Pink Whitney Alcohol Content (2023 Updated)

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Pink Whitney has established a high-end reputation on the internet before it finally hit sales in liquor stores. The latest New Amsterdam legacy broke the stereotype that pink is “sissy,” thanks to its alcohol content and rich taste. 

Today, let’s talk through Pink Whitney – alcohol content, ingredients, and how it stands out from other vodkas. 

How Much Alcohol Does Pink Whitney Have?

Pink Whitney

Pink Whitney contains 30% alcohol by volume (60 proof), making it an awesome celebratory drink. The pink lemonade-infused vodka is light in flavor and ABV compared to standard vodka from the United States. The typical vodka has an average of 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) [1]. 

People think Pink Whitney has a lighter kick than other vodkas, but they must think again. Since Pink Whitney is flavor-infused vodka, you may consume more, which can make you really drunk. 

Alcohol Content 

In A Shot

A shot of Pink Whitney contains 30% alcohol content or 60 proof. A shot glass that contains 1.5 fluid oz of Pink Whitney contains 30% alcohol content. To cite an example, five shots of Pink Whitney can get you drunk, but five shots of wine may not because Pink Whitney contains more alcohol by volume than wine (30% vs. 14%). 

In addition to this, since shots can be taken more quickly than a glass of wine or beer, people get drunk faster. But, how many Pink Whitney shots can get you drunk?

When Frozen

Pink Whitney frozen cocktail

Pink Whitney, when frozen, contains 30% alcohol content or 60 proof. There are no changes in alcohol content when a bottle of Pink Whitney is stored inside a freezer and experiences extreme temperature change. 

In addition, please take note that Pink Whitney contains high alcohol content, which means it will not freeze unless it is placed inside a freezer with a -16 F temperature. 

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How To Measure Alcohol Content 

To measure the alcohol content of Pink Whitney, you have to measure the gravity before and after the fermentation and distillation using a hydrometer. Then use the formula ABV= (Original gravity – Final Gravity) x 131.25 to measure the alcohol content of Pink Whitney. 

Most liquors are labeled with alcohol content, but knowing the alcohol content of a drink is important. It lets you know how many shots of alcohol you should drink before getting drunk. 

Pink Whitney ABV vs Other New Amsterdam Variants 

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam Variants contain higher ABV than Pink Whitney because it has infused fresh pink lemonade that creates a perfect balance of freshness and sweetness. While Pink Whitney contains 30% ABV, New Amsterdam Original Vodka contains 40% ABV. 

On the other hand, other flavored vodkas contain 35% ABV. Still, they are an excellent choice for heavily flavored liquors. 

How Long Does the Alcohol Content Kick In? 

Alcohol content starts to kick in within ten minutes, but you must consider other factors. Keep in mind that the high alcohol content and speed consumption bring higher blood alcohol content and make you drunk. 

In addition, stomach content, ethnicity, gender, body size, and dehydration can also be a factor to consider when defining how long the alcohol can kick in your system. The time you take a sip of Pink Whitney, the vodka will start to kick and affect your organs and mood in just ten minutes. 


Can you drink Pink Whitney straight?

Yes, you can drink Pink Whitney straight. It is sweet enough to drink neat because it has a sweet and refreshing taste of pink lemonade but with a kick of vodka. 

Does mixing Pink Whitney in cocktails lower its ABV?

No, mixing Pink Whitney in cocktails does not lower its ABV. Mixing Pink Whitney with cocktails does not affect the alcohol content of the vodka but its taste. Mixers impact the quantity and taste but not the alcohol content of Pink Whitney. 

Final Thoughts 

New Amsterdam is one of the fastest-growing vodka brands globally, and one of its new legacies is the Pink Whitney. Pink Whitney contains 30% alcohol content, and the pink lemonade vodka is loved to be consumed as a celebratory drink. 

While it is not as high as other standard vodkas, Pink Whitney defied the “sissy” stereotype that pink is light because it has a kicking alcohol content, plus it has a rich taste.  



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