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What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like? Answered (2024)

What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like

Blue Curacao is one of the major ingredients in different tropical cocktail drinks like Blue Daiquiri, Blue Long Island Iced Tea, and Blue Breeze. The electric blue shade may look familiar, but what does Blue Curacao taste like? 

Read on as we go over Blue Curacao’s tasting notes.  

What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?

blue curacao glass cocktail garnished with lemon

Blue Curacao has a unique taste because it has a sweet flavor with a bitter aftertaste.

The flavor profile of Blue Curacao can be similar to Triple Sec because, like Blue Curacao, it is an orange liqueur

Blue Curacao is made from the dried peel of Laraha citrus fruit, and the artificial blue food coloring lends a vibrant and appealing appearance to the popular liqueur [1]. It contains around 15-40% alcohol content and makes a great mixer. 

Blue Curacao is made from the dried peel of oranges, so it has an orange flavor but varying levels of bitterness.

The sweetness does not taste like candy but has a bold orange flavor with sweetness at the end. 

Blue Curacao’s Taste Comparison

Triple Sec

Blue Curacao tastes like Triple Sec because they are both sweet in flavor; however, Curacao has a bitter aftertaste. Triple Sec is made from green orange peel immersed in the distilled spirit made of sugar beet and thrice distilled. 

Triple Sec and Blue Curacao are orange-flavored liqueurs; however, Triple Sec is a clear liqueur, while Blue Curacao is a bright blue color liqueur. 

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Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry does not taste like Blue Curacao because Blue Curacao is sweet with a citrusy flavor and bitter finish.

Blue Raspberry is not a type of raspberry; it is an artificial color and flavor agent made using cherry, banana, pineapple, and sugar. 

Blue Raspberry has a sweet flavor, but since it does not have orange flavors, it cannot be a replacement or alternative for any Blue Curacao cocktail. 

Orange Juice

glass of orange juice and oranges

Blue Curacao tastes a little like orange juice. However, it lacks some flavor profile of Blue Curacao.

The citrus and sweet flavors of fresh orange juice can be similar to Blue Curacao, but it does not have the bitterness and kick of alcohol. 

Blue Curacao has bitterness from the dried orange peels of Laraha oranges and features a blue color.

It has a mild bitterness that compliments well in different cocktails. 

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The Flavor It Gives To Cocktails

Blue Curacao gives many cocktails sweetness and lends some bitterness and citrus notes to the mixed drinks. Blue Curacao Liqueur contains alcohol, giving the cocktail a nice kick. 

Aside from the sweetness, bitterness, and tanginess it gives cocktails, it contains blue food coloring, making cocktail drinks more appetizing. 

Why People Love Blue Curacao’s Taste

blue curacao cocktail with syrup, mint leaves, and orange on a wooden table

People love Blue Curacao’s taste because it has a unique flavor profile that combines sweetness and bitterness in a single cocktail drink. It is tasty, like fresh oranges, which makes a great mixer for cocktails. 

Blue Curacao is a must-try if you have a soft spot for drinking tropical cocktails. It is an ideal ingredient for numerous refreshing drinks, thanks to its distinctive blue hue and orangey taste.

Who Might Not Like Its Taste  

While Blue Curacao is a versatile orange liquor, those who are not fans of orange flavors may not like its taste. Blue Curacao is a flavorful liquor with a sweet and bitter taste, so if you are not into adventurous cocktails, you may not find it great. 

Drinks With Blue Curacao  

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon combines Blue Curacao, vodka, lime, and freshly squeezed orange juice with ice cubes. It is a refreshing cocktail, sweet and tangy because of the Blue Curacao and juices, plus it has a nice kick from the vodka

Aqua Velva

Aqua Velva is a fizzy, fun, and colorful cocktail. It combines vodka, gin, and Blue Curacao, but if you want to elevate the cocktail recipe, top it off with soda water and lemon juice. It is a refreshing, light, sweet-tart, and tangy mixed drink. 

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian cocktail glass in a wooden bar counter

Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a staple drink that features Blue Curacao. It features a beautiful turquoise hue combining rum, pineapple juice, and Blue Curacao. Add some freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, cream of coconut on top, and a pineapple slice as a garnish. 

Blue Long Island Iced Tea

Blue Long Island Iced Tea is one of the classic cocktail recipes you can elevate with Blue Curacao. Mix some vodka, white rum, gin tequila, and Blue Curacao, then top it off with ginger ale and a twist of lemon. 

Blue Long Island Iced Tea is a fruitier and lighter version of Long Island Tea, plus it has an eye-catching appearance because it replaces Triple Sec with Blue Curacao. 

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Blue Margarita

blue margarita coktail on a glass garnished with lemon

Margarita is a classic mixed drink [2] and easy to enjoy anywhere. If you want a blue version of the Blue Margarita, make your favorite Margarita with tequila, lime, and ice, and add a shot of Blue Curacao. 

Blue Curacao will give a fun color to your Margarita and additional sweetness to your mixed drink.  


Can you get drunk off of Blue Curacao?

Yes, you can get drunk off of Blue Curacao. Blue Curacao contains 15-40% alcohol which can make you drunk. However, there is also an alcohol-free version of this drink.

Can you drink Blue Curacao straight?

Yes, you can drink Blue Curacao straight because it tastes good alone. Even though Blue Curacao is widely used in cocktail recipes, you can drink it straight because of its sweetness with a mild bitter finish. 

Is Blue Curacao sweet or sour?

Blue Curacao is sweet. Since it is made using dried peels of oranges, it lends a sweet taste with a hint of bitterness, making it unique among other orange-based liqueurs.  

What does Blue Curaçao taste like? 

Blue Curaçao has a sweet and slightly bitter orange flavor with hints of citrus and a distinct blue color that adds visual appeal to cocktails.

Can you describe the flavor of Blue Curaçao in more detail? 

Blue Curaçao offers a bright and tangy taste similar to orange liqueur but with added complexity from the infusion of botanicals and spices.

Is Blue Curaçao sweet or bitter? 

Blue Curaçao has a balanced sweetness with subtle bitterness, creating a harmonious flavor profile that is both refreshing and versatile in cocktails.

Can you drink Blue Curaçao neat? 

While Blue Curaçao can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, its vibrant color and flavorful taste are often best showcased in mixed drinks and cocktails.

What cocktails can I make with Blue Curaçao? 

Blue Curaçao is a popular ingredient in tropical and colorful cocktails such as the Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon, and Electric Lemonade.

Final Thoughts

Blue Curacao is a sweet liqueur with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It contains 15-40% ABV and can be drunk straight or used in different mixed drinks.

It was invented in 1912 by the Bols Company (Dutch Settlers), and they added blue coloring to make the mix more interesting. This liqueur’s distinctive color and flavor make it one of the great mixers of all time. 


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