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12 Best Alcohol To Mix With Sweet Tea (2024 Edition)

Best Alcohol to Mix With Sweet Tea 

To elevate any summer gatherings, I always make sure to include refreshing cocktail mixes on the menu. And recently, I discovered cocktails with sweet tea, which I find very tasty and relaxing. 

If you want to know the best alcohol to mix with sweet tea, there is a medley of options, but you’re lucky because I already found “the one.”

Here are my top favorite alcohols to combine with sweet tea for a delightful harmony of flavors. 

Top 12 Best Alcohol To Mix With Sweet Tea 

12. Tennessee Whiskey

Bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

For a harmonious fusion of Southern charm, try combining Tennessee Whiskey and sweet tea. I like how the smooth, oak-infused notes of the whiskey beautifully complement the sweetness of the tea.

As a result, it is a delightful and refreshing beverage with rich flavors. You can try the Sweet Tea Smash and Jack Tennessee Sweet Tea for this mix. 

11. Bourbon

If you want to elevate your sweet tea experience, mix it with bourbon’s rich and robust flavor. The caramel undertones and oaky bourbon notes add a delightful complexity to the sweetness of the tea. 

“Sweet tea’s harmony lies in the perfect spirit’s sweet embrace.” – Liquor Laboratory

This perfectly balances the smoothness of the bourbon and the refreshing nature of sweet tea. I particularly recommend the Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail for this combo. 

10. Tequila

Tequila Bottles

Infuse a touch of Mexican flair into your sweet tea by adding tequila to the mix. The vibrant and earthy tequila flavors beautifully contrast with the sweetness of the tea. 

I like this unique and refreshing blend, as the tequila’s agave essence gives a sunny beachside vibe. This combo makes for a delicious Sweet Tea Margarita.   

9. Gin

Immerse yourself in a world of botanical bliss by pairing gin with sweet tea. In this mix, I like how the herbal and floral notes of gin intertwine harmoniously with the sweetness of the tea.

If you want the botanical notes, then gin is the best alcohol to mix with sweet tea. You’ll enjoy a refreshing and sophisticated cocktail with a delicate fusion of flavors. 

For cocktail ideas, try Royal Tea or Peach Gin Iced Tea cocktails. 

8. Peach Schnapps

Bottle of De Kuyper Peach Schnapps, Glasses and a Jigger

If you want to enjoy a drink with fruity goodness, mix sweet tea with peach schnapps. Peach schnapps’ smooth and sweet flavors perfectly complement the tea’s natural sweetness. 

This delectable and refreshing blend can transport you to a sunny orchard. If you opt for this drink, I highly recommend the Summer Peach Tea cocktail. 

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7. Liqueurs

Bottles of Orange Liqueurs in Different Brands

Amplify your indulgence in sweet tea by experimenting with a variety of liqueurs. I tried sweet tea with creamy Irish cream and coffee liqueur. 

Though this mix seems weird, trust me when I say this delightful combination elevates any sweet tea experience to new heights. You can try Sweet Tea Prosecco or Mango Iced Tea. 

6. Rum

Bottles of El Dorado Rum

Ignite your taste buds with the tropical allure of rum infused into sweet tea. The smooth and caramelized notes of rum meld seamlessly with the sweetness of the tea.

I like the harmonious blend of flavors, as the rum adds a delightful depth to a refreshing sweet tea drink. My favorites include Backyard Sweet Tea and Prohibition and Sweet Tea. 

5. Spiced Rum

Bottles of Spiced Rum

If you want something warm and spicy, try the infusion of spiced rum into sweet tea. The aromatic blend of spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, mingles with the tea’s natural sweetness.

So, expect an exquisite and flavorful beverage with rich and exotic flavors. Try the Rum Iced Tea or the Warm Orange Spiced Tea in a cozy fireside gathering. Know what to mix with spiced rum here

4. Vodka

pouring absolut vodka on a jigger

Now, whenever I crave a crisp and clean twist on sweet tea, I incorporate it with vodka. The neutral yet invigorating nature of vodka seamlessly blends with the sweet tea. 

This mix creates a refreshing and versatile drink. Also, the smoothness of vodka complements the vibrant flavors of sweet tea. For this mix, I recommend trying the Sweet Tea Vodka cocktail. 

3. Amaretto

Bottle of Disaronno

If you want an Italian essence, combine the rich and nutty flavors of Amaretto with sweet tea. 

You’ll like the velvety almond essence of Amaretto, adding a luxurious touch to the sweetness of the tea.

This mix lets you savor the harmonious fusion of flavors transporting you to the romantic streets of Italy. For cocktail ideas, try the Amaretto Tea or the Amaretto Peach Tea. 

2. Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whiskey

Unleash whiskey’s bold and timeless character by infusing it into sweet tea. The smoky and complex whiskey flavors perfectly complement the tea, giving a robust and satisfying drink.

This is one of my go-to mixes, as I get to sip and savor the rich notes, intertwining with the refreshing essence of sweet tea. 

Some of my favorites include Iced Tea Cocktails and Sweet Tea Whiskey. 

1. Citrus-Flavored Vodka

absoulut citron vodka and a Glasses of cocktail drink

Elevate your sweet tea experience with citrus-flavored vodka’s zesty and refreshing twist. 

The vodka’s vibrant citrus notes harmonize with the tea’s sweetness, making a bright and invigorating combination. 

“Unlike water or wine or even Coca-Cola, sweet tea means something. It is a tell, a tradition. Sweet tea isn’t a drink, really. It’s a culture in a glass.” – Allison Glock, American Non-Fiction Writer

I like the tantalizing fusion of flavors, as the citrus adds a lively and tangy element to your sweet tea. Must-tries cocktails include Hibiscus Sweet Tea and Boozy Arnold Palmer.  


Are tea and alcohol a good mix?

Tea and alcohol can be a good mix. The sweetness and flavors of tea can complement various spirits, resulting in refreshing and harmonious drinks. 

What alcohol goes with iced tea and lemonade?

The alcohol that goes with iced tea and lemonade are vodka, rum, and bourbon [1]. Their versatility complements the refreshing flavors, offering a delightful balance between lemonade’s tartness and tea’s smoothness.

Are there any non-alcoholic options to mix with sweet tea for mocktails?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic options to mix with sweet tea for mocktails [2]. Options include fruit juices like peach, mango, or raspberry, sparkling water, herbal infusions like mint or lavender, and even soda for a fizzy twist. 

Can I mix bourbon with sweet tea?

Yes, bourbon pairs exceptionally well with sweet tea. Its rich, caramel, and vanilla notes complement the sweetness of the tea, creating a smooth and flavorful cocktail.

Is vodka a good choice for mixing with sweet tea?

Yes, vodka is a versatile option for mixing with sweet tea. It allows the sweetness of the tea to shine while adding a subtle kick of alcohol.

Can I mix rum with sweet tea?

Yes, rum can be a delicious choice for mixing with sweet tea. Both light and dark rum varieties can add depth and complexity to the drink, depending on your preference.

What type of whiskey pairs well with sweet tea?

Both bourbon and whiskey pair well with sweet tea. Bourbon adds sweetness and richness, while whiskey can provide a more robust flavor profile.

Does gin go well with sweet tea?

Yes, gin can be an interesting choice for mixing with sweet tea. Its botanical flavors can add a unique twist to the drink, creating a refreshing and complex cocktail.

Are there any flavored liqueurs that complement sweet tea?

Yes, flavored liqueurs such as peach schnapps or lemon liqueur can enhance the flavors in sweet tea cocktails. They add sweetness and depth to the drink, complementing the tea’s natural flavor.

Key Takeaways 

While you have many options to try, there’s nothing like the fusion of flavors from sweet tea and citrus-flavored vodka. 

With all the mixers I tried, the best alcohol to mix with sweet tea is any citrus-flavored vodka. I like how the citrus notes add a tangy twist to the sweet tea.

While other spirits provide unique and enjoyable blends, citrus-based vodka’s modern twist and balanced profile make it a sure winner in elevating sweet tea’s refreshing nature. 


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