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Was Mountain Dew Made For Whiskey? Answered (2024)

was mountain dew made for whiskey

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Mountain Dew is a refreshing yet highly-caffeinated drink popular with the young crowd. But was Mountain Dew made for whiskey?

In this post, you’ll learn more about the untold story of Mountain Dew and its link to whiskey. Read on.

The Truth About Mountain Dew & Whiskey Partnership

Mountain Dew & Whiskey on desk

During the 1930s, original creators Barney and Ally Hartman, bottlers in Tennessee, had difficulty finding soda that could mix well with whiskey.

So being the inventive type, they created a new soft drink that would taste great with whiskey.

They came up with a citrus-flavored soda and called it “Mountain Dew” – a slang term for Highland Scotch Whiskey during the 19th century. 

How The Modern Soda Came Into Existence 

The modern soda came into existence when the Hartman brothers sold Mountain Dew to the Tip Corporation of Marion, Virginia. 

The Mountain Dew before was caffeine-free, lemon-lime flavored, and clear-colored beverage. But, it didn’t look appealing to customers, so they gave it a makeover to boost sales. 

There are different versions of the story. Tip Corporation’s Bill Jones tweaked the formula, and Tri-City Beverages’ plant manager, Bill Bridgeforth, added Tri-City Lemonade to Mountain Dew, resulting in a citrusy version. 

No matter which version is valid, Mountain Dew is now the electric-colored, highly-caffeinated drink we all love. 

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What Is Mountain Dew Mixed With Whiskey Called? 

Mountain Jack on table with whiskey and mountain dew

Mountain Dew mixed with whiskey is commonly referred to as Mountain Jack. 

To make a Mountain Jack cocktail recipe, you’ll need one Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and four Mountain Dew citrus sodas. Combine in an ice-filled Scotch glass and stir well. 

Mountain Dew As A Whiskey Mix 

Mountain Dew As A Whiskey Mix 


The modern version of Mountain Dew doesn’t taste like the original recipe due to its more robust citrus flavor with added high fructose, caffeine, and citric acid.

Mountain Dew’s high fructose gives a distinct corn flavor, which is apparent when mixed with whiskey.  

But does Hard Mountain Dew have caffeine?

People’s Perception

People's Perception

While some people may find this mix flavorful and delicious, some may find the taste off. 

You may also find Mountain Dew better with other types of whiskey like Bourbon or Irish whiskeys than Scotch whiskey. You can try and experiment with different types and see what suits your taste best.  

Do People Still Mix Them Now? 

Yes, people still mix Mountain Dew and whiskey. Several cocktail recipes, like the famous Mountain Jack, Honey Dew, and Irish Redhead, use Mountain Dew as a mixer. 

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Popular Mountain Dew & Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Popular Mountain Dew & Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Mountain Jack

Prep Time: 1 minute or less

Total Time: 1 minute



Put the ice cubes in your whiskey glass, then pour in Mountain Dew and whiskey. Gently stir and serve. Garnish it with a lime wedge (optional). 

Serving: 1

Honey Dew

Honey Dew

Prep Time: 1 minute 

Total Time: 1 minute 



Get your rocks glass and put ice cubes. Pour whiskey and Mountain Dew, then stir. Top with whipped cream and serve. 

Serving: 1


Will a shot of Mountain Dew and whiskey get you drunk?

No, a shot of Mountain Dew and whiskey will hardly get you drunk. However, three to four shots of whiskey (with 40% ABV) and Mountain Dew can get you drunk, especially if you drink on an empty stomach. 

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Was Mountain Dew’s original name moonshine?

No, Mountain Dew was already named “mountain dew” when it was created. It was then used as a nickname describing moonshine. The Hartman brothers sold the drink before promoting it as a “zero-proof hillbilly moonshine that’ll tickle your innards.”  But what alcohol is in Hard Mountain Dew?

In Summary 

To our surprise, Mountain Dew was not really created as a soft drink alone. It was made as a spirit mixer – mainly for whiskey. 

Though Mountain Dew today is the altered version of the original Mountain Dew recipe, it is still one of the best whiskey chasers alongside ginger beer [1], orange juice, cola, etc. 

If you haven’t tried combining your favorite whiskey with Mountain Dew, it’s time to experiment. You can try the popular whiskey and Mountain Dew recipes above for a new drinking experience. Cheers!


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