Who Makes Kirkland Hard Seltzer? Answered (2023 Updated)

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If you like drinking hard seltzer, even on a normal working day, Kirkland Hard Seltzer at Costco will save the day. This brand has been hitting the shelves since its launch. 

There are many major brands behind Kirkland, and perhaps you wonder who makes Kirkland Hard Seltzer at Costco. 

We found the answer, so keep reading.

The Company Behind Kirkland Seltzer

Patco Brands

Our research shows that Patco Brands is behind the Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer.

Many assume that Kirkland’s hard seltzer and the famous White Claw brand are made by the same company because they have comparable design packaging and taste.

This strategic collaboration with its manufacturer created another hit for Kirkland’s alcoholic beverage category. But how many White Claws can get you drunk?

What’s Patco Brands? 

Patco Brands is a family-owned company that imports, distributes, and offers strategic marketing and production in Hood River, Oregon, and throughout the US.

It’s the company behind the Kirkland Hard Seltzer Variety Pack at Costco; that’s why Kirkland and Mystic Reef share the same four similar flavors.

However, Costco is not very open about its partnership with Patco Brands, unlike what they have with Kirkland brand beer. 

But how many Truly Hard Seltzers can get you drunk?

Where Is Kirkland Hard Seltzer Made?

Hood River, OregonAlthough Patco Brands have a distribution center across the US, Kirkland Hard Seltzer Variety Pack at Costco is speculated to be made in Hood River, Oregon.

The hard seltzer Kirkland signature products are made with only 100 calories, 2g of carbs, 2g of sugar, and 5% alcohol content, comparable to other hard seltzer brands [1].

These hard seltzers from Patco are exclusively available at Costco. But you need a Costco membership to buy Kirkland Hard Seltzer and get huge discounts on the Kirkland brand hard seltzer and other beverages like beer.


4 Kirkland Hard Seltzer Flavors

4 Kirkland Hard Seltzer Flavors


Kirkland Signature Mango Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer, created by Patco Brand, has a robust fruity flavor of ripe apricot, mango, and peach. This flavor is being compared to the White Claw brand.

But this spiked carbonated water is a 100-calorie drink with a dramatic entrance of full-bodied, acidic, fruity richness taste.

It delivers mostly natural flavors that entice your palate with no bitter flavor profile. It has a tart finish that provides a nice and refreshing balanced taste. 

Black Cherry

Kirkland Hard Seltzer Black Cherry

One of the flavors of Kirkland Hard Seltzer is Black Cherry. Upfront, you will smell the bold flavor of the cherry bubblegum with notes of raspberry. 

It gives you indulgence with all the sweetness, rich, and long-lasting flavor but has low carb content.


Kirkland Grapefruit Hard Seltzer is made fragrant, flavorful, and fun. Not everyone like this fruit as a flavor in their drinks. But Patco Brands leveled up the game with this fruit for Kirkland, making it comparable to other brands like White Claw. 

This hard seltzer has a fun flavor of lemon sponge cake, with hints of coconut, yogurt, and lime cordial. It has the aromas of lemon-lime soda, orange, and subtle papaya. 

But how long do hard seltzers last?


Kirkland Hard Seltzer Lime

The lime flavor in Kirkland Hard Seltzer is a perfect combination if you’re into a bubbly Margarita. 

Similar to White Claw lime flavor, its lemon-lime soda aroma makes it a classic one that’s perfect for a timeless cocktail. The citrusy flavor of lime-spritzed mango and hints of pineapple makes it a tasty seltzer treat for everyone.

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Is Kirkland Hard Seltzer made with vodka?

No, Kirkland Hard Seltzer is neither made with vodka nor any distilled spirit like vodka. It has only purified carbonated water, natural cane sugar, alcohol, and natural flavors.

What are Kirkland seltzers compared to?

Kirkland Hard Seltzers are being compared to popular seltzer drinks such as Mystic Reef brand with the same flavors, Bud Light Seltzer, and the famous White Claw Hard Seltzer. Many claim Kirkland Hard Seltzer tastes like White Claw’s cheaper version [2].

Is Kirkland Hard Seltzer gluten-free?

Yes, Kirkland Hard Seltzer is gluten-free and is low in calories, sugar, and carbs. It is made of fermented sugar base or cane sugars and no-gluten ingredients. Kirkland Hard Seltzers are safe for those who can’t consume and drink gluten.

Final Verdict

Based on extensive research, Patco Brands makes the Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer in their production facility in Hood River, Oregon.

Costco shoppers instantly fell in love with the Kirkland Hard Seltzer in four flavors: Mango, Black Cherry, Lime, and Grapefruit. It continues to soar against other brands, becoming a hit in the hard seltzer market. 

Its lower and unbeatable price of 24-pack for around $17.99 (four-flavor) is quite comparable to the roughly $14.99 12-pack of White Claw without compromising its taste and proper packaging.

Pick up some next time at your local Costco Wholesale branch before they sell out again. 



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