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7 Best Non Alcoholic Margarita Mix Options for Mocktails

best non alcoholic margarita mix

If you’re like me, you appreciate the zesty bite of a well-crafted Margarita but prefer to skip the alcohol. Lucky for us, there are non-alcoholic Margarita mixes waiting to be explored.

But if you’re searching for the best non alcoholic Margarita mix, let me share my top favorites to satisfy your palate.

Top 7 Best Non Alcoholic Margarita Mixes To Try

1. Tres Agaves Organic

Tres Agaves margarita mix organic

Average Price: Around $12.99/1L (InstaCart)

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why I Like It: Aside from being non-alcoholic, this is the perfect choice for those who value organic ingredients. It’s delicious, and I like the presence of organic lime juice and agave syrup.

Any Virgin Margarita will surely have a smoother and more complex profile. Besides, this tastes great with non-alcoholic tequila, mango juice, orange juice, agave syrup, and other ingredients.

“Life is better with a Margarita in hand and friends nearby.” – Liquor Laboratory 

Pour it into the salt-rimmed glass over ice with your favorite 0% tequila (no need to shake with your bar shaker), and enjoy!

2. Jose Cuervo Classic Lime

Man Holding Bottle of Jose Cuervo Classic Lime

Average Price: Around $8.99/750ml (Total Wine)

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: It delivers a refreshing limeade savor, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a virgin Margarita.

It’s well-balanced, not overly sweet, and versatile enough to use as a base for drink recipes and other cocktails.

Serve with zero-proof tequila over ice, lemon garnish, and salt rim – you’re good to go!

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3. Mr & Mrs T Original

Average Price: Around $4.72/1L (Walmart)

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: Mr & Mrs T Original is incredibly convenient; add it to your favorite non-alcoholic tequila alternative with ice cubes, and you’re good to go.

You can add more ingredients if you like agave syrup, orange juice, and garnish to make your Margaritas even more delicious. But does Margarita mix have alcohol?

4. Simply® Lime 

Bottle of Simply® Lime 

Average Price: Around $2.79/52oz (Target)

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why I Like It: Simply® Lime is about simplicity and great taste. It’s budget-friendly, made with real, fresh lime juice, and has a well-balanced flavor profile.

Whether mixing up a quick virgin Margarita or adding a splash to my favorite mocktail, this non-alcoholic option does the job perfectly.

Served it in your glass with a salt rim and lemon garnish, and enjoy!

5. Stirring Simple (Non-Alcoholic)

Two Bottles of Stirring Simple (Non-Alcoholic) and a Cocktail Drink

Average Price: Around $7.99/750ml (MSRP)

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: This is one of the non-alcoholic spirits I’ve tried, boasting a delightful tartness with a hint of orange zest, giving it a unique twist to the classic Margarita cocktail.

It’s less sweet than some other options, so it’s perfect for those wanting a not-so-sugary Margarita recipe. Its authenticity and versatility make it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts.

6. Margaritaville Party in Paradise Premium

Margaritaville Party in Paradise Premium

Average Price: Around $23.75/1.75L (Walmart)

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It: I like how it delivers a candied and tangy punch reminiscent of a beachside Virgin Margarita that goes well with simple syrup and fresh orange juice or fresh lime juice.

While it leans slightly towards the sweeter side, it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a sweeter drink paired best with a non-alcoholic tequila.

7. Master of Mixes Non-Alcoholic

Master of Mixes Non-Alcoholic Bottle and a Glass of Cocktail Drink

Average Price: Around $5.98/1.75L (Walmart)

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why I Like It:  This non-alcoholic Margarita [1] is a crowd-pleaser with a pleasant sweetness and tartness flavors perfect for a salt-rimmed glass with ice. It tastes great with a few ingredients of cocktails, like agave syrup, tonic water, and club soda.

“Today, the tequila-laced Margarita is the most popular mixed drink in America.” — Anthony Dias Blue, Writer and Columnist

It’s versatile, making it suitable for various cocktails beyond just Virgin Margarita recipes. But who makes Kirkland Margarita mix?


Can you buy Margarita mixes without alcohol?

Yes, you can buy non-alcoholic Margarita mixes. Non-alcoholic mixes can also provide the same delicious flavors as a virgin Margarita without the alcohol content.

What is a non-alcoholic tequila alternative to a virgin Margarita?

For a non-alcoholic margarita, the best tequila alternative is any non-alcoholic tequila-flavored beverage, or omit the traditional tequila and focus on the mixers.

Can you buy a non-alcoholic Margarita?

Yes, you can buy a non-alcoholic Margarita. But it’s important to note that a Margarita is typically made by mixing several ingredients, like fresh lime juice (or fresh orange juice), agave syrup, non-alcoholic bitters, etc., with traditional tequila [2].
If you want to enjoy a non-alcoholic Margarita recipe (or Virgin Margarita), you’ll need to prepare a non-alcoholic tequila substitute (or zero-proof tequila) and your mixes.

How do you order a non-alcoholic Margarita?

To order a glass of a non-alcoholic Margarita, ask for a “Virgin Margarita” or specify that you want the non-alcoholic version.

What should I look for when choosing the best non-alcoholic margarita mix?

Look for mixes that use natural ingredients, have a balanced flavor profile, and mimic the taste of traditional margaritas without alcohol. Additionally, consider factors like sweetness level, tanginess, and whether the mix contains artificial flavors or preservatives.

Are there non-alcoholic margarita mixes that cater to specific dietary preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free?

Yes, some non-alcoholic margarita mixes are labeled as vegan, gluten-free, or made with natural and organic ingredients.

Can I customize non-alcoholic margarita mixes with additional ingredients like fresh fruit or herbs?

Absolutely! Non-alcoholic margarita mixes provide a versatile base that can be enhanced with fresh fruit juices, such as lime or orange, and garnished with herbs like mint or basil to create personalized mocktail variations.

How do I use non-alcoholic margarita mixes to make mocktails?

Simply mix the non-alcoholic margarita mix with water or sparkling water, and if desired, add fresh lime juice for extra zest. Shake or stir well, pour over ice, and garnish with a slice of lime or a salt rim for a refreshing mocktail.

Can non-alcoholic margarita mixes be used in cooking or baking recipes?

Yes, non-alcoholic margarita mixes can add a citrusy and tangy flavor to various recipes, including marinades, sauces, glazes, and desserts. Experiment with using them as a flavorful ingredient in your favorite dishes.

Final Words

Regarding non-alcoholic Margarita mixes, plenty of options exist to satisfy your cravings. But if you ask me the best non-alcoholic tequila Margarita blend, that’s the Tres Agaves Organic Mixes.

It stands out with its organic ingredients, giving a more authentic and well-rounded flavor profile when drank in a salt-rimmed glass and ice; there is no need to shake it with your bar shaker.

It’s absolutely delicious and the closest we can get to the real deal without the alcohol.

But, the best choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences – know there’s a non-alcoholic blend to suit every taste. The choice is yours!


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