How Many Shots Are In A 750ml Bottle? (2023 Updated)

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It is not impossible to consume an entire liquor bottle when out with friends. And you ask the next day after a hangover how many shots got you drunk. Knowing how many shots are in a 750ml bottle also helps your cellar or bar liquor accounting.

Our experts did thorough research and computations to enlighten you about what you should learn about this topic, so read on.

How Many Shots Are There? 

How Many Shots Are There? 

0.5 oz

The amount of alcohol in a 750ml bottle is roughly 25.4oz, and there are fifty 0.5 shots in it. One ml is equivalent to 0.033814 oz. The measurements for each country vary based on various qualifications. 

Countries like Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Serbian, and Sweden fill their small shots with .50 oz. Germany serves their standard single shots with .50oz.

1 oz

pouring liquor in a glass

There are twenty-five 1oz shots in a 750ml bottle, and they refer to this as “pony.” They commonly measure shot glasses in countries like Canada, Japan, India, Israel, Italy, and Slovenia containing 1oz. 

While countries like Australia, Aisle of Man, and Serbia serve their standard shots with 1 oz of liquor. Some parts in the US also serve 1oz shots. 

1.25 oz

For countries that use 1.25 oz shot glasses, a bottle that contains 750 ml liquor can reach up to 20 shots. The same computation is used in reaching this product. It is the standard pour for Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, and Poland. France, Italy, and Norway also serve single shots with this content. 

1.5 oz

A glass of alcohol

This shot measurement is the most commonly used since the fifty states of America use this and Canada. A 750ml bottle yields seventeen 1.5oz shots. Greece, Korea, Slovakia, and Poland also have shots with these measurements. The term used for this shot is “jigger.”

2 oz

A 750ml bottle of liquor holds 12 shots. A 2oz shot is considered a double in many countries and the US. Anything beyond 2 oz is automatically called a double. 

However, Japan, Italy, and Israel have areas that serve a single shot containing 60ml or 2 oz. Apart from the US, Australia, India, Serbia, and Sweden serve their double measured. 

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2.5 oz

A shot of whiskey

There are ten 2.5 oz shots in a 750ml bottle. In some counties, this is still considered a double shot. These are the UK, Slovakia, Hungary, and the US. There are certain considerations followed for this to become a double. 

However, this is not the highest content in a shot since locations serve double shots measured at 80ml-100ml or 2.7 oz to 3oz. 

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How Many Shots In A 750 ml Bottle is Too Much?

The human body can only process .15g or 100ml of alcohol every hour. That would translate to two 1.5 oz shots which your liver can metabolize [1] every 60 minutes. The body secretes ten percent of it through urinating, sweating, and breathing. 

If you drink beyond two shots in an hour, that will place your liver and entire health at risk.

How Many Shots Are Safe For Drinking?

Hibiki Whisky with glass

The body can safely metabolize a regular 1.5 oz shot to 2.5 oz in an hour, making it safe for drinking. However, some can tolerate up to five shots and still feel alright. 

If you drink more than your body can process, you endanger yourself. Regardless of the type of alcohol you are drinking, you should always consume it in moderation.  


How many shots does it take to blackout?

Four to five shots can cause a human being to blackout. However, this would depend on their gender and alcohol tolerance. Some have a higher tolerance level compared to other drinkers. The speed of consumption can also affect the impact of alcohol. 

How many shots can get you drunk?

Three to four shots can get you drunk, especially if you consume it fast. Some will even go dizzy with just one shot if their body is not well-rested and if they do not have enough nutrients in their body. 

How many shots does a first-time drinker need?

Two to three shots are enough for a first-time drinker. Alcohol is foreign to their body, and it may negatively impact depending on their tolerance and movements. A person who moves a lot may get dizzy fast, especially if they shake their head. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to know how many shots in a 750ml bottle there are to people behind the bar of a liquor store or bartenders. An ordinary drinker will also benefit from it in so many ways. It will help them keep themselves aware of how much their consumption should be. Knowing its value will also help them keep themselves at bay. 

It will also be helpful at parties and gatherings. You would know how many liquor bottles to purchase based on your expected guests. Though you rarely think of limits during these events, it still pays to be careful. Always keep it in moderation to be safe. 



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