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7 Best Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey Drink Recipes (2024)

Best Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey recipe

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Do you love salted caramel? How about a whiskey-infused salted caramel? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’d love Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey drink recipes. These drinks are the perfect addition to any party, with flavors sure to please everyone. 

Get your glasses ready and try out these amazing recipes!

7 Must-Try Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey Drink Recipes 

7. Salty Caramel Apple Martini (Apple Pie Edition)

Salty Caramel Apple Martini on desk with cocktail shaker, ole smoky salted caramel whiskey drink recipes

This Salty Caramel Apple Martini brings all the flavor of your favorite dessert to a delicious cocktail like a warm slice of apple pie.

Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey and Apple Pie Moonshine are combined with lemon juice and lemon-lime soda for a tart and sweet mix perfect for fall. 

This martini will surely please everyone, whether sipping by the fireside or on a night out with friends.

So indulge your sweet tooth – it’s time to enjoy a Salty Caramel Apple Martini!

6. Pecan Slope

Pecan Slope on table

Ole Smoky Pecan Slope is a unique cocktail perfect for those who love the taste of pecans.

This Ole Smoky creation is made with Ole Smoky Butter Pecan Moonshine and Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey, giving it a rich and flavourful taste. 

You may add crushed graham crackers on top for a unique crunch.

Whether sipping it neat or mixing it into your favorite cocktail, Ole Smoky Pecan Slope is sure to become a fast favorite.

5. Gone Muddin’

Gone Muddin’ on desk

Ole Smoky Tennessee Mud Whiskey and Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey are the perfect companions for a day of muddin’.

The rich, creamy flavor of the Ole Smoky Tennessee Mud Whiskey pairs perfectly with the sweet, salty taste of the Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey

Together, they create a delicious, mud-slicked treat that will revive your engine.

So whether you’re craving a creamy and salty drink or just looking to add a little extra flavor to your Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey, Gone Muddin’ is the way to go.

4. Salty Caramel Sour

Salty Caramel Sour on table

The Salty Caramel Sour is a delicious twist on the classic Whiskey Sour [1]. Just mix Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey, sour mix, and a splash of cola.

The rim should be coated in caramel sauce and topped with a fresh lemon twist. 

This drink combines the sweetness of caramel with the tartness of lemon, sourness from the sour mix, and the smoky flavor of the whiskey

3. Salty Caramel Apple Martini

Salty Caramel Apple Martini on desk

Whether you are looking for a fun new fall cocktail to try or want something to keep you warm on a cool night, Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Apple Martini can be the perfect drink. 

The Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey and Ole Smoky Caramel Apple Whiskey are blended with a sweetness and a hint of spices.

The result is a smooth, rich, creamy martini perfect for sipping on a cool autumn evening.

2. Salted Caramel White Russian

Salted Caramel White Russian on desk

A Salted Caramel White Russian is the perfect drink for those who enjoy a touch of sweetness in their coffee.

Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey is combined with coffee liqueur and milk or cream to create a delicious and rich beverage. 

The Ole Smoky gives the drink a smooth caramel flavor, while the coffee liqueur adds a rich depth of flavor.

The milk or cream ties everything together and makes it creamy and delicious.

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1. Salty Caramel Tennessee Tea

Salty Caramel Tennessee Tea on desk

Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Tennessee Tea is the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

This refreshing beverage is made with Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey, sour mix, triple sec, and cola and is perfect for sipping. 

Serve it with a fresh lemon wedge for a little bit of tartness. This delicious cocktail is sure to be a hit at your next party!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What soda is good with Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey?

Cola is a soda good with Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey. It is sweet, refreshing, and has notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus oils that blends greatly with the whiskey. 

What can you mix with Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey?

Cola, ginger ale, and root beer are some mixers you can use with Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey. If you want something a little different, you could mix this whiskey with lemonade or cranberry juice. 

What goes well with salted caramel?

Salted caramel pairs exceptionally well with a variety of sweet and savory flavors. It complements desserts like ice cream, brownies, and cakes, adding a delightful balance of sweetness and saltiness.

Additionally, salted caramel can enhance the flavors of fruits such as apples and pears, and it can be a delicious topping for pancakes or drizzled over popcorn for a unique twist.

What does salted caramel whiskey taste like?

Salted caramel whiskey combines the rich, sweet notes of caramel with a hint of saltiness, creating a harmonious and indulgent flavor profile.

The whiskey base provides warmth and depth, while the addition of salted caramel adds a luscious sweetness, resulting in a smooth and flavorful spirit with a delightful balance of sweet and savory elements.

What is Ole Smoky salted caramel whiskey?

Ole Smoky salted caramel whiskey is a flavored whiskey produced by the Ole Smoky Distillery.

Known for their innovative and diverse range of moonshine and whiskey flavors, Ole Smoky’s salted caramel expression combines their quality whiskey with the irresistible taste of salted caramel, offering a unique and enjoyable sipping experience.

What mixes well with caramel whiskey?

Caramel whiskey blends well with various mixers to create enticing cocktails. It pairs excellently with apple cider, creating a delightful autumn-inspired drink. Mixing caramel whiskey with coffee or hot chocolate adds warmth and depth, making it a comforting choice for cold evenings.

Additionally, combining it with cream-based liqueurs or ginger ale can enhance the complexity of flavors, allowing the caramel notes to shine in different ways.

Whether enjoyed on its own or in creative cocktails, caramel whiskey provides a versatile base for mixologists and enthusiasts alike to experiment with different flavor combinations, offering a sweet and savory twist to traditional whiskey drinks.

What to mix with salted caramel whiskey and Sprite?

Mixing salted caramel whiskey with Sprite creates a refreshing and effervescent cocktail. The combination of the whiskey’s sweet and salty notes with the crisp citrus flavor of Sprite results in a balanced and enjoyable drink.

Garnishing with a slice of lemon or a few caramel drizzles can enhance the overall presentation and taste.

What is good to mix with salted caramel crown?

Salted caramel Crown Royal can be paired with various mixers to create delicious cocktails. Mixing it with cola offers a classic combination, while incorporating apple cider or ginger ale adds seasonal warmth and depth.

Experimenting with different citrus elements, such as orange or lemon, can also provide interesting flavor profiles that complement the sweet and salty notes of the salted caramel.

What fruit goes well with salted caramel?

Several fruits pair exceptionally well with salted caramel, enhancing its sweet and savory profile. Apples and pears are classic choices, creating a delightful contrast between the crisp, juicy fruit and the rich, buttery caramel.

Bananas, strawberries, and peaches also complement salted caramel, adding their unique flavors to the mix.

Consider drizzling salted caramel over a fruit salad or incorporating it into desserts to elevate the overall taste.

What makes salted caramel so good?

The irresistible appeal of salted caramel lies in its perfect balance of contrasting flavors and textures. The combination of sweet, rich caramel with a touch of salt creates a harmonious blend that excites the taste buds. The sweetness of caramel is enhanced by the saltiness, resulting in a more complex and nuanced flavor.

Additionally, the contrast in textures, with the smoothness of caramel and the crunch of salt crystals, adds to the overall sensory experience, making salted caramel a universally beloved and decadent treat.

The interplay of sweet and salty elements in salted caramel creates a flavor profile that is not only delicious on its own but also a versatile and enticing addition to various culinary creations, from desserts to cocktails.

Is Ole Smoky whiskey any good?

Ole Smoky whiskey is generally well-regarded for its unique and diverse range of moonshine and flavored whiskey offerings. The brand, originating from the Ole Smoky Distillery in Tennessee, is known for its craftsmanship and innovation.

The quality of Ole Smoky whiskey can vary based on personal taste preferences, with some enjoying the distinctive flavors and others appreciating the brand’s commitment to creativity in the whiskey market.

How much sugar is in Ole Smoky salted caramel whiskey?

The specific amount of sugar in Ole Smoky salted caramel whiskey can vary based on the brand’s formulation and recipe.

Flavored whiskeys often contain added sugars to enhance the flavor profile, and the sugar content is typically disclosed on the product’s nutritional information label.

Checking the label can provide a clearer understanding of the sugar content in Ole Smoky salted caramel whiskey.

Is salted caramel whiskey a bourbon?

Salted caramel whiskey is not necessarily a bourbon by definition. While bourbon is a type of whiskey, salted caramel whiskey often refers to a flavored whiskey where caramel and salted flavors are added.

Bourbons have specific criteria, including being made in the United States, having a mash bill with at least 51% corn, and aging in new charred oak barrels.

Flavored whiskeys, including salted caramel varieties, may not adhere to these traditional bourbon specifications.

What is good to mix with salted caramel Crown?

Salted caramel Crown Royal, a flavored Canadian whisky, offers a versatile base for creating delicious cocktails. Mixing it with ginger ale provides a refreshing and effervescent drink with a hint of spice.

For a cozy and warming option, combining salted caramel Crown with hot apple cider or coffee creates a delightful seasonal beverage.

Experimenting with cream soda, cola, or even incorporating it into dessert-inspired cocktails allows the sweet and salty notes of salted caramel Crown to shine in various creative ways, providing a delightful and indulgent drinking experience.

What is a good mixer for salted caramel whiskey?

Salted caramel whiskey tantalizes the taste buds with its luxurious blend of sweet caramel and savory salt undertones, making it a versatile spirit for creative mixology. When seeking the perfect mixer to complement this delectable whiskey, several options come to mind, each adding its unique flair to the experience.

One classic pairing for salted caramel whiskey is apple cider, creating a delightful fusion of autumnal flavors. The crisp, tartness of the cider harmonizes beautifully with the whiskey’s sweet and salty notes, resulting in a cozy concoction perfect for sipping by the fireside on a chilly evening.

For those who enjoy a bit of effervescence, ginger ale or cola serve as excellent mixers for salted caramel whiskey. The ginger ale adds a refreshing bite that contrasts with the whiskey’s sweetness, while cola contributes a familiar and comforting fizziness, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

For a lusciously creamy libation, consider blending salted caramel whiskey with Irish cream liqueur or coconut milk. These creamy mixers impart a velvety texture to the drink, elevating its indulgence factor and creating a dessert-like treat fit for any occasion.

To accentuate the whiskey’s complexity further, experiment with complementary flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or espresso. A dash of cinnamon adds warmth and depth, while nutmeg lends a subtle spiciness that enhances the whiskey’s richness. For coffee lovers, a splash of espresso provides a bold and aromatic twist, creating a sophisticated cocktail reminiscent of a gourmet dessert.

Ultimately, the choice of mixer for salted caramel whiskey is limited only by one’s imagination. Whether crafting a festive holiday cocktail, a refreshing summer refresher, or a comforting nightcap, salted caramel whiskey offers endless possibilities for creative mixology, allowing enthusiasts to tailor their drink to suit their taste preferences and mood.

What is the sweetest style of whiskey?

When it comes to sweetness in whiskey, bourbon and Tennessee whiskey often reign supreme. These styles of whiskey are renowned for their rich, sweet flavor profiles, characterized by notes of caramel, vanilla, and toffee.

Bourbon, in particular, owes its inherent sweetness to its mash bill, which typically contains a high proportion of corn. During fermentation and aging, the sugars present in the corn are converted into alcohol, imparting a naturally sweet flavor to the whiskey.

Additionally, bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels, where it absorbs flavors from the wood, including vanillin, which contributes to its sweet and mellow character.

Similarly, Tennessee whiskey shares many characteristics with bourbon, including a high corn content and aging in charred oak barrels. However, Tennessee whiskey undergoes an additional filtration process known as the Lincoln County Process, wherein the whiskey is filtered through charcoal before aging. This process imparts a smoothness and sweetness to the whiskey, distinguishing it from other styles.

While bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are generally considered the sweetest styles of whiskey, it’s essential to note that sweetness can vary between individual brands and expressions. Factors such as aging, barrel selection, and production techniques all play a role in determining the final flavor profile of the whiskey. As such, exploring different brands and expressions within these categories can lead to a deeper appreciation of the diverse world of sweet whiskey.

Is there a salted caramel whiskey?

Indeed, there are several esteemed distilleries that produce salted caramel whiskey, offering enthusiasts a delectable fusion of sweet and savory flavors. These whiskies are typically crafted by infusing or flavoring traditional whiskey with natural caramel and salt essences, resulting in a unique and indulgent taste experience.

Salted caramel whiskey tantalizes the palate with its rich caramel sweetness, accented by a hint of savory saltiness, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that captivates whiskey lovers.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or incorporated into innovative cocktails, salted caramel whiskey provides a delightful departure from traditional whiskey offerings, inviting enthusiasts to savor its decadent allure.

With its irresistible combination of sweetness and complexity, salted caramel whiskey offers a deliciously innovative take on classic whiskey enjoyment, perfect for those seeking a touch of indulgence in their libations.

Is Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey good?

Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey has garnered praise for its delightful blend of sweet caramel and subtle saltiness, making it a favored choice among whiskey enthusiasts.

Its smooth and indulgent flavor profile offers a satisfying balance that captivates the palate, providing a deliciously unique drinking experience.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails, Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey is appreciated for its rich, decadent taste and smooth finish.

In Summary

Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey is a delicious, versatile spirit you can enjoy in various ways. Whether you’re looking for a new cocktail to try or want to enjoy a classic drink with a twist, these Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey drink recipes are sure to please.

The rich, creamy flavor of the whiskey is complemented by the addition of salted caramel, creating a balance of sweetness and saltiness. The drink can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but for those who prefer a little more sweetness, you can also mix it with cola or ginger ale. 

No matter how you enjoy it, Ole Smoky Salted Caramel Whiskey is sure to become a new favorite. 


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