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10 Best Liquor Stores For Bourbon Listed (2024 Updated)

Best Liquor Stores For Bourbon

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Lydia Martin

In the liquor world, many stores provide you access to various spirits. And as these shops continue to increase over time, it gets more difficult to find which store to buy your favorite bourbon whiskey. 

Fortunately, we found the best liquor stores for bourbon. Check them out here.

Top 10 Liquor Stores For Bourbon 

10. Warehouse Liquors

Warehouse Liquors

Address: 634 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 

Contact Number: (312) 663-1850

Why It’s Worth The Visit: This shop compiled a good selection of bourbon spirits and whiskeys in the South Loop Chicago. Their inventory is meticulously curated, and this store picks every single barrel privately, which is the core of their store. 

Also, you’ll love their friendly staff, who are flavor geeks. They can help you find bottles and recommend the best possible drink according to your liking. 

9. Liquor Park

Liquor Park

Address: 1937 West North Avenue Chicago, IL 

Contact Number: (773) 360-5536

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Situated in West North Chicago, Liquor Park is passionate about bringing the best-crafted beverages. 

With 20 years of serving in the alcohol industry, they’ve curated a good selection of unique, cult-favorite beers and world-class spirits you can’t easily find anywhere else like Eagle Rare bourbon

 Also, they give killer recommendations that suit your budget, palate, and event.  

8. Bourbon Liquor Store

Bourbon Liquor Store

Address: 210 W Center St Bourbon IN

Contact Number: (574) 363-1127

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Bourbon Liquor Store features the largest selection of whiskey and many other spirits at reasonable prices.

They partnered with the best-licensed retailers to offer you various brands of whiskey like Maker’s Mark, Four Roses Single Barrel, Barrell Dovetail, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and more at a lesser price. 

Regardless of your location, you can purchase your favorite bourbon and make your favorite cocktail in the comfort of your home. You can shop online through their online store and get a free gift note as a special offering. 

7. Uncork It!

Uncork It!

Address: 393 East Illinois Street Chicago, IL

Contact Number: (312) 321-9400

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Uncork It! is worth visiting as there are diverse spirits options. You can easily find what you’re looking for in their categories: Current Specials, New Arrivals, and Tasting & Events. 

They offer summer drinks to add summertime flavor to your recipes. What’s more interesting is that you can use a 10% OFF coupon if you’re a new customer when you buy online. 

6. Gaslight Wines & Spirits

Gaslight Wines & Spirits

Address: 4177 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 

Contact Number: (901) 452-8743

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Spirit lovers love Gaslight Wines & Spirits not only because of the store-picked spirits but also the knowledgeable and friendly staff. 

They can sample several spirits while giving customers hints of new bottle releases. They have a good selection of bourbons like Eagle Rare, Jim Beam, and more. 

5. Busters


Address: 191 S Highland St. Memphis TN 

Contact Number: (901) 458-0929

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Buster’s shelf does not only offer liquor, beer, etc. You can find food and drinking accessories, too. You can purchase any bourbon drink from Buster’s Barrel Picks like Blue Note bourbon, Bulleit Single Barrel, George Dickel, etc. 

Typically, you can find food and booze in line with your tasting preferences from their New Arrivals, Top-Rated, and On-sale products. 

Though locals of Memphis, Tennessee, are their frequent customers, drinkers from other locations have visited this store to search for the best spirit possible. 

4. Corks & Bottles

Corks & Bottles

Address: 2010 Birch Road 105 Chula Vista, CA

Contact Number: (858) 360-7658

Why It’s Worth The Visit: If you are searching for a bottle of aged bourbon or your favorite craft brew, we suggest checking out this shop in Chula Vista, CA.

You can expect a fantastic selection of tequila, wine, and whiskey. They mostly have the liquor that everybody would need – stored properly on their shelf. 

Whether you want to award yourself after a long work week or celebrate your friend’s first out-of-the-country trip, they may have the spirit to accompany you to celebrate! But what’s a store-pick bourbon?

3. Total Wine

Total Wine

Address: Location across 27 US States 

Contact Number: (855) 328-9463

Why It’s Worth The Visit: This is America’s superstore, the largest fine wine retailer. Though they focus more on wines, they offer other distilled spirits [1] like beers, bourbons, and Scotch (from local to international brands). 

The company owner, the Trone brothers, commits to providing you with the best wine selection – emphasizing fine wines. 

Also, they built a special relationship with various distilleries like Heaven Hill distillery in Louisville – the largest single-site distillery in American whiskey. This is to bring the drinks to you at a discounted price. 

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2. Kirby Wines & Liquors

Kirby Wines & Liquors

Address: 2865 Kirby Road Memphis, TN 38119

Contact Number: (901) 756-1993

Why It’s Worth The Visit: Kirby is worth visiting in-store or online as they sell various products from wines, spirits, beers, and gifts and accessories. For bourbon, Kirby sells light proof to strong spirits (160 to 190 proof). 

When buying online, you can filter your search depending on your location – allowing you to choose from the available products. The owner, Woodard, ensures to offer you a wide range of inventory from different distilleries to meet your demand.  

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1. State Line Liquors

State Line Liquors

Address: 1610 Elkton Road Elkton MD

Contact Number: 1-800-446-9463

Why It’s Worth The Visit: State Line Liquors can be the go-to place for fine wines, specialty beers, and great spirits. Aside from their incredible selection of beers and spirits, they have an unbeatable service level with exceptional staff expertise. 

They organize tasting events to help you familiarize their shop’s products. It includes Small Batch [2], Kentucky Vintage, Johnny Drum, Legent, Barrel Bomb, and more. 


Where can I buy rare bourbon in Michigan?

You can buy rare bourbon in Michigan from Royal Spirits & Wines (at Royal Oak) and Total Wine (at Grand Rapids).  

Is it easier to find rare bourbons in Kentucky?

Yes, it’s easier to find rare bourbons in Kentucky as they have many bourbons stock to sell, specifically in Louisville – the great place to start the Bourbon Trail.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best liquor shops to buy bourbon. Located in different parts of the country, these shops may have everything you’re looking for – from local to international brands of booze. You don’t have to search everywhere else to find your favorite spirit. 

So aside from the Bourbon Trail, the location of fancy and famous distilleries (like Heaven Hill), you can find more shops in other parts of the US. These locations let you choose from a variety and meticulously store-picked spirits. 


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