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15 Most Expensive Irish Whiskeys (2024 Updated)

Most Expensive Irish Whiskeys

Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Irish whiskey is one of the most sought-after spirits in the world because of its subtle and sophisticated taste. If you have a sweet spot in drinking Irish whiskeys, you may want to check out the most expensive Irish whiskey ever produced. 

Our team created a quick overview of the most expensive Irish whiskies if you are interested in collecting one. 

15 Most Expensive Irish Whiskeys 

1. The Emerald Isle Collection

The Emerald Isle Collection with box on desk

One of the most expensive Irish whiskies is The Emerald Isle Collection from Craft Irish Whiskey Co. It is unique, and the oldest triple distilled single malt whiskey. This spirit is a combination of two 30-year-old alcohol and is inspired by the seven wonders of Ireland. 

In addition, The Emerald Isle Collection is the most expensive whiskey collector’s set. This Craft Irish Whiskey Co whiskey is sold for $2,000,000 in an auction on St. Patrick’s Day [1]. More on the highest auction price for a whiskey here

2. Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve with box on table

Jameson Vintage Reserve is one of the most expensive Irish whiskies with a mellow and delicate sweetness. Jameson Distilleries releases a combination of single malt whiskey from port casks and grain whiskey from two casks that range from age 20 to 30 years. 

A 700 ml of Jameson Vintage from Ireland is more expensive than the Bow Street 18 and can cost you around $1,400. 

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3. J.J. Corry The Chosen Single Cask

J.J. Corry The Chosen Single Cask on table with box 

The Chosen is a special issue 27-year-old liquor from J.J Corry. This rare spirit is bottled in a unique hand-cut crystal decanter then housed in an ash cabinet. 

The 700 ml of The Chosen from Ireland is one of the most expensive Irish whiskies you can buy at approximately $7000. 

4. Method & Madness Ruby Port Single Cask 

Method and Madness with box on table

If you are looking for a combination of rich and spicy spirit, the Method and Madness Ruby Port Single Barrel can be a rare find. The bottled alcohol started its journey in American oak barrels for six years, then re-racked in a single port-seasoned barrel for another twenty years. 

The lingering succulent fruits light spice of a 700 ml Method and Madness available at roughly $2,000. 

5. The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve Platinum

The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve on desk with cocktail

The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve Platinum is a 30-year-old solo malt Irish whiskey. It was distilled in 1983 and aged in a single barrel for 30 years. There are only 250 bottles of the Reserve Platinum all over the world. 

A sold bottle comes with a certificate of Authenticity from Ireland and is priced at $1,200 per 750 ml. 

6. J.J. Corry’ The Vatting’ 30-Year-Old Single Malt

J.J. Corry' The Vatting' 30-Year-Old with box on table

Irish whiskey production has been an all-male industry not until J.J Corry, who is the first woman leading the label with soaring high sales [2]. The Vatting is a 30-year-old whiskey released only in limited batches for roughly $1,700. 

In addition, it comes with a 5 ml sample bottle so you can taste the spirit without opening the full-sized flask. 

7. Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 1

Midleton Very Rare Chapter 1 with box on desk

Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 1 is the first release of Ireland’s oldest whiskey collection priced at roughly $50,000. This part of the 45-year old spirit with six parts that were released. 

The second release happened last 2021, and the six releases will happen annually until the Midleton Distillery 200th anniversary. 

8. Midleton Single Bourbon Cask Single Pot Still

Midleton Single Bourbon Cask on table with glass and blue cheese

Midleton Single Bourbon was distilled in 2001. The Midleton Distillery released 180 bottles of spirit in Ireland and other parts of the world. This spirit is fruity and fresh like the Jameson Bow Street, but the 28-year-old spirit is priced at roughly $1,500. 

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9. Redbreast Oloroso Sherry Single Cask 

Redbreast Oloroso Sherry Single Cask on desk with box

The Redbreast Oloroso is a 19-year-old spirit refined in 1998 and has a unique maturation journey in the oloroso barrel. It was hand-selected by the Redbreast Master Blender and laid down to mature at County Cork. 

The released batch of Redbreast Oloroso is presented in a unique bottle and can be sold at roughly $1,200 for 750 ml. 

10. Redbreast 27-Year-Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Redbreast 27-Year-Old with box on table

The Redbreast 27-year-old liquor is the oldest permanent whiskey of the Redbreast family. It is triple distilled then matured in maximum cask strength for more than 27 years before being bottled as a sign of quality. 

A 750 ml is filled with a depth complexity and premium blend of still whiskey, and you can buy one for roughly $700 if you plan to buy and support a local liquor store. 

11. The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve Single Cask

The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage 30 on desk

The Teeling Whiskey Co. expanded its Vintage Reserve Collection with the new 30-year-old lone malt whiskey. It is a limited edition vintage reserve that matured in a barrel for 21 years then transferred in a Sauternes wine barrel for nine years before bottling. 

Since it has a dual maturation, the ultra-rare spirit has a smooth blend. You can get one bottle at roughly $900 per 700 ml. 

12. Glendalough 25 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Glendalough 25 Year Old on table with cocktail

The Glendalough 25-year-old Irish whiskey is the first Irish malted barley matured in an Irish Oak. It is initially matured in cask strength ex-bourbon casks, oloroso barrel, then virgin Irish oak.

Glendalough processed only 1,800 portions on its first release in the world. It can be bought for approximately $550 for 700 ml. 

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13. Midleton Dair Ghaelach Grinsell’s Wood Single Pot Still 

Midleton Dair Ghaelach on desk with box

In Irish whiskey history, Midleton Dair Ghaelach is matured in home-grown Irish oak. The Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter whiskey is irresistible and undeniably elegant. 

The Irish oak casks are filled with alembic still distillates from age 15 to 22 and are tasted and nosed by the Master Blender every month. You can purchase the latest Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter from Ireland for roughly $600.  

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14. Redbreast All Sherry Single Cask Single Pot Still

Redbreast All Sherry Single Cask with box on table

Redbreast All Sherry is one of the most expensive Irish whiskies in the world that was bottled in 2016 to mark the 60th anniversary of La Maison du Whisky. The 17-year-old Irish whiskey has unwavering freshness, complexity, and richness from specified casks. 

The famous spirit in Ireland is priced at roughly $550 for 700 ml if you are looking for a replacement for Jameson Bow Street 18. 

15. The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve Silver

The Teeling Whiskey Co. Vintage Reserve Silver on desk with box

The Vintage Silver Reserve is the first small-batch solo malt Irish whiskey that the Teeling Whiskey Co. produced. It was initially matured in barrels and then finished in Sauternes barrels. The alcohol inside a Vintage Reserve silver is a 21-year-old liquor. You can buy this for roughly $600 for every 700 ml. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the rarest Irish Whiskey?

The Emerald Isle Whiskey is the rarest Irish whiskey. The Emerald Isle from Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is triple distilled and has a unique and distinct Irish whiskey flavor, making it an ultra-rare Whiskey.

This rare spirit from Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is presented in a box and comes with carafe-filled Irish spring water and exclusive Faberge creations.

What is the oldest Irish whiskey brand?

Old Bushmills Distillery is the oldest Irish whiskey brand that survived different world wars. Before, Irish whiskies were manufactured as a local pastime to support the local community before they became an industry in 1608.

Since then, the Northern Ireland Old Bushmills became the first licensed distiller globally. 

What is the most famous Irish whiskey?

The title of the most famous Irish whiskey is often attributed to Jameson. Jameson is a globally recognized and widely consumed Irish whiskey brand.

It has a long history, dating back to 1780, and is known for its triple-distilled smoothness and balanced flavor profile. Jameson’s popularity extends beyond Ireland, making it a leading choice among consumers worldwide.

The brand’s consistent quality and accessibility contribute to its widespread recognition as the most famous Irish whiskey.

What is the most expensive whiskey?

The title of the most expensive whiskey can vary depending on the market and specific bottles available. However, certain limited-edition or aged whiskies often command exceptionally high prices.

Examples include The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection and Dalmore 62-Year-Old. The value of these whiskies is influenced by factors such as rarity, age, packaging, and sometimes historical significance.

Prices for the most expensive whiskies can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, attracting collectors and enthusiasts willing to invest in these rare and prestigious bottles.

Is Jameson whiskey expensive?

Jameson whiskey is generally considered affordable compared to some premium or aged whiskies. It falls into the mid-range price category, making it accessible to a broad range of consumers.

The affordability of Jameson is one of the factors contributing to its widespread popularity.

While there are more expensive and rare Irish whiskies on the market, Jameson’s reputation for quality and its reasonable price point make it a preferred choice for many whiskey enthusiasts.

What are the 4 types of Irish whiskey?

The four main types of Irish whiskey are Single Malt, Single Pot Still, Single Grain, and Blended Irish Whiskey.

Single Malt: Made from 100% malted barley and distilled at a single distillery.

Single Pot Still: Produced from a mix of malted and unmalted barley, distilled in traditional pot stills, and must be made in Ireland.

Single Grain: Made from malted barley and other grains, distilled in column stills, and also produced in Ireland.

Blended Irish Whiskey: A blend of different whiskey types, often combining malt, pot still, and grain whiskies to achieve a balanced flavor.

Each type offers a unique taste profile, and the combination of these styles allows for a diverse range of Irish whiskies.

What is the best Irish whiskey brand?

Determining the best Irish whiskey brand is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

However, some widely respected and popular Irish whiskey brands include Jameson, Bushmills, Redbreast, and Midleton.

Redbreast, known for its Single Pot Still expressions, and Midleton, producing premium whiskies like Green Spot and Redbreast, are often praised for their quality and craftsmanship. Jameson, as mentioned earlier, remains a beloved choice for its approachable flavor profile.

Ultimately, the best Irish whiskey brand is a matter of personal taste and the specific qualities one seeks in a whiskey.

Is Jack Daniel’s Irish whiskey?

No, Jack Daniel’s is not an Irish whiskey; it is an American whiskey. Specifically, it is a Tennessee whiskey, produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The distinction lies in the production process, as Tennessee whiskey undergoes an additional step called the Lincoln County Process, where the whiskey is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before aging in barrels.

This gives Tennessee whiskey, including Jack Daniel’s, a unique flavor profile distinct from Irish whiskey.

What whiskey sold for 2.7 million?

The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection 1926 holds the record for a whiskey sold at auction for 2.7 million dollars.

This particular whiskey is highly sought after due to its rarity and age.

The Macallan is renowned for producing premium Scotch whiskies, and the Fine & Rare Collection features some of the oldest and most exceptional expressions from the distillery.

What is the most expensive alcohol in the world?

The most expensive alcohol in the world is typically found among rare and aged whiskies.

In addition to The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection, other notable mentions include Dalmore 62-Year-Old, The Macallan M, and Isabella’s Islay.

These whiskies can reach astronomical prices at auctions due to factors such as their age, rarity, and distinctive characteristics.

Is expensive whiskey better?

The quality of whiskey is subjective and depends on personal preferences.

Expensive whiskies often come from aged and rare batches, contributing to unique flavor profiles.

However, the perception of whether expensive whiskey is “better” varies among individuals. Some may appreciate the complexity and smoothness of a well-aged, high-end whiskey, while others may find satisfaction in more affordable options.

Ultimately, the value of whiskey is a matter of personal taste and the experience one seeks.

Is Jameson better than Jack?

The comparison between Jameson and Jack Daniel’s is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Jameson is an Irish whiskey known for its smoothness and approachable flavor profile, while Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey with a distinct character imparted by the Lincoln County Process.

Some may prefer the sweeter and smoother notes of Jameson, while others may favor the slightly smokier and robust flavor of Jack Daniel’s.

Both have their unique qualities, and choosing between them ultimately comes down to personal taste and the desired characteristics in a whiskey.

Final Thoughts 

Irish whiskey is one of the oldest and most versatile spirits widely consumed in the United States and other parts of the world.

The Emerald Isle from Craft Irish Whiskey Co. which was acquired for $2,000,000 in an auction on St. Patrick’s Day

Aside from the high tax rate on liquor, the most expensive Irish whiskies are high-priced because of different factors.

Even at high cost, expensive Irish whiskey remains in demand because of the food grains, distinct flavor profile, and method of distilling.

In addition, the barrels, and aging imparts to the signature flavor and sky-high price of Irish whiskies.  


  1. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Sets the Record for the World’s Most Expensive Whiskey Collection in Partnership With Fabergé
  2. By Tradition The Irish Whiskey Industry Has Been All Male. . . Until Louise McGuane Founded Her Own Brand

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