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Why is Larceny Bourbon So Hard to Find? Need To Know (2023)

Why is Larceny Bourbon Hard to Find

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Larceny bourbon, associated with the legendary Old Fitzgerald, has been gaining popularity. More and more fanatics are interested, looking out where to find this spirit. 

However, social media forums and groups have been talking about how Larceny is invisible nowadays, and most are asking where to find this spirit. 

But why is Larceny bourbon hard to find? What are the reasons behind it? And what makes Larceny special to get such high demand? Let’s find out all about these queries today.  

5 Reasons Why Larceny Bourbon Is Hard To Find 

man holding bottle of Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon

1. It’s Produced In Limited Quantities

Larceny is hard to find because it was produced in small batches and limited quantities. Heaven Hill only used 200 barrels per batch.  

So, there’s only a certain amount of bottles to be bottled and released, which is not enough for the high demand. 

2. It’s Popular

One main reason why Larceny is harder to find is it’s immensely popular, and many drinkers want to get their hands on the bottle, making the demand soar high over time. 

But since it was produced in small batches and limited quantities, plus the waiting time for aging, this makes it insufficient for the people’s demand. 

3. It Depends On The Location 

Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottle

Another reason is the location. There are regions where Larceny is a total staple, so you can be lucky if you get to see a bottle of Larceny displayed on the shelf

Also, if Larceny resorts to allocation, it’s safe to assume that regions that will receive allocated bourbons [1] are those with high sales from the previous year’s sales.

In short, some states or regions will receive less. 

4. It’s Cheap 

The Larceny bourbon, released in small batches thrice per year, costs around $30 to $50 per 750ml, depending on liquor stores. 

With the aging process of 6 to 8 years, it’s quite a cheap bottle of bourbon.    

5. It Has Premium Quality & Unique Taste

Man Drinking Larceny Bourbon Bottle

Larceny is a quality spirit at an affordable price. It’s a great deal of spirit and a real value for money. 

The limited production and release aren’t enough to sustain the increasing demand for Larceny bourbon. This makes the expression harder to find.    

Is Larceny Really Hard To Find? 

Yes. Larceny bourbon is hard to find because it’s a small batch expression produced in limited quantities. 

Although Heaven Hill has been releasing Larceny bourbon thrice per year, the bottles filled aren’t enough to meet the demand, resulting in a shortage. 

Due to the high demand, it is hard to find it for sale. The lucky few who can purchase Larceny bourbon typically pay a high price for it, not the suggested retail price. 

What Makes It Special? 

Pouring Larceny Bourbon Bottle on a Glass

What makes Larceny bourbon special is that each batch or release is unique, consisting of bourbons aged six to eight years. 

The most interesting is the noticeable Pikesville rye’s flowery, nutty, and grassy characters in each of the Larceny bourbons releases. 

“For 85 years the Heaven Hill Distillery team’s commitment to quality and perseverance has set the course for our historic brands to thrive.”

— Conor O’Driscoll, Master Distiller

But, in every release, Larceny bourbon provides a certain “unique” experience, giving opportunities to explore whiskeys. 

Is Larceny Bourbon Allocated? 

Larceny bourbon is allocated to selected states or regions, particularly the Barrel Proof Bourbon. Allocation takes place thrice per year:

  • Every January for batch A
  • Every May for batch B
  • Every September for batch C

The states or regions receiving the allocation may also vary, usually depending on how consistent and strong the sales are.   


Is Larceny Bourbon top shelf?

Larceny can be considered a top-shelf bourbon. Many drinkers believe it’s the extension of the legendary Old Fitzgerald expression. 

Is Larceny Barrel Proof rare?

Larceny Barrel Proof [2] is rare because it’s a limited release. Also, at the time of its release in 2019, it only retails at around $50 per 750ml.

Although there have been proceeding releases after the first, since it was produced in limited quantities, the supply is still not enough. 

Final Thoughts

Based on the information we’ve gathered so far, Larceny bourbon is hard to find nowadays.

The limited production and aging time greatly contribute to why this expression isn’t on most liquor stores and online retailers. 

Yes, Heaven Hill has been releasing Larceny three times per year, but in small batches, and that’s subject to allocation.

It’s hard to tell the states or regions where you can find this spirit (but there’s no harm in trying at Kentucky).   


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