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Which Country Consumes The Most Whiskey Overall? (2024)

which country consumes the most whiskey overall

While Scotland and the United States are the obvious contenders for most whiskeys produced, such is not the case when it comes to whiskey consumption. So  which country consumes the most whiskey overall? You’ll be surprised to know. 

Which Country Consumes the Most Whiskey Overall

Countries That Consume The Most Whiskey Overall

Based on Drinking Population

4. Japan

In 2014, Japan placed fourth as the largest consumer, with 109 million liters of whiskey consumed. 

Japan struggles with its drinking culture that in the past 30 years, alcohol consumption and drinking population have increased by 250% [1]. 

3. France

People Waving the Flag of France

This country may not have a high population, but French whiskey drinkers relatively increased along with the recommended limit of alcohol consumption per person.

The country is the third-largest consumer and was recorded to consume 140 million liters in 2014. 

2. The United States

The United States is the second-most populous country that loves drinking an alcoholic beverage.

Its total whiskey consumption is higher than others because there were 462 million liters consumed in 2014. 

1. India

Flag of India

India is home to 1.4 billion people, and an estimated 160 million people consume alcohol [2]. With this, the country takes the first spot of being the highest whiskey consumer in the world, with 1.5 billion liters of whiskey. 

Based on Bank of America Merrill Lynch research, India consumed nearly half of the whiskey in the world. 

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Based On Total Per Capita Consumption

Based On Total Per Capita Consumption

10. Canada

Canada is the 10th country that consumes a large amount of whiskey per capita. It has 1.19 liters per inhabitant per year, as posted on LinkedIn. 

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9. India

India placed 9th per capita on drinking whiskey with a record of 1.24 liters per person per year. Also, it is the top country with high whiskey consumption based on the drinking population. 

8. Ireland

Jameson Whiskey Bottle

Ireland is home to five million people, but the record shows that it has 1.24 liters per person per year of whiskey consumed. Ireland has the same drinking rate as India. 

7. The United Kingdom

67 million people live in the United Kingdom, one of the countries in the world that produces whiskey (Great Britain). Also, it has been recorded to have 1.25 liters of consumed whiskey per inhabitant in a year. 

6. The United Arab Emirates

The people of the United Arab Emirates love to drink whiskey, so there is no doubt that the country consumes a million liters of spirits each year. 

Each inhabitant drinks 1.27 liters per year, and it is considered one of the world’s high consumers of spirits like whiskey and bourbon.  

5. Spain

Westward Whiskey with glass

Spain has 1.29 liters of consumed whiskey per inhabitant per year. Also, 93% of 47.35 million people living there have consumed spirits. 

4. Australia

Australia is the fourth country with a population that consumes whiskey way higher than India and Japan. Each inhabitant has consumed 1.3 liters of alcoholic drink per year and based on its 25.69 million population; it’s relatively high. 

3. The United States

Americans surely love the quality of their whiskies, so each inhabitant has consumed 1.41 liters of distilled drink per year. But how much does an average American drink?

2. Uruguay

A drawing of the flag of Uruguay

Uruguay slides to the second spot for being the largest whiskey consumer, with 1.8 liters per inhabitant per year consumed. 

1. France

This country is the largest consumer of whiskey in the world per capita basis. Based on statistics, more than two liters (2.15) of whiskey are consumed by each inhabitant annually. 

FAQs Related to Which Country Consumes the Most Whiskey Overall

Which country drinks the most Scotch whisky?

France is the country that drinks the most Scotch whisky. French are heavy Scotch drinkers, consuming around 180 million bottles of Scotch whisky annually or three bottles per inhabitant. 

How much whiskey does Scotland consume?

Scotland consumed an estimated amount of 15 million liters of whiskey per year. Even though Scotland produces a lot of whiskies, they have to drink more to keep up with India and the United States. 

In Summary

India consumes the most whiskey overall. Indians consume 1.5 billion liters of whiskey each year. If you measure it, that’s more than half of the total whiskey produced all over the world.

The drinking population of India indicates that the distilled spirit is well-loved by the people. 

In addition, France takes the spotlight as the world’s largest consumer of whiskey per inhabitant per year. The French get the credit for drinking more than two liters per annum.


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