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What is the Best Patron Tequila? (2024 Updated)

Best Patron Tequila

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Just because Patron Tequila is the second best-selling tequila globally doesn’t mean it’s exempt from our scrutiny! 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the best Patron Tequila so you don’t spend your money on a bad bottle. Here are the best tequilas from Patron out in the market.  

Top 15 Patrón Tequilas To Add To Your Home Bars 

1. Patrón Silver

Patrón Silver on desk with tequila shot, What is the best patron tequila

Probably the best Patron out there is the Patron Silver. This highly versatile tequila blanco works great as a sipper and mixer, so you’ll get your money’s worth. The double-distilled spirit is dry and savory, with roasted agave plant, star anise, and peppery finish. 

2. Patrón Reposado

Patrón Reposado with box on table

Patron Reposado Tequila is made from different agave processing techniques (traditional tahona wheel and modern rollers) and spends at least two months aging in barrels. This better Patron bottle is rife with blue agave, vanilla, and black pepper notes. 

3. Patrón Extra Añejo

Patrón Extra Añejo with box on desk

Patron Extra Añejo Tequila is a smooth drink that has spent three years aging in American white oak barrels. The brand even goes so far as to say that this is the best tequila to replace whiskey in your home bar! 

Patron Extra Anejo tequila has plenty of fruit notes, including banana and blue agave plant. 

4. Roca Patrón Silver

Roca Patrón Silver on table with cocktail

Here’s the first entry from the Roca Tequila collection, which uses the traditional tahona process exclusively for the distilled spirit. This crystal clear sipper is highly favored by bartenders all over the world — it’s an interesting mix of sweet and dry that works extremely well in many tequila cocktails! 

5. Patrón En Lalique Series

Patrón En Lalique Series with box on desk

Patron En Lalique sticks out like a sore thumb among the other Patron bottles produced in the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico — the spirit is housed in a French crystal house Lalique bottle instead of the short and squat one. 

You can expect an equally good tequila inside. The limited-edition tequila spends up to seven years aging in ex-sherry, French, and American oak casks, which lends an incredible plethora of flavors: orange and raisins, laced with cooked agave and honey. 

6. Roca Patrón Reposado

Roca Patrón Reposado on table with cocktail

Roca Patron Reposado spends about five months aging in ex-bourbon casks, contributing to an oaky flavor within one of the smoothest tequila. Ginger, caramel, and vanilla are present in the spirit. 

7. Gran Patron Piedra

Gran Patron Piedra with box and shot glass on desk

Gran Patron Tequila uses a special tahona process instead of industrialized for a liquor with a smooth finish. This premium tequila is aged for three years in new American and French oak casks and bottled in an elegant glass decanter. 

This spirit has sweet and savory notes of agave, vanilla, and mushroom. 

8. Gran Patron Burdeos

Gran Patron Burdeos with box on table

As the name suggests, Gran Patron Burdeos finishes in vintage Bordeaux barrels, which contributes to an exceptionally smooth Bordeaux wine aroma and flavor. This gold tequila has caramel, oak, and vanilla notes, alongside the signature blue agave and dried fruit flavor. 

9. Patrón XO Cafe

Patrón XO Cafe on desk with box

Patron XO Cafe is a liqueur made from Patron silver tequila and 100 percent Arabica coffee. It has a delicious coffee aroma that continues to the palate, alongside the flavors of chocolate and vanilla. 

It is excellent for sipping, in mixed drinks, or as a dessert ingredient! 

10. Patrón Chairman’s Reserve

Patrón Chairman’s Reserve on table with box

Patron Chairman’s Reserve is the first-ever NFT luxury tequila exclusively available on Blockbar. This bottle can be traded within the marketplace, kept in the virtual bar, or have the limited edition physical bottle delivered to your home. 

Patron Chairman’s Reserve has a fine wine quality due to the aging process inside a combination of French Limousin and new American oak barrels. This spirit has honey and butter notes laced with citrus. 

11. Añejo Lot 221

Añejo Lot 221 on desk with box

Añejo Lot 221 is made from a unique blend of aged tequilas from Hungarian, American, and French oak barrels, for a distinctly soft and sweet taste. 

The blended tequilas give it a unique plethora of flavors: agave, butter, chocolate, cinnamon, and some dried fruits. 

12. Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro

Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro on table with box

Patron collaborated with Guillermo Del Toro, master of horror movies, to create this limited edition bottle. [1] It is housed in a crystalline skull glass as a homage to the director’s favorite genre. This blended tequila is sweet and fruity, with notes of vanilla, agave, and honeyed French oak. 

13. Patrón Citronge Orange

Patrón Citronge Orange on desk with cocktail

Patron has their own brand of liqueur: Patron Citronge Orange, the only natural orange liqueur made in Mexico. It is made with fresh premium oranges and blended with their signature silver tequila. This will shine in cocktail recipes, gourmet desserts, or even on its own! 

14. Patrón Citronge Lime

Patrón Citronge Lime on table with tequila cocktail

Patron Citronge Lime is another liqueur, this time taking on the natural essences of Mexican and Persian limes. It is smooth and sweet, perfect for sipping straight or mixed into margaritas. Many bartenders swear by this product! 

15. Patrón Citronge Mango

Patrón Citronge Mango on desk with cocktail

Last on the list is Patron Citronge Mango (can you tell we’re huge fans of their liqueurs?). This liqueur is made with the brand’s silver tequila, blended with natural mango flavor.

It’s great on its own and even better when added to gourmet desserts. If you ask us, we love it best in a mango margarita! But what’s the best Patron tequila mixer?

Difference In Patrón Colors 

The difference in Patrón tequila colors is attributed to the various barrels used to age the spirit. 

Distilled agave is naturally crystal clear. The lengthy aging process and multiple barrels used in their Anejo, Extra Añejo, and Reposado tequilas give the tequila their signature colors, ranging from light straw to deep gold. 

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Common Patrón Bottles & Their Prices

Patrón Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Patrón Silver 750ml 40 $36.99 – $39.99
Patrón Reposado 750ml 40 $44.99 – $48.99
Patrón Extra Añejo 750ml 40 $84.99 – $89.99
Roca Patrón Silver 750ml 45 $54.99 – $66.99
Patrón En Lalique Series 750ml 40 Around $7,500 
Roca Patrón Reposado 750ml 42 $62.99 – $69.99
Gran Patrón Piedra 750ml 40 $319.99 – $399.99
Gran Patrón Burdeos 750ml 40 $419.99 – $499.99
Patrón XO Cafe 750ml 35 Around $35
Patrón Chairman’s Reserve 750ml 40 Around $4,500 
Añejo Lot 221 750ml 40 Around $80
Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro 750ml 40 Around $438
Patrón Citronge Orange 750ml 35 $22.99 – $25.99
Patrón Citronge Lime 750ml 35 $22.99 – $25.99
Patrón Citronge Mango 750ml 35 $22.99 – $25.99

Popular Patrón Cocktail Recipes 

Patrón Classic Margarita

Prep Time: 2 minutes 

Total Time: 2 minutes 


  • 1.5 oz Patron Silver 
  • 1 oz Patron Citronge Liqueur 
  • 0.75 oz lime juice 
  • 0.25 oz simple syrup 
  • Lime wedge 
  • Ice


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well until combined. Strain and pour into a rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wedge. 


Perfect Paloma

Prep Time: 3 minutes 

Total Time: 3 minutes 


  • 1.5 oz Patron Reposado 
  • 3 oz fresh grapefruit juice 
  • 0.5 oz agave syrup 
  • 0.5 oz lime juice 
  • 1 oz sparkling water 
  • Sugar and salt 
  • Grapefruit wedge 


Prepare a Collins glass by rimming it with sugar and salt. Combine all ingredients (except sparkling water) into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well until combined. Strain and pour into the Collins glass with fresh ice. Top the remaining with sparkling water and garnish with a grapefruit wedge. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the smoothest Patrón?

The smoothest Patron is the Patron Extra Anejo. The long aging period inside the barrels removes all the sharp liquor flavors while imparting a sublime oaky taste! 

What is the most expensive Patrón tequila?

The most expensive Patrón tequila is the Patron En Lalique Series, in collaboration with French crystal house Lalique. This ultra-rare bottle costs around $7,500 and is a special blend made by Master Distiller Alcaraz. 

What is the highest quality Patrón?

Determining the “highest quality” Patrón can be subjective, as it depends on personal preferences.

Patrón offers a range of tequilas, each with distinct characteristics.

The Gran Patrón Burdeos is often regarded as one of the highest quality expressions.

It is an extra añejo tequila aged in Bordeaux wine barrels, delivering rich and complex flavors.

Which Patrón is better gold or silver?

Patrón Silver and Gold are different expressions, and the choice between them depends on individual taste preferences.

Patrón Silver is unaged and known for its crisp and agave-forward profile, while Patrón Gold (Reposado) undergoes a short aging process, adding subtle oak notes.

Neither is inherently “better” than the other; it’s a matter of whether you prefer the fresh and vibrant character of silver or the slightly mellowed complexity of gold.

Which Patrón is best for shots?

Patrón Silver is often a popular choice for tequila shots.

Its unaged nature allows the agave flavors to shine through, and its smooth, clean profile makes it easy to sip or shoot.

However, personal preference plays a significant role, and some may enjoy shooting other Patrón expressions based on their flavor preferences.

What is the most expensive Patrón Tequila?

One of the most expensive Patrón tequilas is the Gran Patrón Burdeos.

This extra añejo tequila is aged for a minimum of three years in American and French oak barrels, followed by a finishing period in Bordeaux wine barrels.

The intricate aging process and the use of Bordeaux barrels contribute to its complexity and richness, making it a high-end and luxurious offering from Patrón.

Which is better Patron Anejo or Reposado?

The choice between Patrón Añejo and Reposado depends on individual taste preferences.

Patrón Añejo is aged for a longer period (at least 12 months) than Reposado (aged for 2 to 11 months), resulting in more pronounced oak flavors and complexity.

Añejo tends to have a smoother and richer profile due to the extended aging.

Reposado, on the other hand, retains more of the agave’s freshness while incorporating subtle barrel notes.

Both expressions have their merits, and the “better” option is subjective based on the desired flavor characteristics.

Is Patrón luxury tequila?

Yes, Patrón is often considered a luxury tequila brand. It has gained a reputation for producing high-quality tequilas, using 100% Weber Blue Agave and employing traditional and artisanal methods in its production.

The brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, along with its smooth and refined flavor profiles, contributes to its association with the luxury category.

Why is Patrón Silver so expensive?

Patrón Silver is often perceived as more expensive due to its high-quality ingredients and the meticulous production process employed by the brand.

The tequila is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave, grown in the Jalisco region of Mexico, and undergoes a careful distillation process to preserve the agave’s natural flavors.

Additionally, Patrón’s dedication to quality control and its reputation as a premium tequila brand contribute to the pricing of its Silver expression.

Why is Patron Platinum so expensive?

Patrón Platinum is a top-tier expression from the brand, known for its smoothness and refined taste.

The higher price tag is often attributed to several factors, including the use of high-quality agave, longer aging periods, and the overall craftsmanship involved in its production.

The aging process in oak barrels contributes to the development of complex flavors, and the platinum designation signifies a superior and luxurious tequila.

Is Patron or Don Julio better?

The comparison between Patrón and Don Julio comes down to personal preference as both are respected tequila brands.

Don Julio is often praised for its smoothness and depth of flavor, while Patrón is known for its refined taste and association with luxury.

Ultimately, the choice between Patrón and Don Julio depends on individual taste preferences and the desired drinking experience.

Which Patrón is sweet?

Among Patrón’s expressions, the Patrón Añejo is known to have a slightly sweeter profile compared to the Silver or Reposado.

The aging process in oak barrels imparts notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey to the Añejo, contributing to a smoother and sweeter taste.

However, individual palate preferences may vary, and exploring different expressions is the best way to find the Patrón tequila that aligns with your taste for sweetness.

So, What Is the Best Patron Tequila? 

Hands down, the best Patrón tequila is Patron Silver. We always anticipate a harsh bite in silver tequila, but this smooth drink was a pleasant surprise! 

Honestly, we think the tequila industry owes much of its respectability to Patron Tequila. If it were not for the brand, tequila might still have the reputation of a cheap, get-drunk-quick drink. Today, Patrón Tequila is considered by many to be just as great a drink as the likes of whiskeys and cognacs. 


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