Can You Freeze Whiskey? Full Guide (2023 Updated)

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Whiskey has a rich flavorful profile with deep complexity that anyone can enjoy in several ways. A tiring day at work usually demands a cold drink. However, can you freeze whiskey at home? 

Our team left both a bottle and glass of whiskey in the home freezer for three days to find the answer. Read on to know the result.

Whiskey: Can You Freeze It?


Yes, whiskey freezes at the right temperature like any other alcohol. The challenge here is that this liquor has a lower freezing point of -27°C(-16°F) than what commercial freezer and standard home freezer offer at -18°C(-0.4°F). And so, even if you leave it in the freezer for days, the liquor still wonʼt turn into solid.  

Alcoholic drinks freeze at lower temperatures because they contain ethanol. Drinks with higher proof value like whiskey and vodka will only get cold in the freezer. On the other hand, beer and wine have an average of 12% to 14% ABV and are easier to freeze at home.

What Happens When You Freeze Whiskey?

Frozen Whiskey Bottles

Freezing your favorite bottle of whiskey will only turn it into a really cold spirit, unlike beer and wine. Most freezers have higher temperatures than what distilled spirits need to solidify, and so they remain in their liquid form.

A few hours of freezing whiskey will thicken the texture and alter the flavor profile, making it less enjoyable for some people. In the past decade, using whiskey stones has become a trend for cooling the liquor while maintaining its taste. It has become a substitute for turning whiskey into a refreshing drink without putting it in the freezer. 

Will Freezing Whiskey Affect Its Flavor?

Yes, freezing whiskey will affect the flavors of this complicated drink. At its optimal temperature, whiskey has a spicy and malty taste with an oaky woods aroma. It has different signature notes depending on whether it comes from Scotland and Canada or the United States. 

Drinking cold whiskey has muted flavors that do not appeal to many whiskey enthusiasts. Unlike other drinks with less flavor, such as wine and vodka, it is better to chill whiskey with ice cubes or whiskey stones than leaving this drink in the freezer. That way, whiskey will maintain its unique character. But, should whiskey be chilled?

Is It Dangerous To Freeze Whiskey?

No, whiskey is not dangerous to freeze. It will remain in its liquid form, but this time, with some bland tasting notes. The container is the dangerous part of putting this sophisticated drink in the freezers.

Like many alcoholic drinks, whiskey comes in different varieties. It is not limited to their place of origin or the spelling of whisky and whiskey. There are types of whiskey that come in canned containers like cocktail mix or flavored spirits. 

Some of these varieties have a lower alcohol proof, and with more water, the cans have a higher chance to mess up the freezer. But what’s the best whiskey brand to avoid hangovers?

What is Whiskeyʼs Freezing Temperature?

Frozen Whiskey Cocktail

The actual freezing point of whiskey is -27°C(-16°F). Water has a higher freezing point at 0°C(32°F) than this liquor because it contains ethanol. On a side note, pure ethanol freezes at a much lower temperature of -114.1°C(-173.5°F) [1].

Due to its high alcohol content, whiskey needs a lower temperature than what most home and commercial freezers provide. The United States has a standard measure of alcohol content for whiskey and vodka at 80 proof or 40% ABV. Some of the flavored whiskey in the market have higher alcohol proof and lower freezing points.

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Can You Put Whiskey In The Freezer?

Yes, you can put whiskey in the freezer. The high alcohol proof of whiskey will only turn it into a very cold drink in a few hours. Meanwhile, leaving whiskey in the freezer for a few days results in a slushy bottle of liquor.

It is common to hear canned beers exploding in the freezer or bottled wines breaking due to low temperatures. But this problem hardly happens with whiskey because it has a different freezing point.

Can It Freeze In A Domestic Freezer?

Whiskey on the rocks

No, whiskey cannot freeze in a domestic freezer. The freezing points of whiskey are lower than the recommended temperature of the United States FDA at -18°C(0°F). This temperature is the best choice for safely storing foods and drinks in the freezers without compromising microorganisms [2].

It only covers the freezing temperatures of beer cans and wine bottles, but not the bottled whiskey and vodka. A home freezer will only make a really cold whiskey drink. You can store whiskey in a domestic freezer, but it won’t turn solid. 

Why You Shouldnʼt Freeze It For Too Long

Leaving a whiskey bottle in the freezer for a long time will mute the aroma and taste of this drink. Whiskey is a liquor which means that it is a combination of water and alcohol. And with a higher freezing point, the water content will turn into ice before the alcohol.

The cold temperature usually numbs our taste buds and hinders the volatiles from evaporating into the air. Volatiles are the chemical components that give flavors to liquor, and they move freely at a warmer temperature.

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Can you put whiskey glasses in the freezer?

Yes, you can whiskey glasses in the freezer for several hours. However, you have to be careful of a thermal shock.

Can a bottle of whiskey freeze?

Yes, a bottle of whiskey can freeze at the right temperature. Unfortunately, it won’t freeze on a domestic freezer. 

In Conclusion

Some people have a common practice of placing their expensive whiskey in the freezer before drinking. Although whiskey can freeze, it may lose some of its signature characters in the process. The tasting notes are very important for enthusiasts as it helps them set American whiskey apart from Scottish whisky.

Our experts suggest that drinking whiskey at its optimal temperature will let you enjoy all of the richness and roundness of its tasting notes. But giving it a quick chill with an ice cube can also be an option. The liquor may have a less biting finish as the ice melts and dilutes the alcohol, so it’s perfectly fine. 



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