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10 Best Orange Liqueur: Zesty Flavors for Your Cocktails

Best Orange Liqueur

Orange liqueur is a flavorful and versatile spirit that has long been a favorite among bartenders and home cooks, adding a delightful citrusy twist to a wide range of cocktails, marinades, and booze desserts. 

The best orange liqueur can significantly impact a drink’s overall taste and aroma. 

So, to bring you the most informed recommendation, we’ve tried some of the most popular orange liqueur brands that claim to elevate cocktails and dishes to new heights. 

Top 10 Best Orange Liqueur To Try

1. Agavero Orange Liqueur

Agavero Orange Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $21.99 (Total Wine

Alcohol Content: 32% ABV 

Nose: Citrus zest, agave, hints of orange blossom, subtle herbal notes, and a touch of tropical fruit

Palate: Bright orange, rich agave sweetness, balanced by zesty citrus, warm tequila undertones, and a subtle honey-like finish

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: When sipped neat, Agavero gave us a delightful experience with its vibrant, ripe citrus and agave notes dancing on the palate. 

“It blends the zest of fresh oranges with the smooth and velvety character of the liqueur.” -Alfred Cointreau, Heritage Manager

We also tried it in Margarita, and Agavero truly shines, infusing the classic drink with a refreshing burst of orange flavor. 

2. Bauchant Orange Liqueur

Bauchant Orange Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $28.99 (Total Wine

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Fresh oranges and tangerines, citrusy brightness, and subtle sweetness

Palate: Sweet and bitter tangerine, caramel, butterscotch, and nuanced sweetness

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Bauchant Orange Liqueur greets the senses with an enticing fruitiness and citrus brightness. The fruity notes are lively and inviting, evoking the essence of freshly picked oranges.

Since it has a notably high alcohol content, we sampled Bauchant on the rocks, and the slow melting of ice allowed me to savor its complexity and elegance.

The interplay of bitter and sweet oranges added layers of complexity that kept me intrigued with each sip.

3. Bols Triple Sec 30 Proof

Bols Triple Sec 30 Proof

Average Price: Roughly $12.95 (MSRP) 

Alcohol Content: 15% ABV 

Nose: Citrusy, fragrant, and somewhat bittersweet 

Palate: Prominent citrus hints and dried orange peels 

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: When enjoyed neat, Bols Triple Sec showcases the essence of orange curacao from the Caribbean Island with its citrusy and bitter orange flavor. 

It’s a flavorful sipper perfect for those who appreciate the pure taste of flavorful liqueur. Also, Bols Triple Sec transforms into a more mellow, smooth drink on the rocks. 

Unlike DIY orange liqueurs [1], this Triple Sec is one of the best orange liqueurs for your favorite cocktails because it has enough sugar and citrus flavoring.

4. Grand Garonne

Grand Garonne

Average Price: Roughly $23.99 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Subtle orange peel, hints of sweet chocolate 

Palate: Rich, full-bodied, intense, bitter orange peel, candied orange zest, and vanilla bean from the cognac base spirit. 

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Grand Garonne is one of the most luxurious, sophisticated orange liqueurs that won us over because of its complexity and full-bodied character. 

It has become our go-to choice for crafting a Cadillac Margarita, where the deeper flavor truly elevates the cocktail. The boldness is evident because it contains 40% of neutral grain spirits. 

Moreover, the fact that it offers a fantastic alternative to Grand Marnier at a reasonable price makes it all the more appealing. 

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5. Clément Créole Shrubb

Bottle of Clément Créole Shrubb

Average Price: Roughly $39.99 (MSRP) 

Alcohol Content: 18% ABV 

Nose: Inviting citrus notes, warm spices, and aged rum

Palate: Bright, lively, sun-dried orange peels and Caribbean spices

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Clément Créole Shrubb stands out in the world of orange liqueurs thanks to its bright and spicy neutral spirit backbone that sets it apart. 

We like it the best in our favorite cocktail, Margarita, where it adds an extra layer of complexity and elegance. 

We’ve also explored its versatility by adding it to a glass of Champagne, elevating the drink’s simplicity to a new level of sophistication.


6. Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur

Bottle of Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $20.99 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 35% ABV 

Nose: Bitter, sweet, orange, and agave nectar

Palate: Fresh, bitter oranges, sugar beets 

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: The sweet liqueur consistently impressed us with its vibrant orange essence, and I was particularly drawn to its versatility. 

The slightly evident base spirit adds a delightful kick, and the fresh orange taste makes tropical drinks tastier. Since then, Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur has become a staple in my home bar. 

7. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

Average Price: Roughly $29.99 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Fruity, citrusy, candied orange, toasted wood, floral.

Palate: Bitter, sweet, candied orange, hazelnut, almonds, marzipan.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Like It: Pierre Ferrand has become our go-to choice for cocktails requiring dry curacao oranges, surpassing other brands. 

Unlike other orange-flavored liqueurs, the brandy-based liqueur [2] with orange flavoring from orange curacao doesn’t overpower the fruitiness or sweetness. 

Since it is aged in oak casks, we’ve found it particularly well-suited for classic cocktails like Sidecars, Mai Tais, and Margaritas. 

8. DeKuyper 03 Premium Orange Liqueur

DeKuyper 03 Premium Orange Liqueur

Average Price: Roughly $34.99 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Exotic orange, aromatic, inviting.

Palate: Rich and vibrant orange, not overly sweet, candied orange peel notes, delightful sweetness 

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: DeKuyper 03 has quickly earned its place as a top choice on our liquor shelf.

We’ve replaced standard triple sec with this liqueur in our cocktails, and the difference is remarkable. It doesn’t have the overly sweet and diluted quality often associated with Triple Sec. 

With its prominent orange peel taste, we’ve found it to be a perfect companion for cognac or French brandy. 

9. Cointreau


Average Price: Roughly $32.99 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Citrusy, zesty, aromatic, inviting, fresh

Palate: Strong orange, balanced sweetness, smooth, genuine, versatile

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: Cointreau has firmly secured its place in our liquor cabinet, and for good reason. It stands as a testament to quality and affordability. 

Its rich and authentic orange flavor makes it a versatile companion for mixology enthusiasts and those who appreciate a delightful sipper.

Cointreau strikes a harmonious balance, satisfying the palate without overwhelming it with sweetness. 

Moreover, Cointreau’s lighter profile makes it a versatile cocktail choice, providing room for creativity in crafting a wide range of libations.

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10. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

Average Price: Roughly $28.49 (Total Wine) 

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Nose: Candied zest, accompanied by the warmth of vanilla from the cognac

Palate: Full and generous palate, oranges, hazelnuts and toffee

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Like It: We first experienced Grand Marnier in Grand Margarita. The Grand Marnier has a citrusy nose and orange palate, elevating the drink to a new level of sophistication. 

“Life is too short for ordinary cocktails; choose your orange liqueur wisely.” -Liquor Laboratory

We’ve also enjoyed Grand Marnier neat, savoring the interplay of flavors. We tried it in deserts, which adds a touch of elegance.

Note: The star rating was determined based on a blind test, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Rankings are subjective, reflecting taste, popularity, and expert reviews. Each liqueur was ranked based on personal taste, regional variations, and the context of consumption.


What is the best orange liqueur for Martinis?

Cointreau is an excellent choice for Martinis, particularly for those looking to add a touch of orange flavor to the classic cocktail. 
Its balanced sweetness and strong, genuine orange essence create a delightful and well-rounded cocktail.

What’s the best orange liqueur for a Margarita?

DeKuyper 03 is undoubtedly a high-quality orange liqueur for Margarita. 
The liqueur enhances the vibrant aspects of the cocktail while providing a refined distilled essence that elevates the overall taste [3]. It also works on tropical cocktails but on the sweeter side. 

Are orange liqueur and triple sec the same?

Orange liqueur and triple sec are not precisely the same, although they share some similarities. 
Orange liqueur is a broad category, while triple sec is one of the types of orange liqueur [4]. 
Most orange liqueurs tend to be made from a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels, alcohol, and sugar. 
Triple sec liqueur (triple dry) is characterized by its clarity, moderate sweetness, and strong orange flavor, often used in cocktails.

What are some popular cocktails made with orange liqueur?

Popular cocktails made with orange liqueur include the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sidecar, Mai Tai, and the Kamikaze, among others.

Can orange liqueur be used in cooking?

Yes, orange liqueur can be used in cooking to add flavor to desserts such as cakes, cookies, and sauces. It can also be used in savory dishes like marinades and glazes for meats and poultry.

How should orange liqueur be stored?

Orange liqueur should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator, depending on personal preference.

Are there non-alcoholic alternatives to orange liqueur?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic alternatives to orange liqueur such as orange extract or orange-flavored syrups. These can be used to replicate the flavor of orange liqueur in cocktails and recipes.

In Conclusion

Agavero Orange Liqueurs have an authentic and delightful flavor profile that has left an indelible mark on our mixology and culinary adventures.

Its fusion of blue agave tequila, orange essence, and agave nectar creates a uniquely refreshing and vibrant orange liqueur. 

Its versatility in cocktails, particularly margaritas, and its ability to elevate culinary creations make it a standout choice.

The classic appeal of Cointreau and the premium quality of DeKuyper 03 Premium Orange Liqueur are also some of the best orange liqueurs that have been a staple for many bartenders. 


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