15 Best Sweet Vodka Cocktails Listed (2023 Updated)

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Vodka is a versatile spirit you can use as a cocktail base because it is easy to mix with all kinds of syrups, juices, and mixers. 

Whether you are craving sweet treats or need to use up the remaining vodka at your home bar, here’s a cheat sheet of sweet vodka cocktails you should not miss out on. 

Top 15 Must-Try Sweet Vodka Cocktails 

15. Birthday Cake Martini

Birthday Cake Martini

As sweet as it sounds, Birthday Cake Martini can be your go-to sweet vodka cocktail because it is easy to make and loaded with lots of sweet ingredients.

Birthday Cake Martini combines whipped vodka, white chocolate liqueur, amaretto, half-and-half with sprinkles for garnishing. 

14. Boozy Peachtini Cocktail

Boozy Peachtini Cocktail

Boozy Peachtini Cocktail is a sweet, tangy, and refreshing vodka cocktail. The peach-flavored cocktail has an intense peach flavor from the syrup, and its sweetness compliments well with the vodka.

Finish the sweet vodka cocktail with orange juice and lemon-lime soda for refreshment and tanginess. 

13. Vodka Watermelon Cocktail

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail is a refreshing, sweet, and light cocktail drink you can make at home.

The 120-cal drink consists of vodka, watermelon juice, fresh lime juice, lemon and lime soda, or sparkling water and fresh mint. It is sweet, easy to make, and can be a refreshing drink that can quench your thirst. 

12. White Chocolate Martini

White Chocolate Martini

Are you torn between a dessert and a drink? Why choose one when you can have the best of both worlds with White Chocolate Martini?

To make White Chocolate Martini, you will need white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, clear Creme de Cacao, half and half, and dark chocolate shavings. 

11. East Jaffa Mule

East Jaffa Mule

If you want a sweet vodka with a twist, you can give East Jaffa Mule a try. It is a Moscow mule from Tel Aviv with a twist because it uses fig eau de vie, lime juice, date and ginger syrup, and grapefruit.

The flavors add a rich sweetness to the mixed drinks and make it a refreshing cocktail.

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10. Secondhand News

Secondhand News

Secondhand News may be a high-calorie cocktail, but who cares about calories if you can indulge in sweet, refreshing, and delectable mixed drinks?

The sweet vodka cocktail is loaded with Fino sherry, orgeat, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, yellow chartreuse, and vodka. To complete the look, get some red apple slices and fan them out or skew them. 

9. Pear of Desire

Pear of Desire

Pear of Desire is an easy-to-make cocktail recipe, and Citrus vodka is the backbone of the sparkling and sweet vodka cocktail.

It combines Licor 43, pear juice, cream soda, ginger ale, and citrus vodka. It was invented in Alexandria, Virginia, by Veteran bartender Todd Thrasher. 

8. Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Hot chocolate is a go-to comfort drink for many, and you can give it a little twist by adding vodka. The spiked drink is a comfort beverage on holidays and cold days.

To craft your Hot chocolate cocktail, you will need milk, semisweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, whipped cream, and vodka [1]. 

7. Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

Getting some guys to drink this fruity, sweet, pink drink may be strange and challenging, but one sip is all it takes to be “love at first drink.”

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail is sweet, refreshing, and easy to make. It is straightforward as you only need three ingredients: vodka, peach schnapps, and red grapefruit juice. 

If you are not a fan of grapefruit juice, you can substitute it with any pink or red fruit juice, but make sure it blends well with the peach flavor. Learn what to mix with Pink Lemonade vodka here.

6. Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini is a sweet and sour cocktail drink you can consume any day. To make your own Lemon Drop Martini, you will need vodka, triple sec, freshly squeezed lemon, simple syrup, and lemon sugar for the rim.

Lemon Drop Martini will give you the sugar rush and kick you need. 

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5. Cosmopolitan


Who could forget the classic Cosmopolitan in the list of sweet vodka cocktails? The lip-smackingly sour and sweet cocktail drink is easy to make and perfect for any party.

The Cosmopolitan is good-time in a glass and combines cranberry, orange liqueur, citrus, and vodka. 

4. Madras Cocktail

Madras Cocktail

You will only need three minutes to craft Madras cocktail, a sweet and refreshing vodka cocktail. The madras is a fruity highball drink and one of the easy vodka cocktails you can make on any occasion.

To make a glass, you will need vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and a lime wedge for garnish. 

3. Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze is an iconic cocktail drink that is sweet, refreshing, and light. It is a mix of grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and vodka.

The modern vodka spiked version is thirst-quenching, delicious, and simple to make. Bottled cranberry juice can be a popular choice, and freshly squeezed grapefruit will always be a good idea. 

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2. Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger is a variant of Screwdriver, and it was a very popular sweet vodka cocktail, especially in 1970 [2].

It is a sweet and tangy cocktail drink made of vodka, Galliano, freshly squeezed orange juice, and orange slices. It has a nice kick and tanginess with a sweet taste. 

1. Rhubarb & Custard cocktail

Rhubarb & Custard cocktail

Rhubarb and Custard cocktail is an elegant vodka-based cocktail that a bartender first created in 2002.

It is made of vodka, rhubarb syrup, advocaat, and lemonade. It is a perfect festive season cocktail, easy to make, sweet, and refreshing. 


What is the most popular sweet vodka drink?

Martini is the most popular sweet vodka drink. It is seen as a timeless and classy cocktail, sweet and refreshing. 

What is a nice mix with vodka?

Fruit, soda water, and citrus juices can be a nice mix with vodka. Since vodka is a versatile spirit, it blends well and is great with different flavors. 

In Summary

Whether you are chilling by the beach or spending some time with family and friends, a glass of sweet vodka cocktail can make the day extra special. It is a dessert and drink in one glass, so why not spoil yourself once in a while? 

You can never go wrong with a sweet vodka cocktail, from chocolate goodness to a fruity selection. 



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