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What Is The Strongest Alcohol You Can Buy? Our 12 Picks

What Is The Strongest Alcohol You Can Buy

Overproof alcohol, or alcohol with over 50 percent ABV, has its own market.

Bartenders swear they use them in cocktails because they provide a strong backbone for the other mixers. 

On the other hand, some people enjoy the challenge they pose (we call them daredevils). 

Whatever your reason for wanting to check out what is the strongest alcohol you can buy in the world, we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled this all-inclusive list of the strongest alcohol you can buy. Let’s start. 

Top 12 Strongest Alcohols You Can Actually Buy 

12. Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

Bottle of Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

Average Price: Around $80 

Alcohol Content: 69% ABV 

Made In: Grenada 

Why We Like It: Rivers Royale Grenadian rum is made from locally grown and hand-cut sugarcane, fermented using traditional pot distillation [1]. This method of slow distillation produces a more flavorful end product. 

The locals from Grenada drink this white rum directly with a water chaser, so it’s only fitting that it be enjoyed this way. Its flavor notes include summer fruits with a hint of sour milk. 

Drawbacks: The high proof masks the fruity flavors.

11. Clarke’s Court Pure White Rum

Average Price: Around $150 

Alcohol Content: 69% ABV 

Made In: Grenada  

Why We Like It: Clarke’s Court Pure White rum is produced by the country’s biggest rum producers. 

The spirit is made from molasses [2] with hints of sugar syrup, coconut, pineapple, and banana on the palate. Its swift, refreshing finish is as highly regarded as its impressive proof. 

Drawbacks: Has a slight gasoline taste 

10. Absinthe King of Spirits Gold

2 Bottles of Absinthe King of Spirits Gold

Average Price: Around $200 

Alcohol Content: 70% ABV 

Made In: Czech Republic  

Why We Like It: Absinthe has a pretty vile reputation in the liquor world. The Absinthe King of Spirits Gold proves itself the king, with its whopping 70 percent ABV (140 proof). 

Legend says that it’s powered by thujone, a chemical found in wormwood, which was the primary culprit for “absinthism.” 

A person with absinthism experienced sleeplessness, hallucinations, and convulsions (no wonder it’s banned in the US). [3

If that sounds scary, have no fear — Absinthe King of Spirits Gold says it’s a cut above absinthism. What you will experience, though, is brighter colors, better breath, and a particularly receptive mind with every sip. 

Drawbacks: Slightly bitter 

9. Bacardi 151

Bottle of Bacardi 151

Average Price: Around $50 

Alcohol Content: 75.5% ABV 

Made In: Puerto Rico 

Why We Like It: Bacardi 151 is probably one of the most popular overproof liquor in the market.

As the name suggests, it has a whopping 151 proof (or 75.5 percent ABV), almost double the ABV of most standard Bacardi bottles. 

This is a bartender favorite for Scorpion Bowls or the Flaming Dr. Pepper (basically any cocktail that needs to be lit up when served) due to its incendiary nature. [4

Drawbacks: May be too hot to appreciate the sweet notes 

8. Devil’s Springs Vodka 160

Bottle of Devil's Springs Vodka 160 and a Glass of Cocktail Drink

Average Price: Around $20 

Alcohol Content: 80% ABV 

Made In: United States 

Why We Like It: The 80 percent ABV in Devil’s Springs Vodka 160 has made it one of the most infamous vodkas in the world. 

Hailing from New Jersey, this is not to be drunk straight (if you want to keep your wits about). Instead, people add very few of it in cocktails with ginger ale (its perfect pairing) or fruit juices. 

Drawbacks: Highly flammable 

7. Stroh 160 Rum

Bottle of Stroh 160

Average Price: Around $35

Alcohol Content: 80% ABV 

Made In: Austria 

Why We Like It: Stroh 160 rum is one of the few spiced rums with high proof. Made in Austria, this is often used as an ingredient in baked goods or a cup of hot tea to add a slight kick. 

However, you can totally drink this straight if you’ve got a bit of a daredevil streak — just make sure not to drink too much. 

Drawbacks: Can get you drunk very quickly 

6. Sunset Very Strong Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum Bottle

Average Price: Around $33

Alcohol Content: 84.5% ABV 

Made In: Saint Vincent 

Why We Like It: The Sunset Very Strong Rum won the World’s Best Overproof Rum award at the World Rum Awards in 2016. 

As the name suggests, this is a very strong rum — you would be crazy to drink this in shots because it could cause severe burns down your esophagus. 

We recommend doing what the label suggests and drinking it with a mixer. 

Drawbacks: The heat almost masks the molasses taste 

5. Balkan 176 Vodka

Man Holding Bottle of Balkan 176 Vodka

Average Price: Around $55

Alcohol Content: 88% ABV 

Made In: Serbia 

Why We Like It: The Balkan 176 vodka’s minimalist packaging looks almost medicinal, which makes sense — its proof is high enough to disinfect most standard wounds. 

You’ll also notice 13 different health warnings on the label because you should not drink this neat for your safety. 

Drawbacks: Strong enough to burn the esophagus 

4. Hapsburg Absinthe XC

Bottle of Hapsburg Absinthe XC

Average Price: Around $75 

Alcohol Content: 89.9% ABV 

Made In: Czech Republic 

Why We Like It: Despite the Hapsburg Absinthe XC’s slogan reading “There are no rules,” Dale Sklar advises against people consuming this straight.

“But then, who are we to tell people what to drink?”

– Brand’s UK Distributor, Dale Sklar

If you want to keep your wits about you, we strongly urge you to listen to him and mix this infamous green spirit with freshly squeezed pineapple juice, root beer, or lemonade. 

These mixers can hold their own flavors exceptionally well against the domineering absinthe. 

Drawbacks: May cause absinthism 

3. Golden Grain 190

Average Price: Around $30 

Alcohol Content: 95% ABV 

Made In: United States 

Why We Like It: You’ve probably heard of Everclear — the Golden Grain 190 is its less famous but equally dangerous brother. 

We would assume that Golden Grain would take more people by surprise because of its relative anonymity! 

Golden Grain (with its 190-proof glory) is the key ingredient in many aptly-named cocktails, like Instant Death and The Screaming Purple Jesus. 

Drawbacks: Banned in some states 

2. Everclear 190

Hand Holding Bottle of Everclear 190

Average Price: Around $40 

Alcohol Content: 95% ABV 

Made In: United States 

Why We Like It: Everclear was the first 190-proof alcohol sold to consumers to be drunk (for reference, the standard rubbing alcohol sold in drugstores averages 91 percent alcohol). Like Golden Grain (number three), it is produced by Luxco in St. Louis, Missouri. 

We strongly urge against drinking it neat — like most vodkas, this is flavorless and odorless, and its high proof won’t contribute much to its composition. 

We recommend using this as an ingredient to high-proof cocktails instead. 

Drawbacks: Banned in some states 

1. Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka

3 Bottles of Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka

Average Price: Around $40 

Alcohol Content: 96% ABV 

Made In: Poland 

Why We Like It: Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany vodka is the world’s strongest liquor you can buy at 96 percent ABV (192 proof). 

It is made with grain-based and quality ethyl alcohol and is mainly used to infuse medicinal tinctures in its home country. 

However, in the US, many daredevils have attempted drinking it straight — and have lived to tell the tale of it akin to being punched in the throat. 

We know we’re all about fun here, but please tread carefully — you should never mess around with 192-proof drinks. 

Drawbacks: Drinking just one shot may cause health hazards 

FAQs Related to What Is The Strongest Alcohol You Can Buy?

What’s the strongest alcohol in America?

The strongest alcohol for sale in America is the Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany vodka with 192 proof (96 percent ABV). It is produced in Poland and is said to be used to infuse medical tinctures. 

Can you drink 100% alcohol?

Yes, you can drink 100% alcohol, but you shouldn’t do so. It’s extremely difficult to get 100 percent alcohol because 96 percent alcohol is the strongest concentration that can be distilled.

Removing the 4 percent water is impossible unless it is replaced with benzene. 

However, if you were brave enough to drink a shot of 96 percent alcohol, it would feel very painful going down your throat. You will also get drunk very fast. 

What is the strongest shot?

The strongest shot is Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany vodka. We advise against drinking this in shots because of its potent 96 ABV but rather use it as an ingredient in high-proof cocktails instead. 

What Is Considered the Strongest Alcohol Available for Purchase?

The strongest alcohol typically available for purchase is grain alcohol or neutral spirits, often distilled to extremely high proof levels, such as 190 proof (95% alcohol by volume). These spirits are commonly used as a base for liqueurs or diluted significantly before consumption due to their potency.

What Are the Dangers of Consuming High-Proof Alcohol?

Consuming high-proof alcohol poses significant health risks, including alcohol poisoning, respiratory depression, and central nervous system depression. Due to its potency, even small amounts can lead to severe intoxication or overdose if not consumed responsibly.

How Is the Strength of Alcohol Measured?

The strength of alcohol is typically measured in terms of alcohol by volume (ABV), which represents the percentage of pure alcohol present in a beverage. The higher the ABV, the stronger the alcohol content.

Can High-Proof Alcohol Be Used for Cocktails?

While high-proof alcohol is often too strong to consume directly, it can be diluted and used as a base for cocktails or as a flavoring agent in certain recipes. However, it should be used sparingly and with caution to avoid overpowering the drink.

What Are Some Common Uses for High-Proof Alcohol?

High-proof alcohol is commonly used in mixology to create infused spirits, homemade liqueurs, or specialty cocktails. It may also be used in cooking or baking to extract flavors from ingredients or to create flambé dishes.

Are There Alternatives to High-Proof Alcohol for Cocktails?

Yes, there are many lower-proof spirits and liqueurs available that can provide flavor and depth to cocktails without the extreme potency of high-proof alcohol. Examples include vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and various liqueurs.

Is High-Proof Alcohol Safe for Home Consumption?

High-proof alcohol should be handled with caution and consumed responsibly. It is essential to follow recommended serving sizes and dilute high-proof spirits appropriately to avoid adverse effects on health and safety.

Final Say 

High-proof liquor is for those not faint of heart. Most standard liquors have an average of 40 percent ABV, but those presented to you on this list have at least 69 percent. 

The strongest alcohol you can buy worldwide is Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka, with a whopping 96 percent ABV. Made in Poland, it’s said to be used in medical tinctures. 

However, in the US, many souls bravely drink it straight, but we advise against it because it could cause health complications. 

For more information visit The Liquor Laboratory.


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