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What To Mix With Disaronno: Cocktails & Drinks (2024)

What to Mix with Disaronno

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Disaronno proves that a tasty cocktail drink doesn’t need to be complicated.

With the best mixers, you can surely make delicious and refreshing drinks to enjoy, regardless of the celebration.

In this recipe guide, let’s sum up what to mix with Disaronno to craft lively yet boozy cocktails to please the crowd.

Top 10 Mixers To Create Disaronno Amaretto Cocktails 

1. Coke

bottles of coca-cola

Disaronno & Coke Cocktail drink brings out the refreshingly sweet flavors of cola and Disaronno. We have nothing more to say– try it yourself.  

“Disaronno, it’s a household name. You can’t open a restaurant without having Disaronno in the account. It’s one of those brands that has good image and awareness, and good distribution.” — Kevin Roberts, Exec VP at Breakthru Beverage Group

Prep/Total Time: 2 mins.


  • Lime wedge

  • 8oz Coke

  • 2oz Disaronno amaretto

Instructions: In your highball glass, pour Disaronno over ice. Top it off with Coke and serve with a lime wedge.  

Serving: 1

2. Ginger Beer

can of Goslings Ginger Beer

Mix ginger beer, Disaronno, and lime, and make Disaronno Mule– a new take on the classic.  

Prep/Total Time: 3 mins.


  • Lime and ginger slices

  • Ginger beer

  • 0.8oz lime juice, pressed

  • 1.6oz Disaronno amaretto

Instructions: In your mule, combine Disaronno and lime juice over ice. Top it with ginger beer and garnish with ginger and lime slices.

Serving: 1

3. Cognac

man holding Hennessy Very Special

Enjoy Disaronno French Connection, a sophisticated cocktail drink enhanced by cognac [1]. 

Prep/Total Time: 2 mins.


  • Orange peel

  • 1.6oz cognac

  • 0.8oz Disaronno amaretto

Instructions: In your heated cognac balloon glass, pour Disaronno and cognac over ice. Serve with an orange peel for garnish. 

Serving: 1

4. Canadian Whiskey & Cranberry Juice

2 Bottles of Canadian Whiskey

We can quickly level up The Red Snapper cocktail drink using Disaronno and Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey.  

Prep/Total Time: 3 mins.


Instructions: Add all the ingredients to your bar shaker. Shake well and strain in your cocktail glass over ice. 

Serving: 1

5. Whiskey

glass of whiskey on top of wooden barrel

If you have the Godfather, you should also have the Godmother Cocktail– using your favorite whiskey

Prep/Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 0.5oz Disaronno amaretto

  • 1.5oz whiskey of your choice

Instructions: Combine the two ingredients with ice in your mixing glass and stir until cold. Strain into your rocks glass with fresh ice. 

Serving: 1

6. Fruit Juices

fruit juices on a mason jar

Great for holiday drinks, fruit juices mixed with amaretto make for a refreshing beverage. The amaretto and orange juice in the Disaronno Cranberry Cocktail is a must-try.

Prep/Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 1oz vodka

  • 0.5oz Disaronno amaretto

  • 0.5oz orange juice

  • 2oz cranberry juice

Instructions: Shake orange juice and other ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain into your cocktail glass and serve. 

Serving: 1

Bonus Tip: Disaronno and pineapple juice blend great. Aside from cherry, pineapple juice, apple cider, or any citrus juice, can make delicious Italian Margarita.

7. Coffee

cup of black coffee

Treat yourself to two of your favorites: coffee and amaretto. We love this mix, and you should also try this Disaronno Coffee cocktail drink. 

Prep/Total Time: 3 mins.


  • Cinnamon and whipped cream (optional)

  • 6oz coffee, brewed

  • 1.5oz amaretto

Instructions: Prepare the coffee, then add Disaronno. Top it with whipped cream and cinnamon for garnish and added sugar to make it slightly sweeter, then serve. 

Serving: 1

8. Sparkling Wine

Homemade Sparkling white wine on a bottle and glass

Try this Disaronno Fizz – the perfect cocktail drink with a unique flavor. 

Prep/Total Time: 2 mins.


  • Fresh lemon juice

  • 1.5oz Disaronno

  • 5oz sparkling wine

Instructions: Add Disaronno and a splash of lemon juice to your glass. Pour sparkling on top and stir. Garnish it with lemon peel, if desired. You can substitute apple cider if you want the sour taste and add soda water to level up the flavors. 

Serving: 1

9. Scotch or Bourbon

pouring Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bottle in a glass

Try this Godfather Cocktail drink, enhanced by the combo of Disaronno and your favorite Scotch or bourbon

Prep/Total Time: 5 mins.


  • 0.5oz Disaronno

  • 2oz Scotch/Bourbon 

Instructions: In a glass ⅔-filled with ice, combine Disaronno and Scotch/Bourbon. Stir for about 20 seconds and strain into your rocks glass over ice. 

Serving: 1

10. Citrus (Lemon Juice or Lime Juice)

Fuit Juices and Oranges

I totally agree – citrus fruits or juices taste great with Disaronno. So try this Classic Disaronno Sour cocktail drink. 

Prep/Total Time: 5 mins.


  • 0.5oz egg white

  • 2-dashes Angostura bitters

  • 1oz lemon juice

  • 2oz Disaronno

Instructions: Shake all the ingredients in your bar shaker for about 20 seconds and another 20 seconds with ice. Strain the amaretto sour into your glass over ice and enjoy. 

“Cocktails are the perfect blend of science and style.”-Liquor Laboratory

Serving: 1

Bartender Tip: For the perfect Disaronno cocktail, balance its rich almond sweetness with fresh citrus, like lemon or lime. Experiment with herb garnishes like mint or basil for an aromatic twist. For a winter warmer, mix with hot water and spices. Remember, disaronno’s versatility is key, so don’t be afraid to get creative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mix with white Disaronno?

You can mix white Disaronno with coffee liqueur [2], vodka, coconut water, tequila, Mezcal, etc. These combos taste great on the mouth when flavors blend.   

Can you get drunk off Disaronno?

Yes. Disaronno can get you drunk quickly as it’s only 56-proof (28% ABV). If you want to get tipsy, we suggest mixing it with more robust booze drinks. But when consumed in more significant amounts, it can get you drunk. 

What do you mix with Disaronno velvet cream liqueur?

Mix Disaronno velvet cream liqueur best with vodka, milk, and coffee liqueur. You can enjoy the Velvet White Espresso Martini and The Toasted Almond cocktails. 

The almond liqueur has nice nutty sweetness and nutty flavors that make great mixed drinks.

What goes well with Disaronno?

Disaronno, an amaretto liqueur, pairs well with a variety of mixers and other spirits. It complements citrus flavors like orange or lemon juice, making it a delightful addition to cocktails such as the classic Amaretto Sour. It also goes well with cola, ginger ale, or tonic water, offering versatility in crafting both simple and sophisticated drinks.

What can you mix Amaretto with?

Amaretto, including Disaronno, is a versatile liqueur that can be mixed with various ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Besides classic pairings like orange or lemon juice, Amaretto mixes well with cola, coffee, cream, cranberry juice, and even whiskey. Experimenting with different combinations allows for the creation of diverse and flavorful drinks.

Does Disaronno go with Sprite?

Yes, Disaronno can be mixed with Sprite to create a refreshing and effervescent cocktail. The combination of the nutty and almond flavors of Disaronno with the citrusy and bubbly nature of Sprite results in a pleasant and easy-to-drink beverage. Adding a splash of lemon or lime juice can enhance the citrus notes, creating a well-balanced drink.

How do Italians drink Disaronno?

In Italy, Disaronno is often enjoyed in a simple and classic manner—neat or on the rocks. Italians appreciate the rich almond flavor of Disaronno and savor it as a digestif or aperitif. It can also be a key ingredient in cocktails, such as the Amaretto Sour or the iconic Italian creation, the Disaronno Sour, which combines Disaronno with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup.

Is Disaronno a rum or whiskey?

Disaronno is neither a rum nor a whiskey. It is classified as an amaretto liqueur. Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur with a distinct almond flavor, often derived from apricot pits. Disaronno, a well-known brand of amaretto, is recognized for its smooth and velvety profile, making it a popular choice for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as a versatile ingredient in cocktails. Rum is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane or molasses, while whiskey is distilled from fermented grain mash, and Disaronno belongs to the liqueur category due to its sweetened and flavored nature.

Can you mix amaretto and Sprite?

Yes, amaretto, with its sweet and nutty flavor profile, can be mixed with Sprite to create a delightful and refreshing beverage. The combination of the almond notes from the amaretto and the effervescence of Sprite results in a pleasantly fizzy and flavorful drink.

What is the best way to drink amaretto?

The best way to drink amaretto depends on personal preferences. Amaretto can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing you to savor its rich almond flavor. Alternatively, it serves as a versatile base for cocktails, such as the classic Amaretto Sour or the Italian-inspired Disaronno Sour, offering a balance of sweetness and citrus.

How do you serve amaretto Disaronno?

Amaretto Disaronno is commonly served in various ways, reflecting its versatility. Neat or on the rocks allows you to appreciate its smooth and velvety texture. Additionally, it is a key ingredient in classic cocktails like the Disaronno Sour, where it is mixed with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup, showcasing its almond notes in a well-balanced concoction.

Is Disaronno and lemonade nice?

Disaronno and lemonade can create a delightful and refreshing combination. The nutty sweetness of Disaronno pairs well with the tartness of lemonade, resulting in a crisp and flavorful drink. Adding ice and a wedge of lemon can further enhance the experience.

Can you drink Disaronno plain?

Absolutely, Disaronno can be enjoyed plain, either neat or on the rocks. Sipping Disaronno in its pure form allows you to experience the full depth of its almond flavor and smooth texture. Many individuals appreciate Disaronno as a digestif, savoring it slowly to enjoy its subtle complexity without the need for additional mixers or garnishes. Whether served straight or used as a base for cocktails, Disaronno offers a versatile and enjoyable drinking experience.

So, What To Mix With Disaronno?

These Disaronno cocktails are all tried-and-tasted– our real favorites, so we don’t forget to shelf a bottle of Disaronno at home.

While the flavor profile of Disaronno is already enticing, adding some great mixers can further enhance the drink– enough to make some of the tastiest cocktails. 

From mixing it with citrus to whiskey to Coke, you can surely wow your guests in no time.  




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