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15 Best Non Alcoholic Vodka Substitute & Alternatives (2024)

Non-Alcoholic Vodka Substitute

The dreaded hangover is one of the reasons why some people are switching to non alcoholic vodka substitutes for their beverages.

Well, it’s understandable, especially for people with low alcohol tolerance. 

So, I have listed the best non-alcoholic vodka substitute I usually serve my clients on their non-alcoholic Moscow Mules, Lemon Drops, and Screwdrivers.

Top 15 Non-Alcoholic Vodka Alternatives To Try

1. Free AF Non-Alcoholic Vodka Spritz

Bottle and a Glass of Free AF Non-Alcoholic Vodka Spritz

Now, if you want a crisp, delicious, and refreshing beverage by the beach, don’t miss out on this Free AF Non-Alcoholic Vodka Spritz.

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” – Henny Youngman, Comedian and Musician

It combines complex flavors of passion fruit and lime in a single can, providing the ultimate refreshment you could ever have.

2. Ms Sans Make Me A Sanstini

Bottle of Ms Sans Make Me A Sanstini

Ms Sans is a premium non-alcoholic spirit that goes well with soda water. It has a vibrant finish and an aromatic characteristic.

However, the best thing about this alternative is its versatility and smoothness, which shines so well with Cosmopolitan and Screwdriver. 

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3. Memento Non-alcoholic Distilled Spirit

Pouring Bottle of Memento Non-alcoholic Distilled Spirit on a Jigger

Memento is an ideal choice for a sophisticated alternative, but it may be too pricey as a mixer. It shines in various mixed beverages like Cosmopolitan and Martini. 

You can also use it to lower the cocktail’s alcohol content with multiple distilled spirits involved.

4. Escape Non-Alcoholic Sweet Potato Vodka

Bottle of Escape Non-Alcoholic Sweet Potato Vodka and a Glass with Ice

Try this spirit for something that remotely mimics a vodka experience. This non-alcoholic spirit tastes like a buttery baked potato with hints of spice and cinnamon. 

If you enjoy drinks with earthy notes, this non-alcoholic vodka is an excellent choice. Use it in a 1:1 ratio with your favorite cocktail recipes.

5. Hackamore Non-alcoholic Shot

Hackamore Non-alcoholic Shot With Glass and a Lime

The earthy finish of Hackamore Non-Alcoholic Shot and its vibrant flavor profile make it another ideal non-alcoholic spirit. 

I tried it on with lime juice and soda water, which created a refreshing and flavorful mocktail.

6. Clean Co Clean V

Bottle of Clean Co Clean V on a Wooden Table

Aside from non-alcoholic vodka, Clean Co Clean also offers non-alcoholic spirits like gin, tequila, and rum. Their non-alcoholic vodka variety has traces of dry and tart apple cider flavor that blends well with various cocktail drinks. 

This affordable alternative comes in a beautifully crafted bottle, so you can have it on your collection display if you want.

7. Strykk Not Vanilla

Strykk Not Vanilla Bottle and a Glass

If you want a non-alcoholic vodka alternative without the unnecessary extra flavorings, try Strykk. I’ve tried it on Espresso Martini, and it is definitely a comparable substitute to vodka, giving me that classic vanilla taste, herbs, and a kick. 

It is a decent non-alcoholic spirit that you can also try on ice.

8. Arkay Non-Alcoholic Vodka

Bottle of Arkay Non-Alcoholic Vodka

Made with natural ingredients, ArKay brings the vodka’s essence to your Bloody Mary, along with a signature kick. This non-alcoholic spirit has a full-bodied texture that you can use to replace vodka in various mixed beverages. 

However, you may need to carefully balance your ingredients while using this vodka alternative because it may be too spicy for some people.

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9. Seedlip Spice 94

Bartender Pouring Seedlip Spice 94 on a Jigger

For a non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip Spice 94 indeed captures the spice and kick we’re familiar with in alcoholic drinks.

However, I enjoy it more as a summertime mocktail mixer than drinking it straight in a glass. You can try it in Espresso Martinis or Palomas.

10. Ginger Beer

Pouring Ginger Beer on a Glass

Traditionally, ginger beer contains 11% alcohol, but most commercial ones nowadays only have less than 0.5% alcohol or none at all [1]

That’s why I usually recommend it as an alternative to vodka among my customers, especially those who prefer to craft mocktails.

This alternative imparts a citrus, spice, and slightly sweet flavor to your drinks.

11. Lemonade

Two Glasses of Lemonade

For those who prefer a citrus taste to their beverages, I highly recommend lemonade as an alcohol-free alternative. 

It provides a zesty freshness to drinks, but most of all, this one is highly accessible among other substitutes. You can easily make it at home.

This way, you can control the flavor of your lemonade that best suits your preferred cocktail drink.

12. Tonic Water

Can of Schweppes Tonic Water

The bitter taste of tonic water is suitable for gin, but it is also among the most common alcohol-free vodka substitutes usually served in the bar.

This fizzy water has a slightly bitter taste and sweet flavor, making it a smooth mixer for various vodka-based cocktails.

13. Apple Juice

Glass of Apple Juice

Apple juice is another non-alcoholic vodka alternative that is easily accessible to anyone. It’s an excellent choice to serve for sudden gatherings.

It is sweet with a fruit-forward profile, but I advise you to skip using sugar if you choose apple juice as your vodka alternative. Sugar will only make your cocktail too sweet and mess up the flavor balance. 

14. Orange Juice

Filling Glass with Orange Juice

Orange juice brings vibrant, zesty notes to the cocktails. It’s one of the most popular mixers for an alcohol-free experience, but I hardly use it for mocktails as a vodka alternative.

That’s because various recipes are already calling for orange juice. But for those times that I tried it, it surely delivers the same zesty flavor of an orange vodka. 

15. Apple Cider

Glass of Apple Cider

While apple cider does not give that kick I want, it still proves to be a great alternative by providing fruity notes to the mixed drinks.

“Enjoying a great drink doesn’t always have to come with a hangover.” – Liquor Laboratory 

Adjust your recipe accordingly because it could simply overpower other flavors.

Note: Each product was evaluated on its flavor complexity, smoothness, versatility in mixology, and popular consensus among enthusiasts.

FAQs Related to Non Alcoholic Vodka Substitute

What is the closest drink to vodka?

The closest drink to vodka is gin and Blanco tequila, among distilled spirits. But for non-alcoholic vodka substitutes, you can try fruit juices, non-alcoholic vodkas, and more. 

What is a non-alcoholic alternative to vanilla vodka?

Strykk Not Vanilla vodka is an excellent non-alcoholic alternative to vanilla vodka. It resembles the taste of an alcoholic vanilla vodka with a subtle alcohol kick. 

Does non-alcoholic vodka taste the same as real vodka?

No, non-alcoholic vodka does not taste the same as real vodka. Supposedly, traditional vodka is crafted to be flavorless, odorless, and colorless [2]
But there are subtle notes in vodka, and the alcohol taste is stronger than anything. That alcohol kick is something that most non-alcoholic vodka substitutes lack. 

What can I use as a substitute for vodka in non-alcoholic recipes?

Several alternatives can substitute for vodka in non-alcoholic recipes, including water, apple cider vinegar, white grape juice, or non-alcoholic vanilla extract, depending on the desired flavor profile.

Can I simply omit vodka from a recipe if I don’t want to use alcohol?

Yes, if you prefer to avoid alcohol entirely, you can omit vodka from recipes. However, consider adjusting other ingredients to maintain the intended flavor and consistency of the dish.

Does non-alcoholic vodka exist, and can it be used as a substitute?

While traditional vodka is distilled to contain a high alcohol content, some brands produce non-alcoholic or alcohol-free vodka alternatives. These products mimic the flavor and aroma of vodka without the alcohol content and can be used as substitutes in recipes.

Can I use flavored water as a substitute for vodka in cocktails?

Flavored water, such as fruit-infused or sparkling water, can add similar flavor dimensions to cocktails as vodka. However, it may alter the overall taste profile, so adjustments may be necessary to balance the flavors in the recipe.

Are there specific recipes where non-alcoholic vodka substitutes work best?

Non-alcoholic vodka substitutes can work well in cocktails, mocktails, sauces, marinades, and desserts that call for vodka as an ingredient. They can help maintain the intended flavor profile without adding alcohol.

How do I determine the appropriate amount of non-alcoholic vodka substitute to use in a recipe?

When substituting non-alcoholic vodka, start with the same quantity called for in the recipe for traditional vodka. Adjustments may be necessary based on taste preferences and the strength of the substitute’s flavor.

Final Thoughts

Alcohol consumption for some people has become a problem, and some are not even allowed to have a sip of their favorite spirits anymore.

So, with this list of fifteen non-alcoholic vodka substitutes, you would not have to miss out on your favorite Moscow Mule in a glass or any refreshing cocktail you want to shake up and drink. 


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