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10 Best Non Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks In A Can (2024)

Best NonCarbonated Alcoholic Drinks In A Can

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The choices for best non carbonated alcoholic drinks in convenient cans have expanded, offering a delightful alternative to traditional carbonated options.

Due to the increasing demand for these drinks, new variants are being introduced in the market– bottled and canned, so finding the best non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in a can is more challenging.

We organized a dedicated tasting event to try various canned beverages to explore the depth of flavors and options available.

10 Best Non Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks In A Can (Most Voted)

1. Triple Spice Margarita Party Can

best non carbonated alcoholic drinks - Triple Spice Margarita Party Can, best non carbonated alcoholic drinks in a can

Average Price: around $29.99 /1.75L (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV 

Why We Like It: The Party Can’s Triple Spice Margarita has received the most votes for being the best non-carbonated alcoholic drink as it allows us to savor the combination of reposado and Blanco tequila.

But besides tequila, other ingredients like orange juice and fresh lime juice with a subtle triple spice blend (chili pepper, cinnamon, and ginger) left us wanting more. 

This ready-to-drink beverage surprised us with its complexity, as the balance of flavors was expertly crafted and tasted just as good as if a skilled bartender mixed them.

2. NOCA Boozy Lemonade

NOCA Boozy Lemonade

Average Price: around $21.99 /12-pack (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Another tasty non-carbonated drink from NOC is the Boozy Lemonade, and if you’re not into peach, you should try this classic lemonade. 

It has the right balance of tartness and sweetness that will bring you back from the traditional, refreshing, smooth lemonade you used to be drinking. 

The lemon twists and its little booze will let you savor the fruity note while still getting some alcohol. You can enjoy the sweetness without the guilt of extra calories.

3. NOCA Peach

3 cans of NOCA Peach

Average Price: around $18 /12-pack (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV 

Why We Like It: NOCA Peach, among other variants, is our favorite non-carbonated drink, and it has been our go-to alternative for hard seltzers and craft beer

Unlike beer, it only has a 94-calorie content, suitable for those on a low-carb diet. You can drink this anytime and anywhere and love its fruity flavor. 

This award-winning refreshing drink is tasty and smooth with a hint of alcohol [1]. Unlike other non carbonated drinks, it does not contain high fructose corn syrup but uses cane sugar instead.

4. Nude Hard Tea Variety

3 cans of Nude Hard Tea Variety

Average Price: around $15.99-$17.99 /12-pack (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Nude Hard Tea is a ready-to-drink malt-flavored drink that’s sweetener- and sugar-free. The Nude Hard Iced Tea is non-carbonated, brewed in black tea, and caffeine-free.

Other flavors include peach, lemon, and raspberry, which are zero sugar.

Also, Nude’s product line contains gin soda, hard iced tea, hard seltzer, vodka soda, and tequila soda. 

So, aside from the fruity flavor of their non-carbonated drinks, it has a nice kick of alcohol from its ingredients.

This non-carbonated drink is highly recommended if you want a sugar-free but tasty ready-to-drink beverage.

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5. Cut Water White Russian

close up shot of Cut Water White Russian in can

Average Price: around $16.99 /8-pack (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 14% ABV 

Why We Like It: Cut Water White Russian is a twist on a traditional non-carbonated recipe made in the USA. 

“This is exactly the drink you want in your hand this winter, and tastes especially awesome when you’re wearing your favorite bathrobe.”

— Yuseff Chemey, Master Distiller/Co-founder of Cutwater Spirits 

This award-winning blend features vodka [2] and coffee cream liqueur with a big amount of chocolate and vanilla flavors. 

Also, it has notes of newly brewed coffee, vanilla ice cream, and a bit of a cone waffle.

Unlike other canned drinks, it contains coffee cream liqueur, which seems like a canned dessert with quite a punch of alcohol. 

6. Surfside Iced Tea

Surfside Iced Tea in can with 2 glasses

Average Price: around $9.99 /4-pack (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Many iced teas, these days, are loaded with sugar and malt liquor, but after drinking the Surfside Iced Tea, we initially planned to gatekeep it but decided to spill the tea.

This non-carbonated beverage is uniquely crafted with Stateside Vodka. Though it has 100 calories per can, it is a sure winner regarding flavors and character. 

Besides, its vodka alcohol content is slightly lower than other non-carbonated drinks on this list. So, expect a unique taste and profile to keep you looking for more. 

7. Twisted Tea Half & Half

Twisted Tea Half & Half in can and a glass

Average Price: around $18.99 /12-pack (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Another variant from Boston Beer Company is this Twisted Tea Half & Half.

It combines the two classics– iced tea and lemonade– for those who love something a little extra. The fruit juice is noticeable in every sip, and the sugar content is right.

It can be your everyday drink as, unlike other non carbonated drinks, it is refreshing with the right amount of alcohol. If you’ve tried the Twisted Tea Original, you should take advantage of this one. 

8. Crook and Marker Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita  

Crook and Marker Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita  in can

Average Price: around $16.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: This refreshing drink has organic tequila, real fruit juice, and other ingredients like sweet and salty strawberry and hibiscus flavors

It has a perfect balance of sweet and salty and will satisfy you. It is an excellent drink if you want a ready-to-drink margarita cocktail but need more time to spare.

The notes of hibiscus and strawberry enhance tequila flavors—so this a tasty and fruity non-carbonated beverage with a touch of alcohol. 

9. Arnie’s Spiked Lemonade

Arnie's Spiked Lemonade with lemons

Average Price: around $3.49 /24oz. (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Arnie’s Spiked Lemonade is a non-carbonated, hard lemonade– made with real squeezed fruit juice.

Its refreshing and flavorful taste makes it perfect for any time of the day. It does not have carbon dioxide, so the flavors are very evident.

This drink’s sweet and tart balance leads to a refreshing taste, making this a go-to beverage while enjoying time with friends or relaxing alone. 

10. Twisted Tea Original

hand holding Twisted Tea Original in can

Average Price: around $18.99 /12-pack (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV 

Why We Like It: This Boston Beer Company’s Twisted Tea Original is made with a blend of malt base alcohol and is a refreshing drink you can enjoy over ice or chilled, just like soda.

It is made from various components such as black tea, alcohol, and natural flavorings, but I like to drink it with a spike of orange juice and lots of ice.

“No bubbles, no distractions – just the pure essence of exquisite taste in every can.”

-Liquor Laboratory

This Twisted Tea Original is a smooth, refreshing, hard iced tea with a natural lemon twist. This non-carbonated drink is naturally sweetened with a low ABV. But does Twisted Tea contain caffeine?

Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks are not packed with fizzy, bubbly, carbonated additions to the spirit. 

These beverages make interesting options by combining alcohol with other ingredients such as lime water, mint water, and juices. 

And due to the increasing demand for these drinks, new variants are being introduced in the market– bottled and canned. 

If you’re looking for ready-to-drink beverages you can enjoy anywhere, check out the best non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in a can. Let’s start. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are non-carbonated alcoholic drinks?

Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks are beverages that do not contain carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which is responsible for carbonation or fizziness in many alcoholic beverages like beer, sparkling wine, or fizzy cocktails. Instead, non-carbonated alcoholic drinks have a flat or still texture, similar to still water or juice, without any bubbles.
These beverages can include a wide range of alcoholic drinks, such as:

Spirits: Straight spirits like vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, and tequila are inherently non-carbonated as they do not contain added carbonation. They are often consumed neat (straight), on the rocks (with ice), or used as a base for mixed drinks.

Wine: Still wines, including red, white, and rosé wines, are non-carbonated alcoholic beverages. They are made through the fermentation of grape juice without the addition of carbonation. Still wines can vary in sweetness, body, and flavor profile depending on factors such as grape variety, region, and winemaking techniques.

Fortified Wines: Fortified wines like sherry, port, and Madeira are non-carbonated wines that have been fortified with distilled spirits, typically brandy, to increase their alcohol content and stability. These wines may range from dry to sweet and are often enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Liqueurs: Liqueurs are sweetened spirits flavored with herbs, fruits, spices, or other botanicals. They can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used as ingredients in cocktails. Liqueurs are typically non-carbonated unless specifically formulated to contain bubbles, such as sparkling liqueurs.

Canned Cocktails: Canned cocktails have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenient and portable options for enjoying mixed drinks on the go. While some canned cocktails may be carbonated, there are also non-carbonated options available, typically featuring a pre-mixed combination of spirits and mixers in a ready-to-drink format.

How to tell if alcoholic drinks in a can are non-carbonated?

To determine if alcoholic drinks in a can are non-carbonated, you can check the product labeling or description for indications of carbonation. Look for terms such as “still,” “flat,” or “non-carbonated” to identify beverages that do not contain added carbonation.

Additionally, you can examine the ingredient list on the packaging to see if carbon dioxide or other carbonating agents are listed. If the ingredient list does not include carbonating agents, it’s likely that the beverage is non-carbonated.

Finally, you can visually inspect the beverage inside the can. Non-carbonated drinks will appear still and flat, without any bubbles or fizziness present. If the liquid appears clear and still when poured, it is likely non-carbonated.

What Are Some Popular Non-Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks Available in Cans?

Some popular non-carbonated alcoholic drinks available in cans include:
Canned Wine: Canned wine has surged in popularity in recent years, offering single-serving portions of still wine in portable and convenient packaging. You can find a variety of red, white, and rosé wines available in cans, ranging from dry to sweet styles.

Canned Cocktails: Many brands offer canned cocktails that are pre-mixed and ready to drink, often featuring a combination of spirits and mixers without added carbonation. These canned cocktails come in a variety of flavors and styles, including margaritas, Moscow mules, whiskey sours, and more.

Canned Spirits: Some brands offer canned spirits, such as vodka or whiskey, in ready-to-drink formats. These canned spirits are often pre-mixed with other ingredients to create a convenient and portable beverage option.

Canned Liqueurs: While less common, there are also canned liqueurs available that offer pre-mixed combinations of flavored spirits and sweeteners. These canned liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own or used as ingredients in cocktails.

These non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in cans provide convenient options for enjoying your favorite beverages on the go, whether you’re picnicking in the park, attending a outdoor concert, or simply relaxing at home.

What Makes Non-Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks Appealing for Consumers?

Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks offer several appealing qualities for consumers:
Smooth Texture: Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks have a smooth and still texture, similar to still water or juice, which some consumers prefer over the effervescence of carbonated beverages.

Versatility: Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks are versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or used as mixers in cocktails. Their flat texture allows them to blend seamlessly with other ingredients without altering the drink’s carbonation level.

Less Bloating: For individuals who are sensitive to carbonation or experience bloating after consuming carbonated beverages, non-carbonated options provide a gentler alternative that is easier on the stomach.

Sipping Experience: Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks are often enjoyed as sipping beverages, allowing consumers to savor the flavors and aromas without the distraction of carbonation bubbles.

Convenience: Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in cans offer convenience and portability, making them suitable for on-the-go consumption at outdoor events, picnics, or gatherings where glassware may not be practical.

Broad Appeal: Non-carbonated alcoholic drinks appeal to a wide range of consumers, including those who prefer milder flavors, individuals with sensitive stomachs, or those seeking a more laid-back drinking experience.

Are Non-Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks in Cans Suitable for Those Who Prefer Lower Alcohol Content?

Yes, non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in cans can be suitable for those who prefer lower alcohol content beverages. Many canned alcoholic drinks, whether carbonated or non-carbonated, come in a range of alcohol by volume (ABV) levels to accommodate different preferences and occasions.

For consumers who prefer lower alcohol content options, there are several types of non-carbonated alcoholic drinks available in cans that offer moderate ABV levels. These may include:

Canned Wine: Many canned wines are available with lower ABV levels compared to traditional bottled wines. These wines often come in single-serving portions and may range from 5% to 12% ABV, depending on the style and varietal.

Canned Cocktails: Canned cocktails offer a convenient way to enjoy mixed drinks with controlled alcohol content. These cocktails are typically pre-mixed with spirits and mixers, allowing manufacturers to adjust the ABV to desired levels. Some canned cocktails may have lower ABV options, making them suitable for those seeking milder alcoholic beverages.

Canned Liqueurs: Some canned liqueurs are available with lower alcohol content, offering sweet and flavorful options for consumers who prefer less potent drinks. These canned liqueurs may be mixed with fruit juices or other non-alcoholic ingredients to create refreshing beverages with moderate ABV levels.

Consumers who prefer lower alcohol content beverages can choose non-carbonated options in cans that align with their taste preferences and drinking habits while still enjoying the convenience and portability of canned alcoholic drinks.

What Are Some Examples of Non-Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks That Come in Cans?

Several examples of non-carbonated alcoholic drinks that come in cans include:

Canned Wine: Brands like Underwood, Babe, and Francis Ford Coppola offer canned wine options in various styles, including red, white, and rosé. These canned wines are often available in single-serving portions and come in convenient and portable packaging.

Canned Cocktails: Companies like Cutwater Spirits, High Noon, and Mighty Swell produce canned cocktails in a variety of flavors, such as margaritas, vodka sodas, and gin and tonics. These canned cocktails are pre-mixed with spirits and mixers, providing a convenient option for enjoying mixed drinks on the go.

Canned Liqueurs: While less common, there are also canned liqueurs available from brands like Ficks, Hochstadter’s, and Slow & Low. These canned liqueurs may feature sweet and flavorful combinations of spirits and botanicals, offering a convenient and portable option for enjoying liqueur-based beverages.

These examples represent just a few of the many non-carbonated alcoholic drinks available in cans, offering consumers a diverse range of options for enjoying their favorite beverages in a convenient and portable format.

Can I Find Non-Alcoholic Options Among Non-Carbonated Drinks in Cans?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic options available among non-carbonated drinks in cans. These beverages cater to individuals who prefer to avoid alcohol or are seeking alternatives for various reasons, such as designated drivers, non-drinkers, or those looking for a refreshing beverage without the effects of alcohol.
Non-alcoholic options among non-carbonated drinks in cans may include:

Canned Water: Plain or flavored sparkling water is a popular non-alcoholic option available in cans. Brands like LaCroix, Spindrift, and Bubly offer a variety of sparkling water flavors in convenient canned packaging.

Canned Juice: Some brands offer canned fruit juices, such as orange juice, apple juice, or pineapple juice, in non-alcoholic formats. These canned juices provide a convenient and portable option for enjoying fruit juices on the go.

Canned Iced Tea: Non-alcoholic iced tea beverages are available in canned formats, offering refreshing options for tea lovers. Brands like AriZona, Pure Leaf, and Gold Peak offer a variety of iced tea flavors in cans.

Canned Coffee: Ready-to-drink canned coffee beverages are another non-alcoholic option available in cans. These canned coffee drinks often come in various flavors and styles, such as cold brew, nitro coffee, or espresso shots.

Canned Energy Drinks: While some energy drinks contain alcohol, there are also non-alcoholic energy drinks available in cans. These beverages are formulated to provide a boost of energy without the effects of alcohol and often contain caffeine, vitamins, and other stimulants.

These non-alcoholic options among non-carbonated drinks in cans offer a wide range of flavors and choices for consumers looking for refreshing beverages without alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a non-carbonated alcoholic drink in a can to relax at home or a tasty yet boozy beverage you can bring anywhere, you won’t regret trying any of the refreshments above. 

Party Can’s Triple Spice Margarita differs from your ordinary Margarita [4]. In our tasting event, it stands out because of its signature triple spice blend- real ginger, cinnamon, and chili pepper. 

This trio of spices introduces a complex flavor that elevates the cocktail to a whole new level.

Apart from your favorite strong spirits (like whiskeys), you may try finding your way into flavored drinks (just) for a quick change. 


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