Who Makes Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey? Solved (2023)

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Costco is one of the largest alcoholic beverage retailers in the world, and it carries about 50 spirit expressions, with 20 carrying the Kirkland Signature brand.

Previously, Costco did not disclose the producers of Kirkland spirits which spiked unceasing speculation about who makes it. 

In this post, we will set things straight and clarify who makes Kirkland Tennessee whiskey. Read on. 

Who’s Really Making Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey?

Tennessee Distilling Company 

Master Distiller Mike Williams and the Tennessee Distilling Company are behind Costco’s well-acknowledged Kirkland Tennessee whiskey.

Each bottle of Kirkland Signature Tennessee Whiskey bears the signature of Master Distiller Mike Williams. 

Moreover, based on the label, the Tennessee whiskey is bottled by Tennessee Distilling Company, which shows that they are also part of the production of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey. 

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey & Who’s Behind It 

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey & Who's Behind It 

Tennessee Distilling Company 

Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

As seen on the Kirkland Tennessee whiskey label, Tennessee Distilling Company is the distillery producing the spirit.

Tennessee Distilling Ltd. is located in Columbia, Tennessee, and based on the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Mike Williams is one of the distillery’s co-owners. 

Tennessee Distilling Company is one of the top-producing distilleries in the United States, and they produce traditional charcoal-mellowed whiskey, rye, corn, bourbon, and malt whiskeys. 

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is the Master Distiller of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey, and you can see his signature imprinted on the label of every bottle. Mike Williams is also the Master Distiller of Tennessee Distilling Ltd. 

Being a Master Distiller, Mike Williams is in charge of creating Kirkland Tennessee whiskey. He oversees the raw ingredients, production line, quality control, and whiskey tasting. 

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Does Costo Own A Distillery? 

Costco does not own a distillery, so every whiskey they sell is sourced from different distilleries but bottled under their brand, Kirkland Signature.

In the case of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey, the Tennessee Distilling Company oversees the production of every bottle-from raw ingredients to bottling. 

The Tennessee Distilling Company ensures that every bottle of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey adheres to the regulation of Tennessee whiskey production. 

How Is Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Made? 

Whiskey Mash Bill

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey comprises 70% corn, 15% malted barley, and 15% rye. The mash bill is cooked and fermented with old mash before it is distilled to remove the impurities.

Unlike other whiskeys, Tennessee whiskeys should undergo the Lincoln county process before aging. 

The unaged whiskey will undergo filtration in charcoal chips from sugar maple wood for a mellow and unique flavor profile. The distilled spirit will be aged in charred oak barrels in Tennessee for an undisclosed time before bottling. 

Is Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Made In Tennessee?

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey

Yes, Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey is made in Tennessee. The Tennessee Distilling Company, located in Columbia, Tennessee, oversees the production of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey.

Tennessee whiskey is one of the highly regulated spirits in the world, and it should follow strict regulations to be labeled as one. 

By law, a distillery can label Tennessee whiskey as one if it is manufactured in Tennessee [1]. In addition, it should be aged in charred oak barrels in Tennessee.

If you are familiar with bourbon production requirements, Tennessee whiskey is almost the same; however, it should be manufactured in Tennessee and undergo Lincoln County Process. 

Was It Discontinued?

No, the Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is not discontinued. There are no press releases about discontinuing the product, and the bottle is continuously available in different Costco warehouses. 

As of August 5, 2022, there are 836 Costco Warehouses worldwide, and there are 14 states where you can buy liquor without needing a membership.

You can easily score a bottle of Kirkland Signature or have it delivered to your doorstep using Instacart. 


Does Kirkland Tennessee whiskey taste like Jack Daniels?

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey tastes a bit like Jack Daniels, but it is drier. Most people compare it to George Dickel; however, it is sweeter and has more palate weight and body.

If you have a soft spot for drinking Tennessee whiskey, you will not be disappointed. 

How much is the Kirkland Tennessee whiskey?

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey costs around $18.99 to $36.99 in different Costco warehouses. Each Kirkland Signature bottle contains 1.75 liters of Tennessee whiskey, which features 40% ABV.

The price varies depending on the state where the Costco warehouse is located, but it is an affordable whiskey overall. 

Final Verdict 

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is made in a clear partnership between Costco and Tennessee Distilling Company.

Upon checking the official Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) database, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is produced by the Tennessee Distilling Company in Columbia, Tennessee. 

Moreso, each bottle of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey bears the signature of Mike Williams, the Master Distiller of Tennessee Distilling Company.

While it is unusual for Costco to disclose their whiskeys’ producers, it shows that Mike Williams and Tennessee Distilling Company are worthy of recognition. 



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