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7 Best Olive Juice for Dirty Martinis (2024 Edition)

Best Olive Juice for Dirty Martinis

If you’re a fan of Martinis like me, you know that the secret to a perfect one lies in the quality of the olive juice.

As an experienced mixologist passionate about crafting delightful drinks, I’ve personally tasted and tested various options.

Today, I’m thrilled to share my top picks for the best olive juice options for Dirty Martinis. Let’s dive in!

Top 7 Best Olive Juice For Dirty Martinis

7. Dirty Sue Blue Cheese Olive Juice

3 Jars of Dirty Sue Blue Cheese Olive Juice on a Table

Average Price: around $17.95/jar

Why We Like It: If you want to take the classic Dirty Martini drink to a new level, try Dirty Sue olives. It comes in a mixing glass jar stuffed with olives that you can also use to garnish the cocktail.

The rich and savory cheese notes elevate this classic cocktail, creating a unique and unforgettable taste.

It seems weird, but this cocktail juice in a jar complements dry vermouth, vodka (or gin), and cured olives.

But what’s the best vodka for a Dirty Martini?

6. Trader Joe’s Dirty Martini Mix

Average Price: around $6/16oz

Why We Like It: While you’ll likely find olive jars, cocktail onions, and various ingredients for making other cocktails, why not try their Tj’s blend?

“Unleash the briny magic – Olive extracts craft Martini perfection.” – Liquor Laboratory

Instead of looking for extracts of olives, this ready-to-use liquid simplifies cocktail preparation without compromising flavors. It has the right flavors of olives with a salty hint, perfect for various drink recipes.

5. Boscoli Family Olive Juice

Bottle of Boscoli Family Olive Juice and a Martini Glass

Average Price: around $12/25oz

Why We Like It: The Boscoli Olive Juice boasts exceptional taste and consistency, earning its spot as one of the top contenders in the market.

I highly recommend this to those craving a salty Dirty Martini recipe. It works well with other ingredients, like dry vermouth, gin, and green olives, making a great Dirty Martini recipe.

4. Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice

2 Bottles of Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice

Average Price: around $23/2-bottle

Why We Like It: Dirty Sue’s Premium has an unbeatable taste and smoothness of olive brines, enhanced by the addition of vermouth in cocktails.

The absence of any aftertaste and non-oily finish in this Dirty Sue Martini mix makes it a standout choice. Its versatility extends to hot and spicy variations, adding a delightful twist to classic cocktails. Find out how many shots are in a Martini here.

3. Stirrings Olive Brine

Bottle of Stirrings Olive Brine and a Glass

Average Price: around $4.99/120z

Why We Like It: Stirrings olive brine tastes excellent with gin or vodka and vermouth, which you can enhance further by adding olives garnish. You customize your drinks with Stirrings’ versatile brine recipe.

Made with imported brines, filtered water, and a perfect touch of salt, it’s a delight for olive lovers, served in a fancy Martini glass or cocktail glass as if you ordered it in a bar.

2. Ancient Olive Trees Dirty Martini Juice

Ancient Olive Trees Dirty Martini Juice

Average Price: around $36/375ml

Why We Like It: Ancient Olive Trees showcases a premium Martini juice recipe, making it one of the best olive brines I’ve used.

I like how this liquid is triple-filtered to deliver an exceptionally clean taste. It’s made with water, salt, and olive brine, with no artificial preservatives added.

Not just to enhance the cocktail’s taste, it also elevates a Bloody Mary [1] recipe for its natural olive brine flavor.

1. Fee Brothers Olive Juice

Fee Brothers Olive Juice

Average Price: around $6.99/12.8oz

Why We Like It: The best olive brine juice I’ve tried is from Fee Brothers. It delivers an authentic olive brine experience that enhances the flavor, making the best Dirty Martini.

Martini is the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet.” – H. L. Mencken, American Journalist

Made from the actual brine used to process green olives, Fee Brothers strain the olive brine, leaving just enough small pieces of olives for an excellent balance between cloudiness and green olive flavor.

Learn how to hold a Martini glass here.


Where can you buy olive juices for Dirty Martinis?

You can buy olive juices and olive jars for a Dirty Martini at liquor stores, specialty supply shops, online retailers like Amazon, and some grocery stores with a well-stocked olive bar and liquor section.

Are olive juice and olive brine the same?

Yes, olive juice and olive brine refer to the same thing, but there’s a distinction. Olive juices are pressed (using a wooden spoon) from olives to produce products like olive oil, while olive brines are the salted water used to cure olives.
But both the juice and brine add a unique and briny touch to cocktails and food recipes.

What can you substitute for olive juices in a Dirty Martini?

You can substitute olive juices with an equal amount of pickle juice or brine from other pickled vegetables in a Dirty Martini. Most people prefer these alternatives as they provide a similar briny flavor that complements the cocktail’s bite.

What characteristics should I look for in olive juice for Dirty Martinis?

The best olive juice for Dirty Martinis should have a robust and briny flavor, providing a pronounced olive taste without being overly salty. It should complement the other ingredients in the cocktail.

Are there specific brands of olive juice recommended for Dirty Martinis?

While there are no specific brands of olive juice exclusively for Dirty Martinis, some olive juice brands are known for their quality and flavor consistency. Look for brands like Filthy Food or Dirty Sue, which are specifically marketed for use in cocktails.

Is fresh olive juice better than bottled for Dirty Martinis?

Fresh olive juice can offer a more vibrant flavor compared to bottled varieties. However, bottled olive juice is convenient and often has a consistent flavor profile, making it a practical choice for home bartenders.

Can I use the juice from jarred olives for Dirty Martinis?

Yes, you can use the juice from jarred olives for Dirty Martinis. It’s a convenient option and can impart a deliciously briny flavor to your cocktail. However, be mindful of the saltiness, as jarred olive juice can vary in salt content.

Should I dilute olive juice before using it in a Dirty Martini?

Diluting olive juice with a small amount of water or brine can help balance the flavors in your Dirty Martini, especially if the olive juice is particularly salty or intense in flavor. Experiment to find the right balance for your taste preferences.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to the best olive juice for a Dirty Martini, I prefer Fee Brothers Olive Juice. It shines the best as it delivers an unmatched flavor and consistency.

Plus, their triple-filtering process ensures a clean and delightful drinking experience.

If you want to make a Dirty Martini [2], I suggest elevating your cocktail game with this offering and savoring the perfect balance of tastes in every sip. With an added garnish, it’s just perfect for a great sipping moment!


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