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What Type Of Beer Is Bud Light? Answered (2024 Updated)

What Type Of Beer Is Bud Light

For light drinkers, who would not know Bud Light beer? It’s one of the most well-known beer brands in the US, establishing its name in the market for decades. But what type of beer is Bud Light, and how is it classified? 

So in this post, let’s talk about Bud Light – its beer type, classification, taste, and everything you need to know. Read on. 

About What Type Of Beer Is Bud Light? 

man holding bud light beer bottle

Bud Light is an American light lager because it has a low level of bitterness (IBU of 6), a high level of carbonation, SRM of 2-3 (a light gold color), 4.2% ABV, rice in the brewing process, and bottom fermentation instead of top fermentation.

American light lager uses yeast – bottom-fermented at cold temperatures (35–50 degrees Fahrenheit). Bud Light contains yeast that undergoes the “bottom fermentation,” making this beer a lager. 

Is Bud Light An Ale or Lager? 

Bud Light is a lager. First, it’s vital to understand that there are two main kinds of beer: lager and ale.

The way these two beers are made and the ingredients used make them different. There are two ways to make beer: top fermentation or bottom fermentation.

Ale uses the top-fermentation process at warm temperatures (60–70 degrees Fahrenheit). In contrast, a lager uses the bottom-fermentation process at cold temperatures. 

Since Bud Light is made using the bottom-fermentation process at cold temperatures, it is clear that Bud Light is a kind of lager, not an ale. 

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Its Beer Lager Classification

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Classifying whether a beer is a lager or an ale is just the first step. There are a lot more details that can be added to the category of lager.

To clarify, we’ll refer to the Beer Judge Certification Program’s scale, which categorizes beers, to identify Bud Light’s proper classification.

According to the program, the best classification of Bud Light is an American light lager, which is a sub-category within the larger category of standard American beers.

Due to Bud Light’s low IBU, it is considered a light beer within the lager category. 

Why It’s Classified As An American Light Beer Lager 

To go into more detail, Bud Light is an American light beer lager based on five criteria: IBU (International Bitterness Unit), SRM (Standard Reference Method), original gravity (OG), final gravity (FG), and alcohol content (ABV). 

American light lagers have a standard IBU of 6–12, 2-3 SRM, 1.028–1.040 OG, 0.998–1.008 FG, and ABV of between 2.8–4.2%. 

If we look at the characteristics of Bud Light, we get an IBU of 6, SRM of 2 (very pale, golden color), an OG of 1.030 – 1.040, an FG of 0.998 – 1.008, with 4.2% ABV.

So after careful evaluation, the characteristics of Bud Light all fall in the range of the American light beer lager. 

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Does Using Rice Affect Its Alcohol Type?

man holding can of bud light beer

One significant thing that sets American (light) lagers apart from their counterparts in Europe is that they use rice as one of the main ingredients. Up to 40% of American (light) lagers are usually made with rice (or corn).

One thing that changes the taste and color of the beer is the addition of rice.

Because rice makes a much clearer and lighter beer, European lagers can have an SRM between 2 and 6, but American (light) lagers only have an SRM between 2 and 4. 

In addition, the presence of rice [1] in American lagers contributes to the percentage of alcohol in the beer.

Alcohol made from rice tends to contain more alcohol. 

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Has It Always Been Made As A Beer Lager? 

Bud Light came out in 1981 as an alternative to Budweiser (an American lager) as it was less bitter.

Budweiser had an IBU of 18 then, and Bud Light had an IBU of 6. This meant that it was appealing to a different group of people.

Considering this, we can say that Bud light has always been an American light lager, and the recipe hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. But what type of beer is Budweiser?

What Does Bud Light Taste Like?

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Bud Light is only a little bit sweet and has a light taste of American hops, malts, and rice. It has a light body and a thin, smooth feel in the mouth. 

The finish is clean, crisp, and just a little bit dry. It’s light with a lack of alcohol warmth and not many flavors going on.

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FAQs Related to What Type Of Beer Is Bud Light?

What kind of beer is Bud Light Platinum?

Bud Light Platinum is a kind of American premium beer lager. It is made with mild hops and a unique mix of golden malts and cereal grains. 

Is Bud Light considered a pale ale?

No. Bud Light is not considered a pale ale as it is classified as a lager, not an ale, in the first place. Also, the temperature used for Bud Light’s fermentation differs from the ale’s process. 

What category of beer does Bud Light belong to? 

Bud Light is classified as a light lager, which is a subcategory of pale lagers.

Is Bud Light considered a craft beer?

In no way does Bud Light are considered as a craft beer. It is produced by Anheuser-Busch, one of the largest brewing companies in the world.

What sets Bud Light apart from other beers?

Bud Light is known for its light and crisp taste, lower calorie and carbohydrate content compared to regular beers, and wide availability.

What ingredients are used to brew Bud Light?

Bud Light is brewed using water, barley malt, rice, hops, and yeast, following a traditional brewing process.

Is Bud Light gluten-free?

Bud Light is not labeled as gluten-free, as it contains barley malt. However, some individuals with gluten sensitivities may find it more tolerable than beers brewed with wheat.

Final Thoughts 

Bud Light is categorized as an American light beer lager. Its characteristics – from the IBU, SRM, original gravity, final gravity, and alcohol content – align with the light lager category.

If you’re into light beers, Bud Light can be your perfect choice. It’s a well-known beer with the lightness and sweetness you want. 


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