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7 Best Blackberry Whiskey Drinks & Cocktails (2024)

Blackberry Whiskey Drinks

Blackberry-themed drinks paired with good whiskey are an excellent way to refresh while trying out new flavors. 

While there are ready-to-drink blackberry whiskey cocktails at bars or restaurants, you can make your own drink at home using some ingredients and your preferred spirit. 

So if you’re looking for tasty beverages to chill your day, try these blackberry whiskey drinks to quench your thirst. 

Top 7 Must-Try Best Blackberry Whiskey Drinks  

1. Blackberry Whiskey Smash

2 glasses of Blackberry Whiskey Smash

This Blackberry Whiskey Smash is a must-have for any occasion. Combining whiskey, fresh lime, mint, and blackberries create a perfect adult beverage.

“When you work hard all day with your head and you know you must work again the next day, what else can change your ideas and make them run on a different plane like whisky?”

— Ernest Hemingway, American Novelist

Prep Time: 5 mins. 

Total Time: 5 mins. 


  • Three mint leaves
  • One lime slice
  • Five fresh blackberries
  • 2oz simple syrup
  • 3oz club soda
  • 3oz whiskey

Instructions: In your lowball glass, add simple syrup, lime slices, berries, and mint leaves, then muddle them together.

Add whiskey and pour club soda on top. Garnish it with mint leaves and a slice of lime if desired. 

Serving: 1

2. Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade

2 glasses of Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade cocktail drink

This recipe for Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade features muddled blackberries and a refreshing blend of tangerine and lemonade– a perfect drink for any gathering.

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Total Time: 10 mins. 


  • 1/4tsp cinnamon
  • 1oz freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Four rosemary sprigs
  • 6oz fresh blackberries
  • 1 cup of lemonade
  • 5oz whiskey

Instructions: In a pitcher, combine the lemonade, rosemary sprigs, and blackberries.

Muddle them all together, then add cinnamon and stir gently. Pour the lime juice and whiskey, then mix well.

Strain into four glasses over ice and garnish with rosemary sprigs if preferred. 

Serving: 4

3. Blackberry Sunset Whiskey Sour

Glass of Blackberry Sunset Whiskey Sour with liquor bottle and shaker on top of a table

This Blackberry Sunset Whiskey Sour is a great drink for your next happy hour [1]. The fresh blackberries and the sugar rim make this drink so flavorful.

Prep Time: 5 mins.

Total Time: 5 mins. 


  • Lemon wedges and blackberries
  • Granulated sugar
  • 1oz fresh lemon juice 
  • 1oz blackberry brandy 
  • 2oz bourbon whiskey 

Instructions: Rim your glass using lemon wedge and sugar. Add some blackberries and ice, then muddle them together.

Pour whiskey, lemon juice, and brandy, then stir. Garnish it with a lemon twist and the remaining blackberries. 

Serving: 1

4. Blackberry Bramble

Glass of Blackberry Bramble Cocktail Drink

This Blackberry Bramble is a refreshing drink that combines gin, fresh blackberries, lemon juice, and soda. For a twist, top it with Ginger Brew.

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Total Time: 10 mins. 


  • Mint 
  • Ginger Brew
  • 1.5oz lemon juice
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • 1oz blackberry liqueur
  • 2oz whiskey 
  • ½ cup of blackberries 

Instructions: Except for Ginger Brew, combine all the ingredients in your shaker, muddle them, and shake well.

Double strain into your cocktail glass over ice, then top it with Ginger Brew. Garnish it with mint or blackberries and serve.  

Serving: 1

5. Blackberry Whiskey Collins

Blackberry Whiskey Collins Glass with Shaker and Jigger on the table

This Blackberry Whiskey Collins cocktail is a simple drink made with a combination of bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, and blackberries.

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Total Time: 10 mins. 


  • 3/4oz simple syrup
  • 3/4oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1.5oz Bourbon whiskey
  • Blackberries and lemon slices
  • 2oz club soda, chilled

Instructions: Muddle some blackberries in your shaker, then add all the liquid ingredients (except club soda).

Shake well until chilled and strain it into your collins glass filled with ice. Pour club soda on top and garnish it with blackberries and lemon slices. 

Serving: 1

6. Blackberry Whiskey & Sage Cocktail

3 glasses of Blackberry Whiskey & Sage Cocktail

Blackberry Whiskey & Sage Cocktail combines the flavors of berries and herbs with the addition of rye whiskey. 

Prep Time: 3 mins.

Total Time: 3 mins. 


  • Blackberries and sage leaves
  • 0.5oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1oz sage simple syrup
  • 2oz rye whiskey

Instructions: In your cocktail shaker, muddle lemon juice, some blackberries, and simple syrup [2].

Add ice cubes and rye, then shake well. Pour the mix into your rocks glass filled with ice and garnish it with the remaining blackberries and sage leaves.  

Serving: 1

7. Blackberry Raspberry Old-Fashioned

Glass of Blackberry Raspberry Old-Fashioned Cocktail Dirnk

If you want a fun and fruity twist on a traditional old-fashioned, try this Blackberry Raspberry Old-Fashioned cocktail.

Prep Time: 4 mins. 

Total Time: 7 mins. 


  • 0.25oz simple syrup
  • 2oz Bourbon
  • Two dashes of aromatic bitters
  • 0.5oz lemon juice
  • Frozen raspberries and blackberries
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Mint and orange slices

Instructions: In your cocktail shaker, muddle the blackberries, raspberries, cherries, bitters, and simple syrup.

Pour the lemon juice, bourbon, and ice. Shake until chilled, strain it into your Old-Fashioned glass over ice, and garnish it with orange slices and mint. 

Serving: 1


What does blackberry whiskey taste like?

Blackberry whiskey tastes like sweet and sour blackberries with hints of bitter whiskey. It’s a blend of blackberry juice and whiskey with a touch of sugar.  

What mixes well with blackberry whiskey?

Blackberry whiskey mixes well with simple syrup, lemon juice, blackberry liqueur, club soda, and orange juice. 

How can I make blackberry whiskey drinks at home?

You can make blackberry whiskey drinks by muddling fresh blackberries, mixing blackberry syrup, or using blackberry liqueur with whiskey, along with other ingredients to create delicious cocktails.

What types of blackberry whiskey drinks can I make?

You can make various blackberry whiskey drinks, including Blackberry Whiskey Smash, Blackberry Bourbon Sour, Blackberry Mint Julep, Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade, and Blackberry Old Fashioned.

Can I use frozen blackberries for blackberry whiskey drinks?

Yes, frozen blackberries can be used in blackberry whiskey drinks, either as a garnish or muddled in the cocktail, providing a similar flavor to fresh blackberries.

Are there any non-alcoholic alternatives for blackberry whiskey drinks?

Yes, you can create non-alcoholic blackberry whiskey drinks by using blackberry-flavored syrups, juices, or sodas as substitutes for the whiskey.

What are the best garnishes for blackberry whiskey drinks?

Garnishes such as fresh blackberries, lemon or lime wedges, mint leaves, or even a sprig of rosemary can enhance the flavor and presentation of blackberry whiskey drinks.

In Conclusion

From the Blackberry Whiskey Smash to the Blackberry Raspberry Old-Fashioned, you can try out any recipe in the comfort of your home.

As long as you have the ingredients, you can prepare these drinks in no time using your favorite whiskey spirit, regardless of the brand. 

If you want to try new flavors, blackberry-based drinks will surely satisfy your palate.    


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