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What to Mix with Frangelico: 10 Creative Combinations

What to Mix With Frangelico

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, with its rich, sweet taste, can transform simple cocktail recipes into something extraordinary.

If you love experimenting with flavors, trust me; there’s magic in mixing different ingredients with Frangelico.

So today, I’ll share what to mix with Frangelico to make the best Frangelico cocktails straight from the bottle.

Top 10 Mixers For Frangelico Cocktails

1. Vodka

Bottle of Sobieski Vodka

With its neutral flavor, a bottle of vodka perfectly matches a nutty Frangelico liqueur (particularly vanilla vodka). It enhances the nutty punch without overpowering your drink recipes.

“Reinvest in Frangelico by tapping into a globally-renowned personality who brings style and sophistication to the dining and entertaining experience.” – Umberto Luchini, Campari America’s Marketing VP

With vanilla vodka, they can make a delicious drink like the Chocolate Cake Shot. So, ready your mixing glass and shot glass (Martini glass) for this sophisticated mix.

Also, you can make a Cherry Fizz with club soda.

2. Bourbon Whiskey

Bottles of Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey and Frangelico liqueur are like a match made in heaven. The deep, smoky notes of the bourbon whiskey blend seamlessly with Frangelico’s sweet, nutty sweetness.

This combo creates rich and complex Frangelico cocktails, like the Frangelico Old-Fashioned, that are perfect for savoring slowly.

Additionally, mix it with Irish cream whiskey, top it with whipped cream, and serve it in a Martini glass or a Bourbon Sour with simple syrup and ice.

3. Kahlua

Homemade Kahlua

Aside from cream, Kahlua, when mixed with Frangelico, creates a decadent, mocha-like recipe. The coffee and hazelnuts blend seamlessly in this dessert cocktail.

Like Satin Angel, Hazelnut Espresso Martini (with coffee beans and egg whites) is one of the best Frangelico cocktails to try.

Combine espresso, vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico, Godiva, and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake, strain in a martini glass, garnish, and enjoy.

4. Tequila

Man Opening Bottle of Espolon

Tequila adds a bold, spirited kick to Frangelico. Actually, I’m pretty surprised with this duo. While Frangelico adds a lively hazelnut flavor to the drink, tequila further elevates cocktails with its booze.

Trust me, it’s a great choice to add a bit of excitement to your favorite recipe, especially if you like Borghetti Blitzen and the Afterlife Cocktail.

5. Brandy

St. Remy XO Brandy

With its warm, fruity notes, brandy complements hazelnuts in Frangelico beautifully. This combination yields sophisticated and smooth Frangelico cocktails, perfect for winding down.

The best Frangelico cocktails with brandy include the Frangelico Old-Fashioned (with Angostura and Mole bitters) and the Hazelnut Alexander cocktail (with Angostura bitters).

6. Coffee

coffee and a laptop on wooden table

Mixing Frangelico with coffee (on ice) is a delightful experience. The nutty liqueur adds a sugar-sweet, rich layer to the coffee, making it a luxurious treat for any coffee lover.

One of the best Frangelico cocktails with coffee is the Nutty Irishman (with whipped cream or heavy cream) – a perfect cream-my pick-me-up for a lazy morning or an afternoon break.

7. Orange Juice

Glass of Orange Juice

Like lemon juice, orange juice gives a citrusy twist to Frangelico. The sweetness and acidity of orange juice balance Frangelico’s rich, nutty flavor, resulting in a refreshing and vibrant cocktail on ice.

Make a refreshing Hazelnut Mimosa on ice from this combo, ideal for brunch or a sunny afternoon. So, always have your cocktail shaker ready!

8. Ginger Ale

Pouring Ginger Ale on a Glass

Ginger ale adds a refreshing zing to Frangelico drinks. The spicy, sweet bubbles complement the liqueur in a surprisingly delicious way.

“Frangelico transforms ordinary drinks into extraordinary experiences.” – Liquor Laboratory

It’s a great choice for a light, fizzy Frangelico cocktail, like a Frangelico Mule.

9. Sodas & Coke

Pouring Coca-Cola on a Glass

Sodas are a versatile mixer for Frangelico; whether it’s lemon-lime, club soda, tonic [1], or even root beer, the fizzy sweetness of sodas pairs well with the hazelnut liqueur.

This mix makes for a fun, easy-going drink, particularly giving a nutty twist to Spritz and Mojito cocktails.

Coke brings out a caramel-like sweetness when mixed with Frangelico. You shouldn’t miss this delicious pairing if you enjoy a sweeter, indulgent cocktail like Frangelico Cola and Satin Angel!

10. Lime Juice (Lemon Juice)

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice or lime juice imparts a refreshing, tangy contrast to Frangelico’s sweet hazelnut flavor, enhancing its complexity while balancing the liqueur’s richness with a bright citrus note.

This combo makes a delicious tart cocktail recipe, like Frangelico Sour (similar to Amaretto Sour), served over ice in a rocks glass.


Is Frangelico High in Alcohol?

Frangelico is moderately alcoholic, typically around 20% ABV. It’s strong enough to add a kick to your cocktails but not so potent as to overwhelm the flavors in mixed drinks or cocktails.

Do You Drink Frangelico Straight?

Yes, you can enjoy Frangelico straight [2]. Its smooth, sugar, hazelnut flavor, plus the cocoa and vanilla aromas, makes it a pleasant sipping liqueur, especially when served chilled or over ice.

Is Frangelico an After-Dinner Drink?

Frangelico is a good after-dinner drink. Its nuttiness and candiedness make it a delicious digestif. Also, it’s delightful on its own or as part of a dessert cocktail, like the Chocolate Cake Shot.

In Summary

Frangelico is a versatile hazelnut-flavored liquor that goes well in various mixers, creating delicious recipes like Frangelico Sour, Chocolate Cake Shots, and many more.

Each combination brings out a different facet of this delightful hazelnut liqueur, making it an excellent addition to your bottle cabinet.

Whether you prefer sweet, spicy, or bold drinks, there’s a Frangelico mixer for you. So why not experiment with these combinations and find your perfect Frangelico cocktail?


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