What’s the Best Way to Drink Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Your 2023 Guide

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Lydia Martin

If you’re looking for a whole Kentucky bourbon drinking experience, you don’t want to miss out on the Buffalo Trace.

This flagship holds a rich background history and a classic bourbon profile.

Most bourbon enthusiasts would prefer sipping it neat, but the versatility of Buffalo Trace’s tasting profile can do a lot more.

Prepare your palate and discover the best way to drink Buffalo Trace bourbon. Read on.

5 Great Ways To Drink Buffalo Trace 

5. Pair It

Buffalo Trace Bottle and a Box of Cigar


Brown spirits like Buffalo Trace bourbon make a great pairing with cigars. The smooth, oaky profile of Buffalo Trace surprisingly blends well with the toasty leather notes of cigars.

But when pairing cigars with Buffalo Trace, choose a cigar that will not overpower but will match the well-rounded profile of Buffalo Trace. 

Cigars use tobacco leaves as wrappers [1] which can add boldness, bring out the sweetness of bourbon and make a pleasurable drinking experience when paired with Buffalo Trace.

Corn Snacks Or Tortilla Chips

Corn snacks and tortilla chips are an excellent tandem with bourbon to enjoy the notes of bourbon. It can also act as a palate cleanser when doing some bourbon tasting.

Although salty chips work fine, we recommend you pair Buffalo Trace with unsalted corn snacks and tortilla chips to set back your palate for your next sip.

4. Straight Up

glass of whiskey on top of wooden barrel

If you’re looking for other ways to drink your Buffalo Trace, try drinking it ’straight up.’

You can experience your bourbon cold, iced-shaken, or stirred with ice but served with no ice.

Drinking your Buffalo Trace straight up can give a refreshing drink experience with a little dilution twist on its flavor profile after shaking it with ice. 

3. On The Rocks

glass of whiskey on the rocks

Buffalo Trace with ice or on the rocks is a great way to savor the balanced heat from the bourbon. The dilution with ice opens up its complex aroma and flavors.

However, the ice dilution may alter the quality of your bourbon drinking experience, depending on the type, size, and amount of ice used. 

When taking Buffalo Trace on the rocks, we suggest you use one large ice ball or cube because larger ice dilutes slower. [2]

2. Mixed 

pouring ginger ale on a glass

A Little Bit Of Water

Adding a little bit of water to your bourbon is common for many Buffalo Trace drinkers, and the right amount of water can improve the taste profile of the bourbon.

The water dilution also tends to open the bourbon up and bring out another set of nuanced flavors and aromas to create a balanced drinking experience.

“But whatever you like, whatever tastes good for you, is what you should go for. It’s your whiskey — drink it how you want.”

– Adam Montgomerie, Bar Manager

But be careful when adding water because too much dilution can ruin the drink’s flavors.

Ginger Ale

If you want a classic bubbly highball drink with a little ginger kick, pair your Buffalo Trace with ginger ale. These two drinks compliments each tasting profile.

Giger ale brings out its bubbly spiciness and blends well with the sweet, oaky flavor of Buffalo Trace. It is an ideal choice for an everyday mixer with Buffalo Trace.

Club Soda

Club soda works so well with bourbons. It is a lightly carbonated soda made with water and minerals, mild enough not to overpower the flavor of Buffalo Trace. 

It dilutes the Buffalo Trace bourbon but adds fizziness and creates a bubbly drink. 

1. Neat

pouring whisky on a glass

Most bourbon lovers take Buffalo Trace neatly, without additives, in a Glencairn or rocks glass.

It is the most straightforward way to consume your bourbon in the purest possible form.

When served neat at room temperature, you can appreciate the intricate, well-rounded aroma and classic tasting notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla of Buffalo Trace


Is Buffalo Trace good for sipping?

Yes, Buffalo Trace is good for sipping. It is a solid and affordable option for neat drinkers who enjoy a simple yet balanced classic bourbon taste.

Is there really a “right” way to drink Buffalo Trace?

There is neither a right nor wrong way to drink Buffalo Trace bourbons. Although you can experience its full-tasting notes neatly, its well-rounded profile can be enjoyed in many ways.

In Summary

You can enjoy every drop of Buffalo Trace any way you like it. It is a versatile spirit that pairs well with many mixers.

Try drinking Buffalo Trace straight up, on the rocks, or mixing it with sodas or a few drops of water to open up the flavor and aroma.

But most purists appreciate sipping Buffalo Trace neat. 

No matter how you drink your Buffalo Trace bourbon, you can always pair it with cigars or food like corn snacks and tortilla chips on the side.



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