Old Elk Bourbon Bottle Price Guide (2023 Updated)

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Old Elk bourbon has won multiple gold awards from different prestigious award-giving bodies in the spirits world.

It has a pretty unique production process than a typical bourbon because it has a higher proportion of malted barley and undergoes a slower proofing process. 

Today, let’s go over the Old Elk bourbon price and some interesting facts about this unique bourbon whiskey. Read on. 

What’s Old Elk Bourbon?

Old Elk Bourbon

Old Elk bourbon is not a sourced whiskey. The liquid Old Elk obtained from MGP was created by Master Distiller Greg Metze as a custom mash bill for the brand when he was a master distiller at MGP. Greg eventually left MGP to join Old Elk. 

Old Elk was founded in 2013 by Curt Richardson, and with the help of the former Master Distiller of MGP, their expressions are widely accepted today.

The bourbon whiskey contains four times more malted barley than a standard bourbon whiskey for a lighter and sweet flavor profile.

Also, Old Elk uses slow-cut proofing to add richness and smoothness to the character of their bourbon whiskey. 

Today, Old Elk continues to contract MGP for custom mash bills. However, they do not purchase a standard product from MGP and label it as their own.

Key Facts

Key Facts

History & Origin

Old Elk was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Curt Richardson, who decided to try craft distilling. To begin with, Richardson and his team do not have prior experience with the distillation process, so they started with a few stills for small production. 

The brand pays homage to Fort Collins’ history between 1896 and 1969, wherein Northern Colorado prohibited the distribution and sale of alcohol. 

How It’s Made

Old Elk with glass

Old Elk bourbon transcends tradition by using a slow-cut proofing process in bottling proof, wherein the proofing process takes several weeks instead of the conventional one to two days. 

Aging Process & Age Statement

The age statement of the bourbon whiskey is the youngest whiskey blended in the bottle at the time of bottling [1]. By law, any bourbon younger than four years is required to bear an age statement. 

For Old Elk bourbons, the age statement can be seen on the back label. Based on their official website, they mature their straight bourbon whiskeys for at least four years, while the wheated bourbon is aged for five years. 

Also, since it is a bourbon whiskey, it should be aged in new charred oak barrels [2]. 

Mash Bill & Alcohol Content

Rye Grains

The Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon contains higher malted barley than a typical bourbon, and its mash bill content is as follows: 51% corn, 34% malted barley, and 15% rye. Also, it contains 44% ABV or 88 proof. 

On the other hand, the Straight Wheated bourbon whiskey contains 51% corn, 45% wheat, and 4% malted barley. The wheated bourbon contains 46% ABV or 92 proof. 

Ownership & Distillery

Old Elk is owned and founded by Curt Richardson, and he is also the Founder of Otter Products and Co-Founder of Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc.

The Old Elk Distillery is Fort Collins-based and works as a production facility. 

Currently, Old Elk is teamed up with Midwest Grain Products (MGP) in Indiana, Woody Creek in Basalt, Colorado, and an unnamed distiller in New York. 

Old Elk Bourbon Variants

Old Elk Bourbon Variants

Blended Straight Bourbon

The Old Elk Blended Straight bourbon contains high malted barley on its mash bill, four times more than the traditional bourbon.

It is aged five years in new charred oak barrels and has a rich flavor and bourbon character from rye, malted barley, and corn. 

Straight Wheated Bourbon

Old Elk Straight Wheated Bourbon

The Old Elk Straight Wheated bourbon has a well-balanced flavor profile because of its rich wheat mash bill recipe. It is aged for at least five years in new charred oak barrels for a smooth, layered, sweet whiskey

Tasting Notes 

Tasting Notes 

  • PalateAlmond, deep wood, coconut, maple syrup, raw bran, and chocolate
  • Color/HueGolden to dark amber
  • NoseSweet vanilla, clove spice, slight maple, caramel, and nutty almond
  • FinishSmooth, rich, long-lasting, and lingering finish

Common Old Elk Bourbon Price

Common Old Elk Bourbon Price

Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon  750 ml 44% Around $52.99
Old Elk Straight Wheated Bourbon 750 ml 46% Around $69.99

*Average prices are based on Drizly. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.

Compared to Other Bourbons

Compared to Other Bourbons

Weller Bourbon

Weller Bourbon

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for Old Elk Wheated bourbon, you can try the Weller bourbon by W.L. Weller. For around $59.99 in Drizly online, you can taste Weller bourbon’s exceptionally smooth, sweet, and rich flavor profile. 

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Maker’s Mark can be your go-to choice if you want a budget-friendly wheat bourbon. For approximately $31.99 in Drizly online, you can taste the less-spicy bourbon that is cheaper than Old Elk. 

Larceny Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon is the cheapest wheated bourbon compared to the two bottles above. A 750ml Larceny bourbon is shy of $29, almost twice the price of one Old Elk.

It has a smooth and hard-to-resist taste because it uses wheat instead of rye on its mash bill. 

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Popular Old Elk Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Popular Old Elk Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Whiskey Sour

Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 2 oz Old Elk bourbon
  • 0.75 oz simple syrup
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • Edible flower and angostura bitters (garnish)


In a cocktail shaker without ice, mix all the ingredients and dry shake. Strain in a cocktail glass and top it off with bitters and flowers. 

Serving: 1


How do you drink Old Elk bourbon?

You can drink Old Elk bourbon neat, on the rocks, or as cocktails. Bourbon is a versatile spirit, and you can drink it based on your preference. However, you can try a wide array of cocktail recipes with bourbon that you can find on Old Elk’s website.

What can you mix with Old Elk bourbon?

You can mix the Old Elk bourbon with fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, or Mexican coke. Also, mix it with Fever-Tree ginger beer, coke, hot apple cider, or agave because it complements well with the flavors. 

Final Thoughts

Old Elk bourbon is a great bourbon whiskey with a smooth and great flavor profile. For around $52.99, you can enjoy and taste the unique flavor profile of Old Elk bourbon. 

The exceptional slow-cut proofing process separates the bourbon from the rest of the traditionally made whiskey on the market today. The high malted barley content on the bourbon makes the whiskey more remarkable. 



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