How Many Shots of Pink Whitney To Get Drunk? (30% ABV)

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Pink Whitney vodka can be a go-to choice for occasions and classic drinking sessions after work. For those who want to experience a drinking adventure with Pink Whitney, our team will help you know more about this fine vodka. 

Read more to know how many shots of Pink Whitney are needed to get drunk. 

So, How Much Pink Vodka Will Get You Drunk?

It would take at least six shots of Pink Whitney vodka to get an average person drunk because it only has 30% alcohol content. On average, six shots of this vodka are equivalent to four shots of other types of liquor.

Pink Whitney

Some people think Pink Whitney is weaker than other liquors, but the truth is that there are factors that contribute to one’s drunkenness. Weight, gender, ABV, and alcohol tolerance create different effects on the body.

What Is Pink Whitney Vodka?

Pink Whitney Vodka is lemonade-infused vodka distilled by New Amsterdam Vodka. The celebratory vodka is dedicated to NHL player, Ryan Whitney who loved to enjoy  pink lemonade in his teenage years [1]. Pink Whitney tastes like sweet-tart citrus with a kick of vodka.

Factors To Consider  

Its Alcohol Content Per Shot

Pink-colored alcoholic drinks were considered light in flavor and ABV. However, that’s a different concept when it comes to Pink Whitney vodka alcohol content. While the United States’ strong vodka is at 40% [2], the alcohol content of Pink Whitney stands at 30% per 60 proof, which makes it an ideal celebratory vodka. But, how many mL is in one shot?

Body Weight

Another factor to consider is the drinker’s body weight. Someone with a larger frame tends to get intoxicated less because they have a lower BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration.) A larger body also means you have a larger space in your body where the alcohol diffuses, so you get intoxicated less.

Age & Gender

Generally, women have smaller body frames than most men. It’s the reason why women usually get drunk more than men. Women also have lesser enzymes in their bodies, making it harder to metabolize alcohol in their bloodstream. 

On the other hand, age, no matter what your gender is, slows down your ability to metabolize alcohol. As our body ages, it also produces less body fluid, so older people tend to get drunk more than younger ones.

How You Drink It

To put it simply, the faster you chug your vodka, the more alcohol your body receives. This is the reason why there’s a recommended time frame for every Pink Whitney shot to take in order to slow down the effect on your body.

Alcohol Tolerance

Someone with a high alcohol tolerance requires a higher blood alcohol concentration than a non-tolerant person just to undergo some of the same effects. Basically, tolerance means that your body is suppressing its normal responses to toxins.  So people with higher alcohol tolerance are less likely to pass out, vomit, or get drunk. 

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Popular Pink Whitney Cocktail Recipes

Pink Whitney Slush

If you want a very refreshing drink for your summer weekend, this Pink Whitney and mixer slush can quench your thirst. 

Pink Whitney Slush


  • 1.75 cups of water
  • 1.50 cups of Pink Whitney vodka
  • Frozen Pink Lemonade
  • 1 cup Absolut Vodka
  • Twice filtered Grape juice 
  • 1 pc lime 


In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients and seal the bowl before freezing it for 24 hours. After a day in the freezer, stir it before serving in a martini glass. 

Berry Lemonade

If you are looking for fruity vodka, you can try our version of Berry Lemonade. 

Berry Lemonade


  • 2 oz Pink Whitney New Amsterdam
  • 1 oz Blue Curacao 
  • 8 Raspberry lemonade
  • ¼ cup Frozen berries


In a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, add the frozen berries and the drinks one at a time. Shake well, strain in a glass, then enjoy!


Is Pink Whitney vodka gluten-free?

Pink Whitney vodka can be gluten-free because it underwent 5x distillation and 3x filtration features. Gluten remains might be removed; however, since “gluten-free” is nowhere on the label, it can be a risky deal. 

How does one shot of Pink Whitney taste like?

A shot of Pink Whitney tastes like a lemon drop martini. It has a sweet-tart and citrusy flavor with a mix of alcohol kicked from vodka. 

Key Takeaways 

You should take at least six shots to get drunk with Pink Whitney. Since Pink Whitney has an alcohol content of 30%, six shots are equivalent to 4 shots of real liquor, and that can get you drunk. However, your high alcohol tolerance and liver need to be considered if you don’t get drunk in 6 shots. 

All things considered, Pink Whitney is an enjoyable flavored vodka loved by many. If you are open to a drinking adventure with Pink Whitney, drink moderately. 



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