SIPN Bourbon a Social Liquor E-commerce App For Enthusiasts (2023 Guide)

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Calling all bourbon lovers, connoisseurs, and curious ones! 

We discovered another gem where you can read and share interesting facts about bourbon, tip off rare finds, and show off bourbon collections in the comfort of your home. 

SIPN Bourbon is a community and social liquor e-commerce app that aims to bridge the gap between every bourbon lover and be a meeting ground to share your thoughts about your favorite bourbon. 

Are you getting curious about SIPN Bourbon? Read on. 

What’s SIPN Bourbon? 

Sipn Bourbon Logo

SIPN Bourbon is a bourbon community meeting ground for the curious, bourbon enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

They are passionate about forging connections and sharing knowledge with fellow bourbon lovers. 

SIPN Bourbon is an online platform for the bourbon community to converse, collaborate and learn more about bourbon-newest, rarest, and right-on-the-corner releases. 

They have an interesting bourbon forum where you can share your favorite bourbon and watch videos. 

Find out about the upcoming bourbon social events, connect with other bourbon lovers, and be the first to know about the new bourbon releases with SIPN Bourbon. 

What It Offers To Bourbon Lovers 

Bourbon Rare Finds

For the past months, some bourbons have been readily available, but others are limited editions that need deep pockets and great efforts to acquire. 

With the gap between the spirits industry, SIPN will help you with rare finds centered on bourbons and even help you snag a bottle. 

With Bourbon rare finds, you can discuss outstanding releases, hard-to-find bourbons, and current trends that every bourbon lover needs to know about. 

Interesting Bourbon Forums

pouring whiskey on a glasses

Connect with other bourbon enthusiasts and connoisseurs with the SIPN Bourbon forum. 

SIPN Forum is an online platform on the SIPN website and app where you can share everything about bourbon, from cork to cocktails. 

There are four interesting bourbon forums where you can share your thoughts, knowledge, and experience with bourbon. 

  • Rare Finds Forum helps you learn rare bourbons to buy and try. 
  • Mythbusters Forum lets every bourbon enthusiast clear the air on some myths about bourbon. 
  • Did You Know Forum is where you should throw in bourbon-related questions and get answers. You can also discuss everything you like (and hate) about the spirit.
  • Cocktails Forum is for bourbon lovers who love to share their favorite bourbon cocktail recipe so everyone can try it for themselves.

Relevant Videos 

Learning is an active process, and whether you are new to bourbon or learning about it, SIPN Bourbon posts relevant videos to watch to feed your bourbon mind. 

Relevant videos provide strong visual cues, so they will help you increase motivation and deepen your bourbon learning. 

Access To Up-To-Date Bourbon-Related Events

Bourbon Festival

Another thing we love about SIPN Bourbon is its access to up-to-date bourbon-related events. 

SIPN Bourbon posts the date, location, and fees for the upcoming bourbon social events, so you should not miss out on it.

To excite you more, they’ll give you an overview of what to expect at bourbon social events – from festivals to tasting events.   

Bourbon Collection

With a single touch, you can find, learn, buy, and show off your bourbon collection with SIPN Bourbon virtual bar. 

You can discover exclusive bourbon collections for every occasion and what will fit your taste. You can feel the depth and diversity of the American native spirit [1] with the bourbon collection. 

2 Easy Ways To Use SIPN Bourbon 

  1. Go To SIPN Bourbon Website – 
Sipn Bourbon Website Homepage

Using SIPN Bourbon is easy. You can visit the SIPN Bourbon website via and explore their online platform. 

You can explore their website, but to enjoy the exclusivity of the platform, we highly recommend that you sign up for an account. 

  1. Download SIPN Bourbon Apps

If you are using your mobile phone, another way to use SIPN Bourbon is by downloading the SIPN Bourbon app on Google Play or Apple.  

For Android users, you can check out:

Can You Buy Bourbons In SIPN Bourbon? 

Glass of Whiskey

You cannot buy bourbon in SIPN Bourbon because they don’t sell bourbon. However, they can help you find one and where to buy it. 

Once you choose the bourbon you want to buy, and where you are located, they will provide liquor shops where you can buy it. 

SIPN Bourbon is a brand that combines the power of social media to deliver a one-of-a-kind user experience in a centralized platform that is focused primarily on the passion for Bourbon whiskey,

– Dr. Prashant Desai, Executive Chairman & CEO at Bottlecapps

Once you select the store, you will be redirected to their website, and you can buy bourbon. 

Do You Need An Account To Use SIPN Bourbon? 

Yes, you will need an account to use SIPN Bourbon. While you can enter the website and see what’s in it, you may need an account to interact and use SIPN. 

You cannot comment and interact with other bourbon heads on the website if you don’t have an account. 


Is SIPN Bourbon free?

Yes, SIPN Bourbon is free. There is no membership fee needed to enjoy the website and application.

Can anyone in the world use SIPN Bourbon?

No, not anyone in the world can use SIPN Bourbon. The app and website are not intended for people below 21 years old. 

Key Takeaways 

SIPN Bourbon is a social media platform for bourbon enthusiasts that combines the power of social media and an e-commerce module [2] to create a meeting ground for the bourbon community. 

The website and application aim to create a community for bourbon lovers who can rate, review, display, share, and learn more about bourbon whiskey in just one click. 

If you are curious and new to bourbon, SIPN is a great platform to learn more about the spirit. 

Also, bourbon lovers and connoisseurs can use this platform to share their experiences and educate others about this spirit. 



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