Milagro Tequila Review: Is It Worth It? (2023 Guide)

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Today, I’m thrilled to bring you an in-depth review of a tequila that has captured my taste buds and left a lasting impression: Milagro Tequila.

With our passion and expertise, we aim to provide you with delightful insights into the world of liquor. So, let’s dive right into this Milagro Tequila bottle review.

Quick Facts


Milagro Silver Tequila Milagro Reposado Tequila

Milagro Anejo Tequila



Still Type

Pot & Column 


100% agave, Stainless steel tanks


Unaged 2 to 4 months

12 to 14 months

Average Price

$29.19 for a 750ml bottle $31.99 for a 750ml bottle

$37.99 for a 750ml bottle



Main Milagro Tequila Variants

Milagro Silver Tequila

Bottle of Milagro Silver Tequila on Top of Agave

Nose: Bright and fresh agave aroma

Palate: Crisp and smooth agave flavor

How To Drink It: Best for mixed drinks

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: Milagro Silver Tequila captivates with its vibrant and authentic agave taste. This 100% blue agave tequila delivers a crisp and smooth experience that embodies the essence of Mexico.

It shines in The Freshest Margarita, where its bright flavors blend harmoniously with agave syrup and fresh lime juice.

Awarded Silver at the IWSC and ISC in 2020, the Milagro Silver bottle is a top contender for those seeking unparalleled quality and a truly refreshing tequila experience.

Milagro Reposado

Bottle of Milagro Reposado

Nose: Warm caramel 

Palate: Subtle notes of spice

How To Drink It: Enjoy drinking it neat, on the rocks, or try it in a Paloma Rosada.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Why We Like It: Milagro’s Reposado is a remarkable 100% blue agave [1] tequila aged in American oak barrels for 2-4 months, resulting in a rich and flavorful experience.

With delicious tasting notes full of warm caramel, vanilla, and a subtle touch of spice, this spirit offers a smooth and complex palate.

“Milagro Tequila: Where craftsmanship and flavor dance in perfect harmony, celebrating the artistry of Mexico’s blue agave.” – Liquor Laboratory

Its beautiful golden straw color and the hint of spiciness make it a fantastic choice for those seeking tequila with depth and character.

Milagro Añejo

Bottle of Milagro Añejo

Nose: Citrus, vanilla, and fruit 

Palate: Sweet and spicy with hints of chocolate and tobacco

How To Drink It: Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, or use it in your favorite tequila cocktail.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Why We Like It: Milagro Añejo is a distinguished 100% blue agave tequila aged in American oak barrels for 12-14 months.

This aging process imparts a smooth and agave-forward taste that will impress. 

With delightful notes of fruit and a touch of sweetness and spice, this bottle offers a well-rounded and flavorful experience when we first tasted it.

Other Variants

  • The Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver
  • The Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado
  • The Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Anejo

Some Alternatives To Try

Herradura Reposado: This 100% blue agave spirit is a good bet for an alternative as it offers a smooth and balanced taste with hints of oak and caramel.

Don Julio Reposado: Known for its exceptional quality, this tequila boasts a rich and velvety character with hints of chocolate and cinnamon [2].

Casamigos Blanco: Created by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, this blanco tequila offers a crisp and clean taste with hints of citrus and a hint of sweetness.

Fortaleza Blanco: Crafted using traditional methods, this artisanal blanco tequila showcases the pure essence of agave with earthy and herbal flavors.

Espolòn Añejo: Aged for over a year, this añejo tequila exhibits a rich and complex profile with hints of caramel, toasted oak, and a touch of spice.

Is Milagro A Good Tequila Brand?

Bottle of Milagro tequila

Milagro is a good tequila brand that has been on both the best inexpensive and expensive tequila lists. 

Made in Jalisco, Mexico, it offers a complex and well-balanced taste, making it a delightful choice for any occasion. 

The silver versions are smooth and fruity, perfect for drinking neat or using in cocktails. The pricing is also very reasonable, making it a great value for the quality you get. 

The blanco and Reposado versions are affordable, while the añejo offers a well-aged option at a competitive price point. 

Even the premium Barrel Reserve bottles provide a step up in quality, ideal for those who appreciate savoring tequila neat. 


  • Triple-distilled for a lighter and smoother taste.
  • Suitable for new tequila drinkers with its sweeter and lighter profile.
  • Offers options for various budgets.
  • Recognized on both inexpensive and expensive tequila lists.
  • Unique and artistic bottle design inspired by Mexico City.


  • Light, sweet flavor can get lost in a cocktail, lacking backbone for mixing.
  • May not appeal to agave plant enthusiasts due to its minimal taste.

Are There Other Drawbacks?

Firstly, while the standard tequila bottles offer excellent value, the premium Barrel Reserve line may not provide a significant enough upgrade in quality to justify the higher price, as you’re essentially paying for the bottle’s aesthetics. 

“Right before I go out, we usually put on some Lauryn Hill or Fugees, and I’ll do a shot of tequila just to calm my nerves.” – Maren Morris, American Singer

Additionally, the Barrel Reserve line is best enjoyed neat rather than in cocktails, limiting its versatility. 

Furthermore, the availability and pricing of Milagro can vary depending on your location and the specific version you’re interested in, so it’s important to check local prices and availability. 


Is Milagro tequila strong?

Not really. Milagro Tequila has an alcohol content of 40% ABV, which is the standard strength for most tequilas.

Does Milagro tequila expire?

Like other spirits, Milagro Tequila does not have an expiration date. When stored properly, it can remain good for an indefinite period.

Does Milagro tequila freeze?

Tequila, including Milagro, has a lower freezing point than water. While it may become slightly thick or viscous in the freezer, it will not freeze solid. It is best enjoyed at room temperature or chilled.

Is Milagro or Patron better?

We think Milagro is better. While Patron may offer a smoother profile with less heat and pepperiness compared to Milagro, it falls short of the expectations associated with premium tequila. 

On the other hand, Milagro is recommended for mixed drinks, making it a more favorable choice.

Is Milagro a good sipping tequila?

Yes, Milagro can be enjoyed as a sipping tequila. With its lighter and milder profile resulting from the unique process of being distilled three times, Milagro is often considered an easy tequila to sip. 

Is Milagro good for shots?

Milagro tequila, particularly the Milagro Silver variety, is well-suited for taking shots. With its unique and distinct taste, Milagro Silver offers a light and fresh, enjoyable taste for taking quick shots.

In Summary

Honed by Master Distiller Pedro Juarez, Milagro offers a range of exceptional spirits crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

Each expression embodies the essence of Mexico’s blue agave plant, from the vibrant and smooth Silver Tequila to the rich and refined Reposado and Añejo varieties.

Milagro’s production process, including selecting the finest ingredients, double distillation, and careful aging in American oak barrels, results in bottles with distinct flavors and exquisite smoothness.

Cheers to enjoying a sip of the vibrant flavors, spirit, and craftsmanship of Milagro Tequila!




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