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What Time Does Circle K Stop Selling Alcohol? (2024)

What Time Does Circle K Stop Selling Alcohol

Established in 1951, Circle K offers everyday essentials such as snacks, beverages, and personal care products. It is also a convenient hub for alcoholic beverage choices, accessible through its numerous outlets.

But what time does Circle K stop selling alcohol?

I’ve visited multiple locations to answer this question so no one leaves the convenience stores empty-handed.

When Does Circle K Stop Selling Alcohol?

Circle K Store

Circle K typically stops selling alcoholic drinks at midnight [1], but in most states, retail establishments stop at 2:00 AM. However, alcohol sales and laws vary from state to state, even within different cities.

“We are trying to maintain standards [sale of alcoholic drinks]. We don’t want it sold all night.” – Commissioner Steve Keithly

Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming no longer sell alcoholic beverages at 2:00 AM.

The store stops alcohol purchases in Hawaii and Massachusetts at 11:00 PM. Meanwhile, Maine and Nebraska wrap up at 1:00 AM.

Interestingly, Nevada boasts 24-hour availability, so they can sell wine anytime. Also, Circle K shops sell alcohol in New Mexico until 12:00 MN.

Noticeably, any liquor store, gas stations, and convenience stores follow the state’s new law and must possess a liquor license to sell beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

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18 Circle K Store Locations & Their Last Call

StateLast Call
Arizona2:00 AM
California2:00 AM
Hawaii11:00 PM
Illinois2:00 AM
Indiana3:00 AM
Iowa2:00 AM
Louisiana2:00 AM
Maine1:00 AM
Massachusetts11:00 PM
Michigan2:00 AM
Missouri1:30 AM
Nebraska1:00 AM
Nevada24 Hours
New Mexico12:00 MN 
South Dakota2:00 AM 
Washington2:00 AM 
West Virginia2:00 AM
Wyoming2:00 AM

Do All Circle K Stores Sell Alcohol?

Store Liquor Bottles

Yes, Circle K shops sell alcohol as long as they secure liquor licenses and follow the state law and the state liquor authority.

Circle K stores sell liquor, beer, and wine, but you must be of legal age (at least 21 years old) to purchase alcohol. In addition, off and on-premise sales hours may change depending on retail locations.

Beer sales are allowed in their gas stations, and have caves in select stores. If you don’t prefer to consume alcohol, they sell Polar Pop Cup, frozen beverages, and coffee.

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What Alcoholic Beverages Do They Sell?


I’ve strolled through the aisles of multiple Circle K locations, and you can buy beer until midnight (it can be extended depending on the liquor license of the permit holder).

With a grin, I spotted shelves lined with domestic classics and hip craft brews. From easygoing lagers to bold IPAs, they’ve got the whole spectrum covered.

Like liquor stores, package stores, and grocery stores, you can purchase beer within window hours specified by the community board and based on the liquor license.

In 2021, they stopped selling beers for three months in 40 locations because of an administrative error [2].

Fortunately, they are back in business and continuously provide a great selection of alcoholic drinks for your convenience.


Circle K’ sells wine until midnight, but in most states, you can buy alcohol, beer, and wine until 2:00 AM.

As I visited their gas station in South Carolina and San Antonio, I was impressed with their selection of wines.

I’ve explored their wine aisle, and the specific brand of velvety Merlots to zesty Pinot Grigios impressed me. I came home with two bottles of wine as an addition to my collection.


Many stores, including Circle K, sell alcohol until midnight, but in some states, you can buy alcohol until 2:00 AM.

From vodka that’s as smooth as silk to whiskeys that tell tales of tradition, I’ve found a treasure trove for cocktail enthusiasts.

I’ve enjoyed picking up bottles that helped me create classic cocktails and innovative concoctions.

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What’s “Beer KAVE?”

Boxes of Beer

Beer KAVE is a special section within a store where you can find various beers. The temperature is kept just right to ensure the beers taste their best.

You can find beer in their “CAVE,” designed to provide an expansive and well-curated selection of craft beers, offering various options to suit every taste and preference.

“Circle K’s alcoholic drinks sale hours vary to match each state’s rules.”- Liquor Laboratory 

However, the caves are available at select locations.

FAQs Related to What Time Does Circle K Stop Selling Alcohol?

What time does Circle K stop selling beer in Texas?

Circle K stopped selling alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, and other beverages in Texas around midnight, conforming to state regulations.
This curfew ensures a responsible approach to consumption while allowing customers to enjoy their favorite brews until late at night.

What time does Circle K start selling alcohol?

Circle K typically starts selling booze as early as 6:00 AM. However, remember that this timing can vary based on the store’s location and local rules.
So, if you’re looking for your favorite drinks, you’ll usually find them available in the morning at most stores.

What time does Circle K start selling beer on Sunday?

In numerous states throughout the U.S., you’ll find Circle K stores selling beers as early as 6 AM on Sundays, but this may vary depending on their liquor license.
Sunday sales have sparked debates, with certain communities expressing concern about the impact of early morning sales.

Are Circle K’s alcohol sales hours consistent across all locations?

No, alcohol sales hours at Circle K stores can differ from one location to another due to variations in local ordinances and regulations.

Do Circle K stores follow the same alcohol sales hours as other convenience stores?

Yes, Circle K stores generally adhere to the same alcohol sales hours as other convenience stores in the same area, as determined by local laws.

Can I continue purchasing alcohol after Circle K stops selling?

Once Circle K stops selling alcohol, typically in compliance with local laws, customers are generally not able to make alcohol purchases until sales resume during permitted hours.

Are there specific days or events when Circle K may adjust its alcohol sales hours?

Circle K stores may adjust their alcohol sales hours based on local regulations or special events, such as holidays. It’s advisable to check with your local store for any changes during such times.

What happens if I attempt to purchase alcohol outside of Circle K’s selling hours?

If you try to buy alcohol outside of Circle K’s permitted selling hours, the transaction will likely be declined in compliance with local laws and store policies.

On A Final Note

The vast majority of Circle K stores stop selling beer and other alcoholic beverages around midnight to 2:00 AM, given they have liquor licenses.

However, each state has its own rules. Some, like Arizona, California, and more, call it a night at 2:00 AM. Hawaii and Massachusetts end at 11:00 PM, while Maine and Nebraska close at 1:00 AM.

Nevada’s unique with 24-hour sales, and New Mexico stops at midnight. So, whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, Circle K’s alcohol sales adapt to different times to suit each state’s regulations.


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