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Wild Turkey Bourbon Decanter Values & Prices Explained (2023 Edition)

Wild Turkey Decanter Values

Last Updated on January 28, 2024 by Lydia Martin

On the lookout for wild turkey bourbon decanter? Or do you aim to sell your Wild Turkey vintage bottles? Regardless of the reason, you’re at the right place. 

If you’re curious about the Wild Turkey decanter values these days, we’ve gathered relevant information about the prices of decanters (or if it’s even worth something).  

Wild Turkey Bourbon Decanter: Value & Price

Wild Turkey Decanter

When Wild Turkey was owned by Austin Nichols & Co. back in the day, they released expressions in special decanters that can really attract collectors today. 

The decanters’ styles and designs vary per series, but the common denominator is the figure of a turkey holding the Wild Turkey liquor inside. 

Looking at its value in the present, it’s quite cheap compared to the value and price of decanters from other brands like Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, etc. 

Are Wild Turkey Decanters Valuable?

Yes, Wild Tukey decanters are valuable. However, it is less valuable than other decanters from their competitors. 

The value of Wild Turkey decanters depends on the series and release. For limited releases, expect their value to be a little high, but still, on a budget-friendly price. 

For the record, in 2014, decanters from Wild Turkey were priced for as low as $4 to not more than $100, which is quite a good deal compared to premium decanters, costing as much as $25,000 (Highland Park) to $3.5 million (Tequila Ley). 

How Much Are Wild Turkey Decanters Worth? 

Wild Turkey Decanter on a Wooden Table

The worth of Wild Turkey decanters today starts from $4 to under $100, depending on the condition of the bottle and the type of decanter.

But there are expensive ones, which are obviously rare. Some of the priced decanters include: 

  • Vintage Wild Turkey Lead Crystal Decanter – around $260 
  • Vintage Wild Turkey Bourbon Decanters 1970 Whiskey – around $333
  • Vintage Bourbon Wild Turkey Wedgwood Crystal Decanter – around $199 

Are They Worth Collecting?

Wild Turkey decanters are worth collecting, especially if you’re a fan of the brand.

But regardless of the brand, the decanters are a good addition to anyone’s collection. 

The figure of turkeys in different styles is well-built, and it’s a vintage thing nowadays. It’s rare to see such a design today, and the price is just reasonable. 

While there are expensive decanters, of course, there are super budget-friendly Wild Turkey decanters. So it’s easy to collect. 

Wild Turkey Decanter List 

wild turkey decanter on a table

Here are more of the Wild Turkey decanters existing and their estimated prices: 

  • Vintage Whiskey Miniature Decanter #1 – around $30 
  • Vintage Decanter Limited Edition No. 3 – around $45 
  • Vintage 6″ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Mini Decanter #2 – around $48
  • Austin Nichols Figural Flying Wild Turkey Series 2 – around $70 
  • VTG Wild Turkey Whisky Decanter Ceramic #185 – around $60
  • Vintage Liquor Decanter Lore Series #2 – around $66 
  • Wild Tukey Ceramic Decanter Limited Edition No. 3 – around $55
  • Vintage Wild Turkey Decanter Winter Forest – around $90

Who Made Them?

The manufacturer behind the creative and beautiful Wild Turkey decanters is none other than Austin Nichols Distilling Co.

It was the original owner of Wild Turkey until the brand was sold to Pernod Richard in 1980.

In 2009, Gruppo Campari acquired Wild Tukey and is now the current owner of the distillery. 

“Wild Turkey has always been considered one of the top premium bourbons”

— Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller

Since the decanters are made by the first owner of Wild Tukey, the creations are now vintage, and the longer they exist, the more pricey they can be in the future.  

How Many Wild Turkey Decanters Are There? 

wild turkey bourbon decanter

Actually, there are lots of Wild Tukey decanters that exist, and we can’t confirm exact figures. 

But digging deep, there are eight series, with over 30 decanters released over the years. 

How The Issues With Lead Affect Their Value 

Regarding the lead issues, some consumers are concerned about the lead content of Wild Turkey decanters, especially those who intend to store liquor inside. 

However, this isn’t an issue with collectors wanting the decanters as full display only since they never intend to store whiskey inside the bottle in the first place.

The key here is not to store the whiskey in lead Wild Turkey [1] decanters to avoid the substance leeching out and mixing with the spirit. 

And given the age of decanters today, we don’t recommend storing liquids inside. 


Where can you buy Wild Turkey Decanters?

You can buy Wild Turkey decanters on eBay and Etsy. There are a lot of listings on these online platforms, where you can find different series and releases, as well as limited-edition decanters. 

When were the Wild Turkey Decanters made?

Wild Turkey decanters were made in the 1970s, the time when Austin Nichols & Co. acquired a distillery in Kentucky, which is now the distillery of Wild Turkey [2]. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re a serious collector aiming to complete Wild Turkey vintage decanters, you’re lucky as they’re not that pricey compared to the creations of premium brands. 

For those who own Wild Turkey decanters, you can make some money out of it by selling the vintage bottles, depending on the condition, to collectors. 

However, don’t expect to sell it for a real premium price, as the value of Wild Turkey decanters isn’t that high. 


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