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Do Monster Energy Drinks Have Alcohol? Revealed (2024)

Do Monster Energy Drinks Have Alcohol

In terms of energy drinks, Monster Energy is one of our go-to choices if we want something electrifying. But do Monster Energy drinks have alcohol?

We asked the brand experts about the contents of these beverages, and we’ll share with you what we’d find out. Read on!

Does Monster Energy Drink Contain Alcohol?

Man Drinking Monster Energy Drink

The regular Monster beverage does not contain alcohol. But now, the Monster Beverage Corporation (in Corona, California) has introduced its entry into alcoholic beverages – The Beast Unleashed.

“Our alcohol innovation pipeline is robust with a number of additional innovative product lines currently under development.” – Rodney Sacks, Monster’s co-CEO

In January 2022, Monster made a cash payment of $330M to purchase CANarchy, a company that owns multiple breweries, such as Oskar Blues and Deep Ellum Brewing Company, which produce craft beers.

This strategic move aimed to broaden Monster’s portfolio to include alcoholic beverages.

What’s Monster The Beast Unleashed?

Monster – The Best Unleased energy drink is the alcoholic beverage the Monster brand released early this year as their entry to alcoholic drinks.

According to Monster’s company, The Beast Unleashed is a flavored malt beverage with four flavors containing 6% ABV. It’s zero sugar, so if you’re monitoring your sugar intake, this is a must-try.

Monster’s co-CEO claimed that they look forward to sharing such additional beverage products at a later date, so we can expect more soon in addition to The Beast Unleashed.

But do you know if Celsius drinks have alcohol?

The Beast Unleashed Monster Beer Seltzer

Alcohol Content

As mentioned, The Beast Unleased contains 6% ABV, which is distinguishable from the many hard seltzer brands that have become widespread over the last several years.

So, if you want something more robust and boozy compared to hard seltzers purchased from other brands, this drink is an ideal option.

Flavors Available

Cans of Monster Energy Drink

Since The Beast Unleashed [1] is a flavored malt beverage, it comes in four flavors, including:

  • Mean Green
  • Scary Berries
  • Peach Perfect
  • White Haze

These flavors are inspired by the variants consumers, including us, know from the original Monster beverages, which include:

  • Ultra Peachy Keen
  • Ultra Gold
  • Mean Bean (if you want more caffeine)
  • Zero Sugar Monster Energy
  • Original Monster Green

Where To Buy

While the non-alcoholic drinks from Monster are available in almost every state across the US, the alcoholic version – The Beast Unleashed – is only available in six select states.

Consumers can only purchase this boozy malt beverage in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and Ohio, as per the Seltzer Nation.

The Monster’s brand, the biggest shareholder of the Coca-Cola Company [2], partnered with beer distributors within Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and Ohio to make all the flavors accessible to consumers.

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What Type Of Alcohol Is In It?

Person Holding Can of Monster Energy Drinks

The alcohol in the Monster Energy blend is made from a fermented malt base, which makes it a malt beverage similar to a hard seltzer.

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Is It Okay To Mix Monster To Alcohol?

It’s not okay to mix Monster with alcohol. While it might seem tempting to combine its boosting power with a dash of alcohol, it’s essential to exercise caution.

Take note – mixing caffeine and alcohol can have unpredictable effects on the body and might lead to excessive consumption.

“From energy to spirits, Monster explores new realms of refreshment.” – Liquor Laboratory 

This combination may counteract increasing risks of problematic effects, like heavy drinking, physical harm, or alcohol dependence.

If you’re looking for an alcohol mixer, we suggest choosing Coca-Cola and canned cocktails.

FAQs Related to Do Monster Energy Drinks Have Alcohol

Can a kid drink Monster?

No, Monster is not recommended for children due to its high caffeine content. Notably, The Beast Unleashed isn’t recommended for children due to its alcohol content.

Does Monster energy drink contain caffeine? 

Yes, Monster contains caffeine. In fact, it is the primary ingredient, providing an energy-boosting effect.

What is Monster mostly made of?

A Monster drink is mostly made of carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, natural flavors, taurine, sodium citrate, color added, panax ginseng root extract, L-carnitine, L-tartrate, caffeine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, niacinamide, sodium chloride, Glycine max glucuronolactone, inositol, guarana seed extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sucralose, riboflavin, maltodextrin, and cyanocobalamin.

What ingredients are found in monster energy drinks?

Monster Energy drinks typically contain ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, sugar, and various herbal extracts known for their stimulating properties.

Are there any monster energy drinks that contain alcohol?

No, Monster Energy drinks are specifically formulated as non-alcoholic beverages. However, there are alcoholic energy drinks on the market, but they are not produced by Monster.

Can you mix alcohol with monster energy drinks?

While it’s technically possible to mix alcohol with Monster Energy drinks, it’s not recommended due to the potential for increased alcohol consumption and masking the effects of alcohol, which can lead to overconsumption and related risks.

Do monster energy drinks contain any stimulants besides caffeine?

Yes, Monster Energy drinks often contain additional stimulants like taurine and herbal extracts such as guarana or ginseng, which can enhance alertness and energy levels.

In Summary

In its traditional form, Monster Energy is alcohol-free, offering an energizing mix to fuel our day. However, the introduction of The Beast Unleashed adds a new dimension, giving a mildly alcoholic alternative for those seeking an unconventional experience.

Besides, it has different flavor options: Scary Berries, White Haze, Mean Green, and Peach Perfect. However, due to phased rollout, they’re only available in six states as of now – Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and Ohio.


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