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Bacardi Gold vs Superior Rum: What’s the Difference? (2024)

Bacardi Gold vs Superior

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Bacardi celebrated its 160th Anniversary with its 1000th award last February 2022. Well known as one of the world’s most awarded rum, Bacardi is a staple in every bartender’s cocktail recipe. 

If you are curious about Bacardi Gold vs Superior, here’s a detailed comparison between the two, so read on. 

Bacardi Superior & Gold Rum Compared 

Bacardi Superior Rum

Bacardi is a great rum brand that produces widely available commercial rum and is a safe choice when drinking cocktails. Bacardi Superior and Gold rum are two of their prominent expressions that have been consistently compared to each other. 

Bacardi Superior and Gold have different production processes, maturation, category, flavor profiles, popularity, and many more. However, while they have a fair share of differences, they also have similarities, like their base ingredients and barrels used to mature the rum.  

How They Differ

How They Differ

How It’s Made

Distillation Process

Bacardi uses a parallel distillation process with column distillation, and the fermented mixture is distilled twice. The fermented molasses used for Bacardi Gold and Superior undergoes the first filtration to tone down the stronger flavor, then redistilled to have a lighter-bodied spirit. 

Filtration Process

Bacardi Gold Rum

Bacardi Gold is filtered once, while Bacardi Superior undergoes a two-filtration process.

After the distillation process, the Bacardi Gold is filtered in a unique blend of charcoal for a mellow character. Bacardi Superior undergoes a double filtration process – one before aging and the second after. The charcoal filtration process works like a magnet and helps achieve a lighter and cleaner rum.

Aging Process

Bacardi Gold is aged for two years, while Bacardi Superior is aged for a year in oak barrels. The maturation process of rum helps improve the flavor of the distilled spirit. Also, the aging process in barrels gives additional flavor profile and appearance from amber to mahogany [1].

The alcohol content and taste of rum do not change after being bottled, so the aging process of Bacardi Gold and Superior helps give identity to each expression. 

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Where It’s Aged

American white oak barrels

Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Superior are aged in American white oak barrels for identity and flavor profile. All the ex-bourbon barrels were steamed clean for 24 hours before it is used to mature the rum.

But how is Bacardi Superior clear, while Bacardi Gold has a light amber hue? 

Bacardi Superior is brown like other aged spirits because it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, but the color is stripped out after an additional filtration process after aging. Bacardi Gold is aged for two years, and by this, it has a different appearance. 

Rum Category

Bacardi Superior is a white rum, while Bacardi Gold is a Gold or Pale rum. White rums are aged for a year and then undergo filtration to remove their color. It has a clearer, milder, and lighter flavor than gold and dark rums. In addition, white rum is more commonly used to create cocktails that do not need bold rum flavors. 

On the other hand, Bacardi Gold is pale rum with amber to golden hues because of maturation in barrels. It has a more flavor profile than white rums. It is widely used for cocktails that need stronger rum flavors. Find out the difference between white and dark rums here

Tasting Notes

A glass of Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Gold has rich, soothing flavors of butter, caramel, vanilla, and toasted almond. It has sweet banana notes, a warm zest of orange peel, and an oak finish. In addition, it has a rich and toasted palate and a dry and slightly sweet finish. 

On the contrary, Bacardi Superior (Bacardi Carta Blanca rum) has tasting notes of lavender, orange blossom, and rose. It has notes of apricot, light coconut, ripe banana, and lime which is very refreshing. 


Bacardi Gold has great aromas of nuts and butter, while Bacardi Superior has notes of almonds and fruits. Bacardi Superior has lighter and aromatic notes with delicate fruity and floral notes compared to Bacardi Gold. 

One of the factors that differentiate the aroma of each spirit is the aging process. Since Bacardi Gold is matured longer in oak barrels, it develops a nutty and buttery aroma. On the other hand, Bacardi Superior has notes of fruits and almonds because it undergoes intensive filtration after aging. 


A Glass of Rum

Bacardi Superior is clear, while Bacardi Gold has an amber to a golden hue. As we said earlier, the aging process on ex-bourbon barrels affects the appearance and color of the distilled spirits. However, since Bacardi Superior undergoes filtration after aging, the color is stripped out, making it a colorless rum. 

Since there is a strict rule in making bourbons, there is a massive supply of ex-bourbon barrels because makers cannot re-use the barrels. The rum makers will reuse the barrels, but they should be cleaned 24 hours before usage. 


Both Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Superior are great options for creating cocktails, but it is best used depending on the drinkers’ preference. Bacardi Superior is a sublime rum for cocktails because it does not dominate other flavors and does not disappear when mixed. Bacardi is a great choice if drinkers prefer a light rum taste on their cocktails. 

On the other hand, Bacardi Gold bursts flavor, and it has a punchy, zesty, and bold flavor for cocktails. If you prefer a bold kick of rum in your cocktail, Bacardi Gold can be your go-to rum choice cocktail mixer. 


Bacardi Gold

Bacardi Gold is more popular than Bacardi Superior mainly because Gold has a bolder and rich taste. Most rum drinkers love the richness and boldness of Bacardi Gold which makes it a versatile spirit ideal for sipping neat or making cocktails. 

Bacardi Superior is quite popular too! It has a light and refreshing taste, ideal for light cocktails. 


Bacardi Superior has a dry, clean and fresh finish, while Bacardi Gold has a slightly sweet dry finish. The dryness of rum is described as a lack of sweetness, and most drinkers prefer a long dry finish. 

The lack of sugar does not mask the real taste of the alcohol. In addition, the oak and char linger in the throat after the flavors have faded. 

Price Point

Tequila Cocktail Shot

In general, rums are cheaper compared to other distilled spirits, but when it comes to Bacardi, Bacardi Gold is more expensive than Bacardi Superior. Bacardi Superior is cheaper to make and is less expensive than more mature rums. 

While the white rum undergoes additional steps before bottling, the maturity of the distilled spirits gives more character and flavor. Therefore, Bacardi Gold is more expensive than Bacardi Superior. 

Are There Similarities?

While there are big differences between Bacardi Gold and Superior, the two fine rum share similarities. When producing rum, Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Superior use the same base ingredients, fermented molasses. Molasses are a byproduct of the sugarcane plant, and it is cheaper than grains. 

The two spirits undergo filtration and maturation in ex-bourbon barrels. In fact, all expressions of Bacardi undergo maturation in ex-bourbon barrels. In addition, they share the same distillery and owner.

Fun Fact: Bacardi Limited has been a family-owned distillery for seven generations. 

Is Bacardi Gold Dark Rum? 

Bacardi Gold with Cocktail

No, Bacardi Gold is not a Dark rum but a Gold or Pale rum. Bacardi Gold is aged for two years in ex-bourbon barrels and is medium-bodied, while Dark rums are full-bodied and richer. 

Bacardi Gold is aged in wooden casks for two years, giving the rum its signature sweetness, color, and richer flavor. Bacardi Gold is not a dark rum but Bacardi Carta Negra is. It is aged longer than Gold and white rum, indicating intense flavor than Superior and Gold.

Is Bacardi Superior the Same as Bacardi Silver?

Yes, Bacardi Superior is the same as Bacardi Silver. It is the original rum aged for two years and then filtered after to achieve the white rum classification. 

The white rum or silver rum has no color and has a lighter flavor profile. The filtration after maturation helps remove impurities, and this type of rum is used commonly for Mojitos. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you use gold rum in a piña colada?

Yes, you can use Gold rum for a piña colada. The creamy caramel and almond flavor of the rum can be paired perfectly with coconut cream. Also, it has a lightly oaked finish that gives a great finish to the cocktail. 

Which is better for mixing cocktails?

Bacardi is better for mixing cocktails because it has a light, sweet and refreshing taste that can mix well with cocktails. In addition, it is colorless, so it helps preserve or achieve the color of the cocktail you may want to try. 

Can you mix Bacardi Gold and Superior?

Yes, you can mix Bacardi Gold and Superior, but we don’t recommend it. Bacardi Gold and Superior have different rum classifications, and if you use them in mixing cocktails, the rum can be overpowering and will not compliment each other. 

Is Bacardi Gold better than Superior?

The preference between Bacardi Gold and Superior depends on personal taste and the intended use. Bacardi Superior (white rum) is known for its light and clean profile, suitable for various cocktails. Bacardi Gold, with its amber hue, has a slightly richer and more complex flavor, often favored for cocktails where a bolder rum taste is desired.

What’s the difference between Bacardi and BACARDÍ Superior?

There is no significant difference between “Bacardi” and “BACARDÍ Superior.” The latter is the official name for Bacardi’s white rum. The brand is recognized for its Superior white rum, which is versatile and commonly used in cocktails.

What is the difference between gold and white rum?

The primary difference between gold and white rum lies in the aging process and flavor profile. White rum, like Bacardi Superior, is typically unaged or aged for a short period, resulting in a clear and light spirit with a clean taste. Gold rum undergoes aging in barrels, acquiring a richer color and a more complex flavor profile with hints of caramel and vanilla.

Which Bacardi Rum is best?

The choice of the best Bacardi Rum depends on personal preferences and the intended use. Bacardi Superior (white rum) is versatile and well-suited for various cocktails, while Bacardi Gold offers a slightly aged profile, adding depth to mixed drinks. Bacardi also produces premium and aged expressions like Bacardi Reserva Ocho and Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez for those seeking more complex and sipping-worthy options. Experimenting with different Bacardi rums allows you to discover the one that best suits your taste and the cocktail you’re preparing.

Which Bacardi is the smoothest?

Among Bacardi’s range, the smoothness of the rum depends on personal preference. Generally, Bacardi Superior (white rum) is known for its smooth and clean profile, making it a versatile choice for various cocktails. However, individual taste preferences may vary, and some may find other expressions, such as Bacardi Gold or aged variants, to offer a smoother experience.

Is BACARDÍ Superior strong?

BACARDÍ Superior (white rum) typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, which is standard for many spirits, including rum. While it has the same alcohol content as other Bacardi expressions, the perception of strength can vary based on personal taste and the cocktails in which it is used.

Can you drink Bacardi Gold straight?

Yes, Bacardi Gold can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. Bacardi Gold, with its amber hue and slightly aged profile, offers a more complex flavor compared to white rum. It has notes of caramel and vanilla, making it suitable for sipping. However, preferences vary, and some may still prefer to use it in mixed drinks.

What does Bacardi Gold taste like?

Bacardi Gold has a richer and more complex flavor compared to Bacardi Superior. It often carries notes of caramel, toffee, and vanilla due to the aging process in barrels. The result is a smooth and slightly sweet profile that makes Bacardi Gold well-suited for cocktails where a bolder rum flavor is desired. The specific tasting experience can also be influenced by individual preferences and the way the rum is consumed.

Is BACARDÍ Superior good with Coke?

Yes, BACARDÍ Superior (white rum) is commonly used with Coke to make a classic cocktail known as the Cuba Libre. The clean and light profile of Superior complements the cola, creating a refreshing and easy-to-enjoy drink. Add a squeeze of lime for extra flavor.

Is Bacardi Gold a light rum?

Bacardi Gold is often categorized as a gold or amber rum. While not as dark as some aged rums, it is richer in color compared to white rum. The aging process in barrels contributes to its amber hue and imparts a more complex flavor profile with notes of caramel and vanilla.

Is Bacardi or Captain Morgan better?

The preference between Bacardi and Captain Morgan depends on individual taste and the intended use. Bacardi, especially Superior (white rum), is known for its clean and versatile profile, suitable for various cocktails. Captain Morgan, a spiced rum, has a bolder and more pronounced flavor profile, often preferred in drinks where the spiced notes can shine. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal taste and the specific cocktail you’re preparing.

Is Bacardi Gold light or dark rum?

Bacardi Gold is considered an amber or gold rum. It falls between light and dark rums in terms of color and flavor. The aging process in barrels imparts a richer color and a more complex taste compared to white rum, making Bacardi Gold suitable for cocktails where a slightly aged profile is desired.

Final Verdict: Bacardi Gold Vs Superior

Bacardi rum is a diverse, complex, and versatile distilled spirit; no wonder the brand has received 1,000 awards since 1862. In Bacardi Gold vs Superior detailed comparison, we learned that the two have a big difference from classification to the production process. 

While the two distilled spirits are different, one thing is for sure; both are great distilled spirits, may it be neat, straight, or cocktails. 


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