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What Time Do They Stop Selling Alcohol in Colorado? Solved

What Time Do They Stop Selling Alcohol in Colorado

I’ve delved into the Colorado liquor scene, speaking firsthand with owners of liquor stores and grocery stores.

So, if you’re planning a nightcap or stocking up, you must know when the liquor tap will run dry in Colorado.

But really, what time do they stop selling alcohol in Colorado? I’ve got the inside scoop on closing times, plus a little more information about the state alcohol laws.

If you want to know more, keep reading.

When Does Colorado Stop Selling Alcoholic Drinks?

Bottles of Beer

Colorado stops selling alcoholic drinks between 12AM and 2AM. On Sundays, alcohol retail stores can sell liquor, beer, wine, and other distilled spirits from 7AM-2AM.

On weekdays, off-premise retailers like licensed liquor stores, grocery and convenience stores, and gas stations can serve alcohol from 8AM to 12AM.

Package stores can sell alcohol (liquor and wine) from 8AM-12AM but are closed on Sundays. You can only consume alcohol on-premise, but you can buy packaged beer off-premise.

Meanwhile, bars stop selling alcohol at 2AM until 8AM.

Places To Buy Alcohol & Their Last Call

Grocery Stores

You can buy beer in grocery stores or convenience stores, with 3.2% ABV only. But you can’t buy liquor and other alcoholic beverages at these establishments, as per the local alcohol laws.

“Colorado’s spirits flow freely, wrapped in responsible regulations and enjoyment.” – Liquor Laboratory

Buying beer from grocery stores is allowed, with 6-packs and 12-packs in bottles or cans available.

Bars & Restaurants

The local law enforcement allows bars and restaurants to serve alcohol for on-premise consumption until 2AM. As per the Colorado alcohol laws, the alcohol sales will resume at 8AM.

But while bars and restaurants can sell alcohol daily from 8AM-2AM, food must be available from 8AM onward, with snacks and sandwiches after 8PM if they wish to involve alcohol sales.

Alcohol sales include draft and canned beer, capped at 144oz or two 6-packs.

Gas Stations

At gas stations, you can only purchase beer and malt beverages between 8AM and 12AM for on-premise and off-premise alcohol consumption.

In line with the Colorado beer laws, gas stations offer daily beer sales from 8AM to midnight, regardless of alcohol content. You can buy single or small cases, with both cans and bottles available.

Breweries & Taprooms

You can buy beer (cans, draft, and bottles) in breweries and taprooms from 7AM-2AM.

Colorado’s breweries and taprooms operate daily, usually from 7AM-2AM, though some may shut for production or distribution.

They sell packaged beer to go and serve draft or canned beer on-premise. Like bars and restaurants, they must provide food after 8PM.

Liquor Stores & Package Stores

In Colorado, you can buy alcohol in package and liquor shops daily from 8AM to 12AM. Liquor and package shops in Colorado sell spirits, including beer, wine, and liquor.

These establishments provide beer in cases (bottles or cans) and offer options for single cans or packs of 6 or 12.

Colorado Alcohol Laws 

Glasses of Beer

General Sale Hours

According to the Colorado alcohol laws, you can purchase alcohol from 8AM – 12AM every day of the week.

However, each brewery, taproom, bar, or package store might have its own schedule (but should be aligned with the Colorado alcohol laws [1].

Sunday Law

In Colorado, there are no Sunday restrictions on purchasing beer. You can purchase beer at bars or restaurants from 7AM-2AM.

On the retail front, beer sales run from 8AM to midnight on Sundays.

Last Call

You can buy alcohol off-premise in retailers like any liquor store, grocery store, or gas station until 2AM. In short, you can drink alcohol off-premise but on private property.

To drink alcohol on-premise, bars, and restaurants, the last call is also 2AM. But as mentioned, these establishments can sell alcohol only if food is served on the side.

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Can You Get Alcohol Delivered In Colorado?

Yes, you can get alcohol delivered in Colorado. Governor Jared Polis signed a bill that went into law in 2021, allowing the alcohol sale for both takeout and delivery.

However, you must provide proof you are of legal age, according to the Colorado alcohol laws. The minimum age law is 21 years old.

To drink alcohol or work in a bar or package store, you must be 21 years old. However, you can serve alcohol in a restaurant at 18, provided a supervisor aged 21 or above is present.

Is Colorado A Dry State?


No, Colorado is not a dry state. In the US, a dry state or area enforces restrictions on alcohol sales and consumption.

“If you need a martini, go get one.” – Scott MacCracken, Manager at Local Spirits on Main Street

However, Colorado has no dry counties or areas and no statewide limitations on purchasing beer. You can purchase beer in Colorado from various retail outlets seven days a week.

The state has no fully dry regions, ensuring that alcohol is accessible for purchase and consumption throughout Colorado.

However, grocery and convenience stores in Colorado can’t sell beer over 3.2% ABV. And those who violate the law may face serious consequences. Like DUI, for example:

  • Initial offense: 90-day license suspension
  • Second offense: 1-year suspension
  • Third offense: Loss of driving privileges

Also, a DUI conviction may entail penalties like an ignition interlock device and mandatory alcohol education, assessment, or treatment for alcohol dependency.

As for the Blood Alcohol Concentration limits, the maximum blood-alcohol content (BAC) level is .08%.

FAQs Related to What Time Do They Stop Selling Alcohol in Colorado?

What time does 7/11 sell beer in Colorado?

7/11 sells beer in Colorado at 8AM and concludes at 12AM.

What time can restaurants start serving alcohol in Colorado?

Restaurants in Colorado start serving alcohol at 8AM. These establishments can serve alcoholic drinks until 2AM, provided food is available from 8AM, and snacks and sandwiches are served after 8PM.

When did Colorado allow liquor sales on Sunday?

Colorado allows liquor sales on Sundays starting on July 1, 2008 [2], with the enactment of Senate Bill 82. The legislation liberated liquor shops from the restriction of vending wine, beer, and other spirits on Sundays, allowing Coloradans to enjoy alcohol on this previously restricted day.

Are there different alcohol sales hours for bars and restaurants in Colorado?

Yes, bars and restaurants in Colorado may have different alcohol sales hours, with some establishments permitted to serve alcohol until 2:00 AM, while others might have extended hours based on local ordinances.

Can I continue drinking alcohol after the sales cut-off time in Colorado?

No, once the alcohol sales end at 2:00 AM in Colorado, individuals are generally not permitted to continue drinking at licensed establishments, and any further alcohol service would be against the law.

Are there any exceptions to the alcohol sales hours in Colorado?

Some areas or municipalities in Colorado might have different alcohol sales regulations, so it’s essential to check local ordinances for any exceptions or variations.

Do Gas Stations and convenience stores have different alcohol sales hours?

No, gas stations and convenience stores in Colorado typically follow the same alcohol sales hours as other retail establishments, with sales ending at 2:00 AM.

Are there specific days of the week when alcohol sales end earlier in Colorado?

No, alcohol sales hours are generally consistent throughout the week in Colorado, with sales ending at 2:00 AM every day.

On A Final Note

Colorado stops selling alcoholic drinks between 12AM and 2AM, depending on the establishment. Notably, Sunday sales are lenient, spanning 7AM to 2AM, which contrasts with stricter rules in some states.

You can purchase alcohol in various places, including bars, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores, as long as you’re at the legal drinking age.

As law-abiding citizens, we must keep track of these regulations to avoid severe minimum mandatory penalties or any DUI conviction (up to a year suspension), ensuring an enjoyable experience while exploring Colorado’s vibrant liquor scene.


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