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14 Best WhistlePig Whiskey Bottles To Try (2024 Edition)

Best Whistlepig Whiskey

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Not long ago, the WhistlePig brand was born. It all started in the town of Shoreham in Vermont—a farm transformed into a distillery.

Although it’s relatively young in the market, WhistlePig has impressed many whiskey enthusiasts with its unique rye portfolios, and for us—its intriguing spiciness caught our palate.

We’ve tracked down the best WhistlePig whiskey on the market to know what the hype is all about. Keep reading.

Top 14 Whistlepig Whiskey Ranked 

14. Farmstock Rye

WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Bottle

Average Price: $74.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 43%

Why We Like It: FarmStock Rye is a tasty dram with a sweet vanilla-forward aroma, roasted chestnut, and hints of tobacco. 

This rye whiskey has an easy drinking profile with notes of oak and caramel, followed by soft spices, and finishes with pleasant rye spice. 

13. Piggyback Single Barrel Rye: KFC Radio

Piggyback Single Barrel Rye KFC Radio Bottle with glass and lemon

Average Price: $49.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: If you’re looking for that big rye spice, PiggyBack Single Barrel Rye is a great option.

Powerfully spicy and smokey, it is made of 100% rye that goes well on the rocks.

12. Piggyback Single Barrel Bourbon: Bussin’ with the Boys

Piggyback Single Barrel Bourbon Bussin’ with the Boys Bottle and a cocktail drink

Average Price: $49.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: Piggyback Single Barrel Bourbon has the classic bourbon taste, overtones of caramel with an extra-strong kick of alcohol.

Its 100-proof is aged for six years, and you can expect a peppery aroma upfront, followed by soft vanilla and oak notes on the palate and a long, crisp finish with lingering caramel notes. 

11. Farmstock Beyond Bonded Rye

Bottle of WhistlePig Farmstock beyond Bonded Rye

Average Price: $99.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 43%

Why We Like It: This WhistlePig Farmstock ’Beyond Bonded’ rye is a single barrel rye, bottled-in-bond, and is 100% distilled from Remington rye.

At 86-proof, the nose is warm with notes of toffee and cinnamon spice.

You can expect a velvety mouthfeel with a touch of mint hints and ends with tobacco notes with subtle spice.

10. Piggyback Legends Series: Brothers Osborne Barrel

Bottle of WhistlePig PiggyBack Legends Series Brothers Osborne Barrel

Average Price: $49.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 48.28%

Why We Like It: This whiskey is a limited-bottle collection of 100% rye single-barrel whiskey. It has an inviting aroma with a medium-body tasting profile.

It perfectly balances spice, smoke, and sweet notes on the palate and has a satisfying finish.

9. WhistlePig 15-Year

Whistlepig 15-Year Bottle on a white table

Average Price: $299.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 46%

Why We Like It: This 15-year expression is an Estate Oak Rye straight rye whiskey finished in Vermont estate oak.

Whistlepig 15-year has a rich tasting profile, dominated by vanilla, oak, and caramel notes, and ends with a warm finish.

8. Smokestock Wood Fired Whiskey

Whistlepig Smokestock Wood Fired Whiskey Bottle and a glass

Average Price: $72.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 43%

Why We Like It: It’s a limited edition series of WhistlePig partnered with Traeger Grills [1] in creating exceptional smokey notes.

“We’re a restless and experimental team who love to fight the good fight for Rye…”

– Jeff Kozak, WhistlePig CEO

This SmokeStock series imparts a campfire smoke in the whiskey, along with subtle savory notes of barbeque and creamy apple.

7. Farmstock Beyond Bonded Bourbon

Man Holding Bottle of Farmstock beyond Bonded Bourbon

Average Price: $99.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: FarmStock ’Beyond Bonded’ bourbon is the distillery’s first-ever bourbon release. It is a single-barrel bottle-in-bond bourbon made of 51% corn and 49% rye.

At 100-proof, you can expect the sweet aroma of maple and cinnamon spice notes upfront with an oaky mouthfeel and peppery finish.

6. WhistlePig 18-Year 4th Edition

Close Up Shot of Whistlepig 18-Year 4th Edition Bottle

Average Price: $399.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 46%

Why We Like It: WhistlePig 18-year is a Double Malt Rye.

It is the oldest rye expression from the brand, made from 79% rye, 15% malted rye, and 6% malted barley, mellowed for 18 years.

This Double Malt Rye has aromatic notes on the nose and offers a luxurious dram with a rich and savory flavor profile. 

5. WhistlePig 12-Year

Whistlepig 12-Year Bottle and a glasses

Average Price: $159.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 43%

Why We Like It: WhistlePig’s 12-year expression is finished in an Old World wine cask.

It offers a light, wine-like flavor of sweet fruit notes with the signature rye spice.

At 86-proof, it has a bright-tasting profile and a smooth texture, perfect for sipping neat.

4. Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon 

a hand holding bottle of Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon

Average Price: $49.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: Unlike the PiggyBack Single Barrel Bourbon, this expression is made in small batches with a high corn mash bill and rye. 

Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon is aged for six years, resulting in a creamy mouthfeel with vanilla and maple, and has a long finish with soft herbaceous hints and honey notes.

3. Piggyback 100% Rye

Piggyback 100% Rye Bottle

Average Price: $49.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 48.28%

Why We Like It: Piggyback 100% Rye is another full rye expression from WhistlePig with a solid proof of 96.56 that can take your regular drinking experience to another level.

This whiskey has an earthy profile but slowly shows its sweet notes after a sip—the undertones of vanilla, caramel, and spice balance the drink.

2. WhistlePig 10-Year

man holding Whistlepig 10-Year Bottle

Average Price: $92.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: This rye whiskey from WhistlePig is a Small Batch Rye, carefully aged for ten years.

It’s tasty and surprisingly has sweeter notes of vanilla and caramel on the palate, followed by allspice hints, and has a long soft spice finish with lingering notes of butterscotch.

1. The Boss Hog IX

Close Up Shot of The Boss Hog IX Bottle

Average Price: $599.99 for 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 53.1%

Why We Like It: The Boss Hog IX is the latest release of WhistlePig, the Siren’s Song, inspired by the Greek sirens. [2]

It’s one of the most expensive and highest-proof bottles of WhistlePig. 

Avid WhistlePig and other rare whiskey collectors can expect a remarkably complex whiskey, orange-studded clove, and lots of jammy fig with the signature spice profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WhistlePig a good whiskey?

Yes, WhistlePig is a good whiskey. It is great a sipper, especially when you’re into rye spice-forward whiskey.

Is WhistlePig worth the price?

Yes, WhistlePig whiskeys are worth the price. Although it’s quite expensive, WhistlePig has rich high-end rye whiskey expressions.

Is WhistlePig top shelf?

Yes, WhistlePig is a top-shelf whiskey. It is considered a fine rye and one of the most awarded rye whiskey because of its quality taste.

What is the most rare WhistlePig?

The most rare WhistlePig is often considered to be the WhistlePig Boss Hog series, specifically Boss Hog VII: Magellan’s Atlantic.

This limited edition release is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to its scarcity, distinctive flavor profile, and unique maturation process.

With only a limited number of bottles produced, it has become a coveted gem among whiskey connoisseurs.

Why is WhistlePig so popular?

WhistlePig has gained immense popularity for several reasons. Firstly, its commitment to producing high-quality rye whiskey sets it apart in the market. The brand’s emphasis on using locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients contributes to the exceptional flavor and smoothness of its products.

Additionally, WhistlePig’s innovative aging techniques, such as the use of different cask finishes and the unique Vermont terroir, add complexity and depth to its whiskies.

The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and the art of whiskey-making has resonated with consumers seeking distinctive and premium spirits.

Which WhistlePig is best for an Old Fashioned?

For an Old Fashioned cocktail, the WhistlePig 10-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey is often recommended. Its robust and well-balanced flavor profile, featuring notes of caramel, vanilla, and spice, complements the traditional ingredients in an Old Fashioned.

The rye-forward character of this expression adds a delightful complexity to the cocktail, making it a favorite choice among those who appreciate a classic with a modern twist.

Why is WhistlePig whiskey so expensive?

WhistlePig whiskey is considered expensive due to several factors that contribute to its premium quality and limited availability. The brand’s commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, coupled with meticulous craftsmanship and aging processes, adds to the production costs.

Additionally, the limited production runs of certain expressions, like the Boss Hog series, make them rare collector’s items, further driving up their market value.

WhistlePig’s reputation for delivering unique and exceptional whiskies also contributes to the demand, allowing the brand to position itself in the luxury segment of the whiskey market.

Is WhistlePig whiskey expensive?

Yes, WhistlePig whiskey is generally considered expensive when compared to some mainstream whiskey brands. However, many enthusiasts and connoisseurs find the higher price justified by the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the distinctive characteristics of its products.

The expense is often seen as an investment in a premium whiskey experience, showcasing craftsmanship, unique flavor profiles, and limited-edition releases that cater to a discerning audience appreciative of the finer aspects of the spirit.

Is WhistlePig hard to get?

WhistlePig can be challenging to find, especially certain limited editions and rare releases. The brand’s commitment to quality and small-batch production means that some expressions have limited availability, contributing to their desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

However, the core range of WhistlePig whiskies, such as the 10-Year-Old Straight Rye, is more widely accessible in well-stocked liquor stores and online retailers.

Is WhistlePig a Bourbon or whiskey?

WhistlePig produces both bourbon and whiskey, but it is renowned for its high-quality rye whiskies. The flagship expression, WhistlePig 10-Year-Old Straight Rye, is a standout example of the brand’s dedication to crafting exceptional rye whiskies.

Additionally, WhistlePig has ventured into bourbon production with releases like the FarmStock series, showcasing the brand’s versatility and commitment to producing top-tier spirits across different styles.

Why do they call it WhistlePig?

The name “WhistlePig” has its roots in colloquial American slang for groundhogs or woodchucks, which are notorious for whistling-like sounds. The founder, Raj Bhakta, chose this whimsical and memorable name as an homage to the hardworking and industrious nature of these creatures.

It reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, mirroring the diligence and attention to detail required in producing their exceptional whiskies.

Is WhistlePig Bourbon or rye?

WhistlePig produces both bourbon and rye whiskies, showcasing their expertise in crafting high-quality spirits across different categories.

While the brand is well-known for its outstanding rye expressions, such as the 10-Year-Old Straight Rye, they have also ventured into bourbon production with releases like the FarmStock series. This versatility allows WhistlePig to cater to a diverse range of whiskey preferences.

Is WhistlePig American or Canadian?

WhistlePig is an American whiskey brand. Founded in Vermont, USA, the brand emphasizes local sourcing of ingredients and traditional whiskey-making techniques.

While Canada is renowned for its rye whisky production, WhistlePig distinguishes itself as an American distillery, producing premium and sought-after whiskies that showcase the unique terroir of Vermont.

The brand’s dedication to American craftsmanship is reflected in its diverse range of expressions, highlighting the rich tradition of whiskey-making in the United States.

Final Verdict: Best Whistlepig Whiskey

WhistlePig is quite new in the whiskey world, but it has surprisingly delighted the whiskey market and is regarded as one of the best-tasting rye whiskey. 

A bottle of WhistlePig can be costly, especially its limited expressions. But this top-shelf brand is worth the try.

Track down a bottle with one of the best WhistlePig whiskey we listed above.


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