Does Hennessy Freeze? Complete Guide (2023 Updated)

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Hennessy is a good-tasting and classy cognac, and most people love to consume it neat. However, some drinkers want to sip it cold. They even wonder whether it is safe to store Hennessy in a freezer. But wait, does Hennessy freeze?

Our team thoroughly scoured every possible source to know the answer. Curious yet? Then read on. 

Hennessy Cognac: Does It Freeze? 

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Yes, Hennessy Cognac freezes because alcoholic beverages have freezing points [1]. There can be two main reasons why alcohol doesn’t freeze. One main reason is that high alcohol content prevents the liquor from freezing easily. Another reason is that home freezers cannot reach the temperature required in freezing alcohol, so the liquor cannot freeze.  

Wine and beer have low alcohol content, but vodka, whiskey, and cognac require massive temperature drops to freeze completely. Since a normal home freezer cannot reach such temperatures, they thought spirits like Hennessy do not freeze solid. 

Hennessy’s Freezing Point 

Like most hard liquors, Hennessy has a high ABV of 40%. Hennesy’s freezing point is at about -16 °F or -26.67 °C. Hennessy contains a substance called ethanol or ethyl alcohol with a low freezing limit required to make alcohol freeze. 

Should You Keep Hennessy in the Freezer? 

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No, you should not keep Hennessy in the freezer. Most alcoholic beverages like cognacs and vodka should avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

However, alcohol does not permanently affect when stored in freezers, especially in a typical refrigerator. Refrigerators are set at 0°F by the FDA, so they will not reach the glacial state of alcoholic drinks like vodka, cognacs, and whiskey and make alcohol freeze. 

Is It Safe to Store Cognac in the Freezer? 

Yes, it is safe to store Cognac in the freezer, especially since normal freezers cannot reach the glacial state of high ABV alcohol. Most alcohol is consumed frozen (wine and beer), so people put it in the freezers, and if you are planning to store Cognac in freezers, it is totally safe. 

When vodka hangs out in freezers, it has a better texture. However, you must consider the extreme coldness of Cognac. Extreme coldness can lessen the complexity and intensity of the flavors as our tongues are capable of discerning them [2]. 

What Happens When You Put Henny in the Freezer

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Unlike low-proof liqueurs like beer and wine, when you put Hennessy in the normal freezer, it will get cold but not freeze. The main reason why it will not freeze is the high percent alcohol the spirit contains. 

If Hennessy is stored in a freezer but does not reach -16 °F, it will just get cold. If the temperature drops to -16 °F, the thickness of the liquid increases, but it won’t taste good for some. 

How Long Should It Stay in the Freezer? 

Unopened Hennessy bottle can stay in the freezer indefinitely, just like beer and wine, because it is entirely safe from external causes for degradation, especially if it is a home freezer. 

However, if the refrigerator you use can reach temperatures that can make alcohol freeze, the spirit should not be kept for too long. When liquid freezes, it produces pressure as it expands, and it can cause cracks on the bottle, or the cork will be pushed out. But, how much Hennessy will get you drunk?


Does putting Hennessy in the freezer make it weaker?

No, putting Hennessy in the freezer will not make it weaker. There is no evidence that coldness brings a permanent effect on the liquid, such as lowering the percent alcohol. But it will surely affect your tongue and sense of taste. 

Can home freezers freeze Hennessy?

No, home freezers cannot freeze Hennessy, unlike beer. Based on the FDA, home freezers are set to 0°F, and since Hennessy’s glacial limit is at -16 °F, it will not happen. 

Can you drink Hennessy frozen?

Yes, you can drink Hennessy frozen, which has an almost velvety taste. However, we don’t recommend you to freeze Cognac and whiskey because your tongue may not be able to taste the intensity and flavor of the spirit.

Final Thoughts 

Hennessy can freeze because cognac has certain glacial and melting points. Alcohol freezes when it reaches a certain temperature, and since Hennessy has a glacial point of -16 °F, it will freeze once the freezer reaches the same temperature.

However, typical home freezers can only reach 0°F, so if you store Hennessy in your home refrigerator, it is safe, but it will not freeze. 



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