What Time Do They Stop Selling Beer In Texas? (2023)

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Whether you just moved or you grew up in Texas, you may have tried to buy alcohol on a Sunday and found that the store was closed. You might be thinking, when can you buy alcohol and beer in Texas? 

What time do they stop selling beer in Texas? Let’s find out. 

Texas Alcohol Law: What Time Do Stores Stop Selling Beer?

Pouring Beer From a Tap

Beer sales start at 7 AM at grocery stores and 7-Elevens Monday through Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday. Sunday through Friday, sales end at midnight, but on Saturday, you have until 1 AM.

It is against the law in Texas to sell beer and wine, or any type of liquor, before 10 AM on a Sunday. 

The “blue laws,” which were put in place right after Prohibition, have been updated by these new laws. Concerned Texans voted for them after it became legal again to serve and sell alcohol.

Now, almost 100 years later, the Texan government has finally loosened the rules about the Sunday sales restrictions. 

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A Closer Look

Monday To Saturday

As per the new Texas law, any liquor store owner can start to sell beer or alcoholic beverages at 7 AM, Mondays through Saturdays. They will stop selling beer at midnight on Sundays. 

In short, you can buy beer and wine at convenience stores from 7 AM to 12 AM, from Monday to Saturday night. 


Before, Sunday alcohol sales were completely prohibited based on the old Texas alcohol laws. But with the new Texas beer laws, you can buy liquor from 10 AM to 12 AM, as long as it is served with food.  

Amendment To Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code

Greg Abbot signed House Bill 1518, the new law in Texas, into law in the fall of 2020. It makes it legal for liquor stores to sell alcoholic beverages before noon on Sundays and makes it easier for them to sell in the evening later that day.

This law makes it easier for liquor store owners and anyone who wants to buy alcohol outside of normal store hours.

But liquor stores aren’t allowed to be open on Sundays. Still, the House Bill says that some places can’t sell alcohol outside before noon on Sunday unless it comes with food.

Even though hotel bars are an exception, most places that sell alcohol are closed on Sundays.

Because of this law, it is now easier to purchase alcohol, but there are some rules about holidays.

All liquor stores should be closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or any temporary events.

But you can find beer at convenience stores open on these days. 

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Why You Can’t Buy Alcohol On Sunday 

glasses of alcohol

Because of the liquor laws, you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays in Texas for some reason.

At first, they were made so that certain goods couldn’t be sold on Sundays, which were traditionally a day for going to church and resting.

But the new Texas law amends liquor sales on Sundays.

Alcohol sales are only allowed on Sundays in package stores, which undergo a certain permitting process to allow them to operate.   

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Where Can You Buy Beer In Texas? 

Aside from the local brewery, you can buy beer in Texas at various liquor stores, convenience stores, and gas stations.

But you may find straight liquor the hardest to get hold of. Basically, the only place you can buy whiskey, vodka, or any other kind of liquor is at a liquor store.

But you can buy beer and wine in a lot of other places. Many Texas stores sell beer and wine, including the classic Texas grocery store, H-E-B. But does Walgreens sell liquor?

Is There A Punishment? 

For Selling Beers Outside The Required Time Frame

If a liquor store or an open grocery store sells wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages outside legal hours, they can be penalized depending on their license. 

For instance, if you’re a cashier and you let someone (especially a minor) buy liquor outside the time frame, you are subject to jail time or a fine.  

For Buying Beers Outside The Required Time Frame

There’s also a punishment for buying beer outside the required time frame. Those who purchase beer and even mixed drinks outside the legal time frame can be subjected to a fine or imprisonment (1 year at a max). 

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Who Can’t Buy Beers In Texas? 

rack full of liquor and beer tap on a bar

You can’t buy beer or any alcoholic beverage if you’re under 21 years old. According to the Texas legislature and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, you should present a legal identification as proof. 

In general, retail establishments and liquor stores have a policy called “under 40” that says they might ask for ID from someone who looks younger than 40.

But it is a requirement that all liquor stores selling liquor must always ask for ID. They could be fined if they don’t.

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What time can you order alcohol in a bar on Sunday in Texas?

You can order alcohol at some bars and restaurants from 10 AM to 12 AM as long as you order food.

Liquor laws allow bars or restaurants with late-hours permit [1] or caterers licenses to serve liquor until 2 AM. Registered guests at hotel bars can order any time of the day. 

Is the “blue law” still in effect in Texas?

The Blue Law [2] was already repealed in 1985. However, some Texas alcohol laws included in the old vestiges remain. 

Can you have beer shipped to your house in Texas anytime?

No, you can’t have beer shipped to your house. Texas doesn’t let breweries ship beer directly to customers from the brewery. Instead, brewers sell their beer through a distributor or Texas stores, called the three-tier system.

But what time can you buy beer in Georgia?

Final Thoughts

Knowing when to buy beer in Texas is crucial, whether you’re shopping at a grocery store, gas station, or liquor store. We get you – Texas alcohol laws are quite confusing. 

But you just need to note that you can buy liquor from Monday to Sunday from 7 AM to 12 AM (until 1 AM on Saturdays) and 10 AM to 12 AM on Sundays (with some conditions).  



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