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15 Best Chocolate Liqueur Brands: Indulgent Decadence (2024)

Best Chocolate Liqueur Brands

Choosing the best chocolate liqueur brands can be challenging with all the various styles and prices to suit different preferences and budgets.

So, in our meticulous assessment, we sampled the best chocolate liqueurs over ice, neat, and others chilled per their recommendations.

We aimed to explore a spectrum of flavors and textures. We looked for the silky smoothness of a top-notch syrupy chocolate liqueur and the mouth-filling richness while avoiding excessive sweetness.

Top 15 Best Chocolate Liqueur Brands

1. Mozart


Average Price: Roughly $29.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 17% ABV

Nose: Sweet, creamy cocoa, Belgian chocolate

Palate: Full-bodied creaminess, rich chocolate, smooth

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: We sampled Mozart chocolate cream liqueur neat to appreciate its flavors truly. The chocolate takes center stage, complemented by subtle hints of vanilla. 

“Modern research has shown that chocolate’s benefits are not limited to pleasure… an increasing number of studies indicate its positive impact on the mood”

-Renato Vicaro, Spirits Scholar

We particularly enjoyed the smooth, velvety cacao liqueur [1] and its slightly sweet finish. It can be enjoyed chilled or in chocolate cocktails, but we appreciate it more when sipped straight. Check out some types of liqueurs here

2. Godiva

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $23.99 (ABC Fine Wine & Spirits)

Alcohol Content: 15% ABV

Nose: Creamy, subtle alcohol, cream 

Palate: Hints of spice dark chocolate, delicate and soft white chocolate, and luscious milk chocolate 

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: We first tried Godiva chocolate liqueur neat, and the first thing that captured our senses was the aroma of hot chocolate combined with a creamy note and a hint of vanilla.

As I added ice, the smoothness of this liqueur was undeniable. It was like liquid chocolate, with a velvety texture that gently coated our palates. 

Unlike other chocolate liqueurs, the base spirit didn’t overpower other flavors, making it an ideal choice for Chocolate Martini [2], Brandy Alexander, and other cocktails. 

3. Tempus Fugit Crème De Cacao

Average Price: Roughly $37.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 24% ABV

Nose: Rich, sugar cane fragrant bourbon vanilla, hints of molasses, aromatic

Palate: Thick, syrupy, intense sweetness, buttery, luscious

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: We enjoyed the Crème De Cacao on the rocks, and the slight dilution brought out different flavor profile nuances over time. 

As we enjoyed it on the rocks, the syrupy texture remained, and it continued to offer a rich, cocoa-like experience but with a refreshing chill. Also, it can elevate cocktails to new heights of indulgence.

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4. Ballotin


Average Price: Roughly $24.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 30% ABV

Nose: Sweet, peppermint bark, Belgian chocolate, oak, rich

Palate: Smooth, chocolate fudge, oak, tasty

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Ballotin is one of the best chocolate liqueurs with just a hint of alcohol and not overly sweet taste. 

We couldn’t resist using it in cocktails, where it added a layer of complexity and a touch of sweetness.

As we poured it into a martini glass, it looked like chocolate milk complemented by hints of oak and vanilla from the whiskey– it was simply irresistible.

Aside from the original flavor, the brand offers chocolate-flavored varieties like chocolate cherry cream, mint, and peanut butter cream liqueur.

5. Dorda

Average Price: Roughly $22.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 18% ABV

Nose: Rich chocolate, velvety, indulgent, aromatic

Palate: Decadent, creamy, pure chocolate, velvety-smooth

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur is a true chocolate lover’s dream.

The aroma of chocolate greeted us, and the scent was velvety and aromatic.

Upon the first sip, it was pure chocolate bliss, with a velvety-smooth finish that left us craving more.

This exceptional liqueur combines the finest dark chocolate with Chopin vodka, resulting in an unparalleled, velvety-smooth chocolate experience.

6. Bicerin

Average Price: Roughly $14.99 (Kelly’s Liquor)

Alcohol Content: % ABV

Nose: Nutty, coffee hints, aromatic 

Palate: Creamy, hazelnut, chocolate, coffee undertones

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: As we approached our first sip, the nose welcomed us with nutty notes, hints of cocoa, and a subtle coffee aroma. 

It revealed a creamy delight, with prominent hazelnut and cocoa flavors reminiscent of the famous “giandujotto” chocolate. 

The base spirit is noticeable, and the coffee undertones added depth to our drinking experience. 

7. Baileys

Baileys Chocolate Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $21.49 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 17% ABV

Nose: Sweet, creamy, chocolate, vanilla, inviting

Palate: Smooth, indulgent, chocolate, creamy, delightful

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Baileys Chocolat Luxe combines the finest ingredients- whiskey, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate, and luscious vanilla to create a symphony of flavors.

The Irish cream danced on our taste buds, creating a delightful sensation. It was a pure, unadulterated pleasure in every sip.

We savored Baileys Chocolat Luxe neat and over ice, appreciating its simplicity and the purity of its flavors.

But we also couldn’t resist the temptation to shake the Irish cream into our cocktail shaker and make a tasty cocktail.

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8. Hotel Chocolat

Average Price: Roughly $27.78 (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 12% ABV

Nose: Deep cocoa, creamy, boozy, inviting

Palate: Smooth, decadent, cocoa, delicate sweetness, rich

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Cream liqueur is a true indulgence for the senses. Its deep cocoa notes, creamy finish, and warming boozy undertones create a delightful experience.

Unlike other chocolate liqueurs, the cocoa notes were delicate and perfectly balanced with a touch of sweetness. It was a satisfyingly rich beverage, leaving a silky finish.

The versatility of the cacao liqueur extended to cocktails as well, offering a special cocoa kick. 

9. Bottega

Bottega Chocolate Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $

Alcohol Content: 17% ABV

Nose: Cocoa, hazelnut, intense, inviting

Palate: Soft, velvety, hazelnut, balanced sweetness

Star Rating: 

Why We Like It: Upon tasting, we discovered a soft and velvety delight that is distinct and appealing,

The sweetness of milk cream balanced the flavors beautifully. The vodka base liqueur was an excellent palate cleanser and best served chilled. 

10. OM

Average Price: Roughly $40.99 (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 17.5% ABV

Nose: Rich chocolate, sugarcane, hints of agave, inviting 

Palate: Smooth, organic chocolate, versatile

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: M Chocolate Liqueur is an award-winning organic gem that combines sugarcane spirit, fair-trade chocolate, and a touch of agave nectar for sweetness.

Upon the first sip, we encountered a smooth and organic chocolate delight. The light sweetness from agave complemented the chocolate flavors, making it a well-balanced and enjoyable liqueur.

OM Chocolate Liqueur’s versatility shone through. It could be savored on its own, where its organic chocolate richness took center stage

11. Pennsylvania Dutch

Average Price: Roughly $16.99 (Ultimate Beverage Challenge)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV

Nose: Creamy milk chocolate, vanilla, toffee, hazelnut, decadent

Palate: Creamy, rich chocolate, velvety, toffee, hints of vanilla

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Pennsylvania Dutch Chocolate Cream is a true delight for chocolate lovers. 

It combines creamy milk chocolate, vanilla, toffee, and a gently roasted hazelnut finish with fresh dairy cream. We savored this decadent treat and even explored a Chocolate Martini creation.

As we approached the glass, the creamy milk chocolate aroma and hints of vanilla and toffee welcomed us.

The velvety texture and the delightful hazelnut finish added depth to the palate.

12. Sheelin

Average Price: Roughly $10.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 13.9% ABV

Nose: Creamy white chocolate, hints of whiskey, inviting

Palate: Creamy, velvety, white chocolate, whiskey

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Sheelin White Chocolate Liqueur from Ireland is a delightful treat for those who appreciate the blend of creamy white chocolate and a touch of Irish Whiskey.

The white chocolate cream flavor took center stage, creating a luscious and indulgent palate. The subtle presence of whiskey added depth without overpowering the sweetness.

13. Vicario

Average Price: Roughly $49.99 (ChipsLiquor)

Alcohol Content: 35% ABV

Nose: Rich cocoa, aromatic spices, subtle heat, inviting sweetness 

Palate: Velvety cocoa, harmonious spices, gentle chili warmth, confectionery sweetness, captivating

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: We enjoyed savoring Vicario’s Criollo Cocoa Amaro, both neat and on the rocks, allowing us to appreciate its exquisite complexity fully.

When enjoyed neat, the amaro revealed its rich and velvety character. Upon the first sip, the velvety allure of Criollo cocoa took center stage, offering a harmonious balance of flavors.

Vicario’s Criollo Cocoa Amaro maintained its exceptional profile on the rocks while introducing a gentle chill to the mix. 

14. Cocoa Bomb

Average Price: Roughly $29.95 (Heritage Distilling)

Alcohol Content: 37.5% ABV

Nose: Sweet cocoa, subtle marshmallow, cacao nibs

Palate: Smooth, decadent dark chocolate, gentle marshmallow sweetness

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Cocoa Bomb Whiskey is a delightful fusion of two beloved flavors: chocolate and whiskey.

When enjoyed neat, the nose welcomed us with the enticing aroma of sweet cacao and the richness of dark chocolate.

On the rocks, Cocoa Bomb Whiskey maintained its exceptional flavor profile. The subtle sweetness of marshmallows became even more delightful when combined with the chilled sensation.

15. Bouvery CV Chocolate Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $24.99 (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 16%

Nose: Dark chocolate, creamy cocoa, subtle vodka notes, inviting sweetness

Palate: Dark chocolate, smooth creaminess, harmonious cocoa, delightful richness

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: To conclude our chocolate liqueur roundup, we tried the Bouvery CV. The liqueur welcomed us with the enticing aroma of rich dark chocolate, complemented by creamy cocoa notes.

Subtle hints of gluten-free corn vodka added an intriguing layer, while the inviting sweetness set the stage for a memorable tasting experience.

“Chocolatiers turn cocoa into art, and chocolate liqueurs into indulgence”

-Liquor Laboratory

The creaminess of cocoa added to the delight. It blended seamlessly with other flavorings, enhancing the overall cocktail experience.

Note: The star rating was determined based on a blind test, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Rankings are subjective, reflecting taste, popularity, and expert reviews. Each liqueur was ranked based on flavor complexity, smoothness, versatility in mixology, and popular consensus among enthusiasts.


What is the difference between chocolate liquor and chocolate liqueur?

Chocolate liquor is a cocoa product containing cocoa solids and cocoa butter but no alcohol [3]. 
On the other hand, chocolate liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that combines a base liquor like whiskey or vodka with chocolate flavoring.

Do you drink chocolate liqueur straight?

Yes, chocolate liqueur can be enjoyed straight, typically served at room temperature or slightly chilled as a dessert or after-dinner drink.

Can you get drunk on liqueur chocolates?

You can’t get drunk on liqueur chocolates [4]. It typically contains a small amount of alcohol, and the quantity consumed is usually insufficient to get a person drunk.

What are some popular cocktails made with chocolate liqueur?

Some popular cocktails featuring chocolate liqueur include the Chocolate Martini, Chocolate White Russian, Chocolate Mudslide, and Chocolate Espresso Martini.

How can unique chocolate liqueurs be enjoyed?

These liqueurs can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including sipping them neat, over ice, or mixed into cocktails. They can also be used in creative ways in desserts or paired with complementary flavors to enhance their unique profiles.

Do chocolate liqueurs contain artificial flavors or colors?

It depends on the brand and specific product. Many high-quality chocolate liqueurs use natural ingredients and flavors, but it’s always a good idea to check the label if you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

Can unique chocolate liqueurs be used in traditional recipes?

Absolutely! While they may offer unique flavor profiles, these liqueurs can often be substituted for traditional chocolate liqueurs in recipes for cocktails, desserts, and savory dishes to add an interesting twist to familiar favorites.

In Conclusion

People love chocolate liqueurs because they combine rich, indulgent chocolate with the enjoyable kick of alcohol. It’s like having a tasty dessert and a fun drink all in one. 

With its meticulously crafted cream chocolate liqueur, Mozart chocolate cream liqueur encapsulates the essence of luxury and refinement, making it a top choice for those seeking the finest chocolate liqueur experience.

Its full-bodied and creamy texture is complemented by the aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa, creating a harmonious blend that captivates the palate.


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