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New Amsterdam Gin Bottle Prices, Sizes, Varieties & Buying Guide

new amsterdam buying guide

Last Updated on February 1, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The New Amsterdam Gin from the USA has always been a hot topic among gin purists. Is it even actually gin? 

Yes, New Amsterdam Gin from the USA is considered a gin. Gin is a distilled alcoholic beverage that derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries and typically includes a variety of botanicals.

New Amsterdam Gin is crafted with a blend of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, and citrus, among others, adhering to the traditional characteristics of gin.

While the definition of “gin purist” can vary, New Amsterdam Gin may appeal to a broad range of consumers due to its smooth and balanced flavor profile.

However, individual preferences for specific styles or brands of gin can differ, and what some enthusiasts consider “pure” or traditional might vary from others.

Ultimately, the classification of New Amsterdam Gin as gin aligns with its use of juniper and botanicals in the distillation process.

But we believe that the world is ready for contemporary gin, and it’s time for them to have their chance. Here’s at New Amsterdam price and more. 

How The New Amsterdam’s Gin Started 

New Amsterdam Gin

New Amsterdam Gin emerged to celebrate a passion for contemporary gins. It was founded in 2007 in California, United States, and launched in 2008. It sold 100,000 cases in just 12 short months and is the fastest-growing gin brand in the world, thanks to its affordable prices. 

Because oranges are plentiful in California, the sweet and sour orange flavor takes center stage in the New Amsterdam Gin instead of the traditional juniper. Upon tasting, this spirit is like an orange bomb on the palate — almost too cloyingly strong that the orange flavor tastes quite artificial. 

E. & J. Gallo Winery, the makers of the New Amsterdam Gin, rebranded the name to New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin. They take the same gin flavor that everyone loves to brand new heights. 

Also, did you know that New Amsterdam was the original name of New York City? [1] Hence, the Empire State Building on the bottle label. 

How It’s Made 

How It’s Made

New Amsterdam Gin is made from 100 percent pure grain spirit and is distilled with a special blend of botanicals like other traditional gins. It is then diluted with fresh water to lower down its ABV to bottling percentage. But this is where the similarities end. 

The New Amsterdam Gin is known as New Western or American-style gin. Modern, contemporary gins let something else other than juniper shine, and in this brand’s case, they let orange take charge. 

Also, instead of distilling the botanicals with the base spirit, the New Amsterdam Gin has its base flavored with orange essence instead. 

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Popular Varieties 

Popular Varieties

Stratusphere The Original 

Stratusphere The Original variant is the same gin the brand first released, with the New Western flavor that everyone loves. Not to mention the affordable price. It’s a crisp, orange-flavored spirit, with juniper notes and other botanicals softly complimenting in the background. 

Stratusphere London Dry Gin

Stratusphere London Dry is the brand’s response to those who say they can’t make real gin. In this variant, the orange flavor is still present, but they pulled it back a notch. You will notice more juniper flavors making their way towards your palate. This variant is bottled at a proof of 94.6 and is a great base for martinis at a lesser price. 

New Amsterdam (Now Stratusphere) Gin Prices

New Amsterdam (Now Stratusphere) Gin Prices

Type Size Proof Average Prices in the USA
New Amsterdam Gin

(Stratusphere The Original)

750ml 80 $9.99 – $15.99
1L 80 $15.99 – $17.99
1.75L 80 $19.99 – $23.99
Stratusphere London Dry Gin 750ml 94.6 Around $13

Compared to Other Gin Brands Alternatives

Compared to Other Gin Brands Alternatives 

Seagram’s Pineapple Twisted Gin 

Seagram’s has released its line of fruit-flavored gins, and its pineapple variant is arguably the most popular when it comes to flavor and price.

Seagram’s Pineapple Twisted Gin has flavors of both juniper and pineapple, but compared to New Amsterdam, the juniper notes are more pronounced this time.

Both brands start at roughly $9 in prices per 750ml bottle. 

Hadley and Sons Gin

Instead of purely citrus, Hadley and Sons from the United States also borrow its taste from fresh cucumber. The spirit is slightly more aromatic and is more nuanced in flavor than New Amsterdam’s plain orange circus. Both brands, again, have similar prices starting at roughly $10 for one 750ml bottle. 

G & J Greenall’s Gin 

The 200-something year old G & J Greenall’s recipe is surprisingly mild and smooth. Juniper is predominantly present in this liquor, but other flavors such as coriander, cassia bark, and citrus leave their mark as well.

Overall, it’s a smooth gin with a unique flavor profile, and with prices only slightly higher than the other brands at roughly $13, we think this is an excellent choice. 

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Popular New Amsterdam-based Cocktail Recipes

Popular New Amsterdam-based Cocktail Recipes

New Amsterdam Gin is the number one choice of most California bartenders for plenty of fruit cocktails due to its affordable price. Tonic water, passion fruit juice, and club soda are excellent mixers. 

Soho Cocktail

The New Amsterdam Gin released a line of New York City-inspired cocktails. The Soho Cocktail is as fresh, young, and hip as the Soho area. 


  • 2 ounces New Amsterdam Gin 
  • 3 ounces ginger ale
  • 1 ounce lime juice 
  • 1 ounce simple syrup 
  • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  • Mint leaves 
  • Lime wheel 
  • Lemongrass
  • Fresh ice  


Chop the lemongrass until you have about a palmful. Put inside the bottom of a cocktail shaker along with some mint leaves, and muddle until all their natural oils are released.

Add the liquor, juice, syrup, and ground ginger, and give everything a good shake. Strain and pour into a tall iced glass filled and top off with ginger ale. Stir gently and garnish with a lime wheel. 

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins drink is an easy recipe with a scrumptious sweet and sour flavor. 


  • 2 ounces New Amsterdam Gin 
  • 3 ounces lemonade or sweet and sour mix club soda 
  • Lemon wheel 
  • Cherry 
  • Fresh ice 


Mix all the liquids in a tall iced glass. Garnish with a cherry and the fruit wheel. 

Gin Martini

This Martini is a classic bar staple that you can easily make at home. 


  • 3 ounces New Amsterdam Gin 
  • ½ ounce dry vermouth 
  • Lemon peel 


Pour the gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well until cold. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and top with a lemon peel. 


What’s the best way to drink New Amsterdam gin?

New Amsterdam Gin markets itself as a fresh, fun drink, so fans and patrons normally enjoy it straight in shots.

It has an orange taste that isn’t offensive on the palate. 

It’s also a great choice to use this as a spirit base for martinis or a number of fruity cocktails

Is New Amsterdam a good gin?

Yes. Most purists would not consider New Amsterdam real gin, but we believe that these modern, contemporary gins deserve their place in the catalog as well.

It’s a relatively good gin with affordable prices, especially if you’re not obsessed with the fact that gin should taste like junipers.

Who makes New Amsterdam Gin?

New Amsterdam Gin is produced by the New Amsterdam Spirits Company, which is a part of the E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Can you drink New Amsterdam Gin straight?

Yes, New Amsterdam Gin can be consumed straight or on the rocks, depending on personal preference.

Its mild and approachable flavor makes it suitable for various cocktail creations as well.

How much sugar is in New Amsterdam Gin?

Information on the sugar content of alcoholic beverages, including gin, is not always readily available on labels.

It’s advisable to check specific product details or contact the manufacturer for accurate information.

Is New Amsterdam cheap liquor?

New Amsterdam Gin is often positioned in the mid-range price category, making it more affordable compared to some premium or top-shelf options.

What is the most expensive gin?

The most expensive gin can vary based on factors such as limited editions and market availability.

Artisanal and rare gins may command high prices.

Is New Amsterdam Gin sweet?

New Amsterdam Gin is known for its smooth and balanced flavor, but whether it is perceived as sweet can vary based on individual taste preferences.

What’s the best gin?

The title of “best gin” is subjective and depends on individual taste preferences.

Popular gin brands include Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s, and others.

Where is New Amsterdam gin from?

New Amsterdam Gin is produced in the United States, specifically by the New Amsterdam Spirits Company.

What type of drink is New Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam produces a variety of spirits, including gin and vodka. Therefore, New Amsterdam can be associated with both gin and vodka, depending on the specific product you are referring to.

Is New Amsterdam alcohol strong?

New Amsterdam Gin typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, which is standard for many gins.

Its strength is comparable to other common spirits in the market.

Is New Amsterdam a good brand?

Yes, New Amsterdam is a popular and well-regarded brand, particularly known for its affordable and versatile spirits, including gin and vodka. It is often praised for its smoothness, making it a preferred choice for various cocktails.

In Summary

New Amsterdam Gin from California is making its mark and establishing its name on the hearts of drinkers everywhere.

With the revival of gins come contemporary flavors and more adventurous takes, so there’s no problem embracing modernity. 

But if you really insist on the taste of the traditional London dry, the brand heard you loud and clear — they created a liquor variant just for you. 


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