 12 oz can and costs around $12 for four cans. It has a balance of sweet and refreshing pineapple, coconut, and Caribbean Rum. Here are some popular Malibu Rum mixers.    

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail In A Can

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

Another Malibu Rum cocktail in a can is the Strawberry Daiquiri which tastes exactly like the classic and crowd favorite Strawberry Daiquiri. The 12 oz can is filled with strawberry, lime, and smooth Caribbean rum. A pack of 4 cans is approximately $15. 

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Available Punch Pouches

Available Punch Pouches

Malibu Rum Punch

Malibu is up for the game in keeping up with the trend that they produced Malibu Rum Punch Pouch. The Malibu Rum Punch pouch has an easy pour nozzle, awesome packaging, and a good-tasting 1.75 L rum punch for $19. 

Malibu Blue Hawaiian

Malibu Blue Hawaiian on table

The Malibu Blue Hawaiian punch is a pre-mixed pouch composed of coconut, cherry, pineapple, and classic Caribbean rum. The real slice of island life is readily available in 1.75 L punch, and it can cost you roughly $19. 


What is the most expensive Malibu Rum flavor?

Malibu Black is the most expensive Malibu Rum flavor, which costs around $20 per bottle. Compared to other Malibu Rum flavors, Malibu Black contains higher alcohol content (30% ABV) than the others (21% ABV), making it more expensive. 

Do all Malibu Rum flavors have coconut?

No, not all Malibu Rum flavors have coconut. Malibu watermelon, lime, passion fruit, and pear contain natural flavorings and do not contain coconut extract. 

Final Thoughts

Over the years, the Malibu Rum created a legacy as one of the world’s leading flavored spirits. Malibu Rum is the go-to option of bartenders and the top choice of party goers who have a sweet spot for drinking flavored rum. The brand is famous for its fruitiness, light taste, and vast flavors.

What are your favorite Malibu Rum flavors? We’d love to hear from you!


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