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Booker’s Bourbon Price, Sizes & Guide (2024 Updated)

Booker’s Buying Guide

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Lydia Martin

So, is the Booker’s bourbon price worth it? Booker’s bourbon is among the  “Small Batch Bourbon Collection” produced by the Jim Beam Suntory Distillery. It is a cask-strength bourbon bottled at its natural proof. 

Read on if you want to know more about Booker’s bourbon: price, flavor notes, and interesting history. 

An Overview Of Booker’s Bourbon

Booker’s Bourbon

Booker’s bourbon is one of the few bourbon brands left bottled straight from the barrel. As a result, its alcohol proof is significantly higher than the industry standard — from 121 to 130.6. The high proof guarantees a harsh alcoholic bite on the palate right off the bat, so the brand recommends adding water to it or serving it on the rocks. 

Booker’s started not as a bourbon sold to the public but as a special present given to family and friends. The sixth-generation master distiller Booker Noe, the grandson of Jim Beam, originally bottled the bourbon as gifts but eventually made it available to the general public a few years later. 

It is also believed that we have Booker Noe to thank for the industry term  “small batch,” referring to the way he made the spirit from a small number of barrels. [1

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts  

How It’s Made

Booker’s is bottled uncut after being aged between six to eight years in charred white oak barrels. It doesn’t go through the traditional chill-filtering or water dilution method, allowing the connoisseur more flexibility in enjoying their drink up until its last ounce. 

However, the master distiller makes sure that any actual pieces of barrel wood are left behind at the distillery location! 

Its Key Ingredients

Corn: Booker's Bourbon Price

The spirit has a mash bill of 77 percent corn, 13 percent rye, and 10 percent malted barley, categorizing it as a traditional American whiskey

If you can get past its alcoholic bite from the high ABV, you’ll notice an exotic range of floral and nutty notes on the palate, with undertones of charcoal, some smoke, and a charred oak flavor. Other tasting notes include the sweetness of brown sugar, mocha, coffee, clove, and hazelnut. 

Why It’s Released In “Batches” 

While they are known to create the spirits year-round, they only release bottles in limited batches (around four per year). This is mainly because each barrel ages differently and is only released when they’re “ready.”  

Common Booker’s Prices

Common Booker's Prices

Type Size Alcohol Proof Average Price
2021 – 01, “Donohoe’s Batch” 750 ml 124.9 Around $158
2021 – 02, “Tagalong Batch” 750 ml 127.9 Around $179
2021 – 03, “Bardstown Batch” 750 ml 125.5 Around $109
2021 – 04, “Noe Stranger’s Batch” 750 ml 124.4 Around $135
2020 – 01, “Granny’s Batch” 750 ml 126.4 Around $302
2020 – 02, “Boston Batch” 750 ml 126.5 Around $144
2020 – 03, “Pigskin Batch” 750 ml 127.3 Around $179
2019 – 01 Teresa’s Batch 750 ml 125.9 Around $84
2019 – 02 Shiny Barrel Batch 750 ml 124 Around $277
2019 – 03,  “Country Ham” 750 ml 124.7 Around $80
2019 – 04,  “Beaten Biscuits” 750 ml 126.1 Around $245
2018 – 01 Kathleen’s Batch 750 ml 127.4 Around $264
2018 – 02 Backyard Bbq 750 ml 128.8 Around $70
2018 – 03 Kentucky Chew 750 ml 126.7 Around $301
2018 – 04 Kitchen Table 750 ml 128.5 Around $507
2017 – 01 Tommy’s Batch 750 ml 128.5 Around $301
2017 – 02 Blue Knights Batch 750 ml 127.4 Around $343
2017 – 03 Front Porch Batch 750 ml 125.9 Around $299
2017 – 04 Sip Awhile 750 ml 128.1 Around $394
2016 – 01 Bluegrass Batch 750 ml 127.9 Around $36
2016 – 02 Annis’ Answer 750 ml 126.7 Around $299
2016 – Le Limited Edition Bookers® Rye  “Big Time” Batch 750 ml 136.2 Around $299
2016 – 03 TOOGIE’S INVITATION 750 ml 129 Around $59
2016 – 04 BLUEGILL CREEK 750 ml 128 Around $208
2016 – 05 OFF YOUR ROCKER 750 ml 129.7 Around $343
2016 – 06 NOE HARD TIMES 750 ml 127.8 Around $295
2015 – 02 DOT’S BATCH 750 ml 127.9 Around $59
2015 – 03 CENTER CUT BATCH 750 ml 127.2 Around $599
2015 – 04 OVEN BUSTER BATCH 750 ml 127 Around $117
2015 – 05 MAW MAW’S BATCH 750 ml 128 Around $386
2015 – 06 NOE SECRET 750 ml 128 Around $299

Compared To Other Bourbons 

Compared To Other Bourbons 

1792 Bourbon

1792 Bourbon

1792 Bourbon, named after the year that Kentucky was officially recognized as a state, is a smooth yet complex spirit brimming with sweet caramel and vanilla tasting notes. It is laced with spice mingles on the nose. 

1792 is cheaper, as it costs only around $32. It is bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is a rich bourbon with a rich taste and a chewy mouthfeel. It is relatively friendly and sweet, great for those who prefer light whiskey. It has familiar tastes of citrus, cinnamon, toffee, and cocoa. 

A 750 ml bottle of Woodford Reserve is around $30-ish, still cheaper than Booker’s bourbon. 

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit is famous for its high rye recipe (a whopping 95 percent). The high rye ensures a spicy nose; however, once you do get past the spice, you’ll taste the honey sweetness of this crisp and clean drink. 

Bulleit Rye costs around $30 per 750 ml bottle, almost the same as the other brands mentioned above.

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Popular Booker’s Bourbon Cocktail Recipes

Popular Booker's Bourbon Cocktail Recipes: Booker's Bourbon Price

Clermont Smash

Prep Time: 2 minutes 

Total Time: 2 minutes 


  • 1.5 oz Bookers bourbon 
  • 0.75 oz Falernum syrup 
  • 1.5 oz lemon sour 
  • 2 to 4 dashes of peach bitters 
  • 10 spearmint leaves 
  • ice 


Muddle the spearmint leaves and syrup at the bottom of a cocktail shaker until their natural juices have been released. Pour the remaining ingredients and some ice and shake well until combined. Strain and pour into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. 


Tangerine Julep

Tangerine Julep on table with mint leaves: Booker's Bourbon Price

Prep Time: 2 minutes 

Total Time: 2 minutes 


  • 1.5 oz Bookers bourbon 
  • 0.5 oz simple syrup 
  • 6 to 10 mint leaves 
  • ½ tangerine, cut into small pieces (with peel)
  • crushed ice 


Muddle the tangerine, mint, and syrup at the bottom of a double Old Fashioned glass until their natural juices have been released. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the bourbon. Stir gently to combine. Garnish with a mint leaf. 



Is Booker’s hard to find?

Yes, Booker’s is quite difficult to find. Not only does the brand release very limited batches, but they are almost always greedily snatched up by aficionados once available. They also don’t put up any sign of when the batches would be released. 

How do you drink Booker’s?

You can certainly drink Booker’s neat, but most people claim that tasting its cask strength is too overpowering. The brand recommends drinking this bourbon with a bit of water or serving it on the rocks. 

Is Booker’s Rare?

Booker’s bourbon is often considered rare due to its limited production and high demand among whiskey enthusiasts. Produced by the Jim Beam distillery, Booker’s is released in small batches, each with its own unique flavor profile and characteristics. The limited quantities of each batch, combined with its popularity, often result in scarcity on liquor store shelves. Additionally, certain batches of Booker’s may become highly sought after by collectors, further contributing to its reputation as a rare bourbon. While it may not be as elusive as some ultra-limited releases, the relative scarcity of Booker’s compared to mass-produced bourbons makes it a prized find for whiskey connoisseurs seeking something special and distinctive for their collection or enjoyment.

What is MSRP for Booker’s?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Booker’s bourbon typically falls within the range of $70 to $100 per bottle in the United States. However, it’s essential to note that actual retail prices can vary depending on factors such as location, taxes, distributor markups, and market demand. Limited edition releases or special batches may command higher prices due to their exclusivity and unique characteristics. Despite its relatively higher cost compared to mainstream bourbons, many enthusiasts consider Booker’s to offer excellent value for its quality, craftsmanship, and robust flavor profile.

What is the Highest Proof of Booker’s Bourbon?

Booker’s bourbon is known for its high proof, which typically ranges between 120 and 130 proof (60-65% alcohol by volume). However, the exact proof can vary from batch to batch, as each release of Booker’s is bottled uncut and unfiltered, maintaining the whiskey’s original strength and intensity. Some batches may even exceed 130 proof, depending on factors such as aging conditions and barrel selection. The high proof of Booker’s contributes to its bold and robust flavor profile, with rich notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice. Despite its potency, many whiskey enthusiasts appreciate Booker’s for its complexity and depth, often enjoying it neat or with a splash of water to fully experience its full-bodied character.

Who Owns Booker’s Bourbon?

Booker’s bourbon is owned by Beam Suntory, a global spirits company formed in 2014 through the merger of Beam Inc. and Suntory Holdings Limited. Beam Suntory is one of the largest spirits companies in the world, with a diverse portfolio of brands that includes iconic names such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, and, of course, Booker’s bourbon.

Booker’s is named after Booker Noe, a legendary master distiller at Jim Beam who played a pivotal role in developing the small batch bourbon category. His namesake bourbon continues to be produced and celebrated by Beam Suntory, honoring his legacy and commitment to crafting exceptional whiskey.

What Flavor Is Booker’s Bourbon?

Booker’s bourbon is renowned for its rich and robust flavor profile, characterized by bold notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice. Each batch of Booker’s exhibits its own unique combination of flavors, influenced by factors such as the specific mash bill, aging conditions, and barrel selection. The high proof of Booker’s contributes to its intense and full-bodied character, with a warming sensation and lingering finish.

Additionally, Booker’s often showcases nuances of dark fruit, toffee, leather, and toasted nuts, adding layers of complexity to its flavor profile. Despite its potency, Booker’s is known for its smoothness and balance, making it a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts who appreciate bold and flavorful bourbons.

What Proof Is Booker’s Bourbon?

Booker’s bourbon is bottled at cask strength, meaning it is not diluted with water before bottling, resulting in a higher proof compared to many other bourbons. The proof of Booker’s typically ranges between 120 and 130 proof (60-65% alcohol by volume), although individual batches may vary slightly. This high proof contributes to the intense and robust flavor profile for which Booker’s is known, with a full-bodied character and pronounced depth of flavor.

The uncut and unfiltered nature of Booker’s allows whiskey enthusiasts to experience the bourbon in its purest form, with all of its original strength and complexity preserved. Despite its high proof, Booker’s is renowned for its smoothness and drinkability, often enjoyed neat or with a splash of water to unlock its full flavor potential.

Who Buys from Booker’s?

Booker’s bourbon is purchased by a diverse range of consumers, including whiskey enthusiasts, collectors, bartenders, and casual drinkers alike. Its bold flavor profile, high proof, and reputation for quality make it appealing to those who appreciate premium bourbon whiskey. Whiskey connoisseurs often seek out Booker’s for its unique characteristics, including its uncut and unfiltered nature, which preserves the whiskey’s original strength and intensity.

Collectors may also be drawn to Booker’s due to its limited production and the distinctive qualities of each batch. Bartenders may incorporate Booker’s into craft cocktails to add depth and complexity, while casual drinkers may enjoy it neat or on the rocks for a special occasion or as a treat. Overall, Booker’s appeals to a broad spectrum of whiskey aficionados who value craftsmanship, flavor, and authenticity in their spirits.

How Long Is Booker’s Aged For?

Booker’s bourbon is typically aged for approximately six to eight years, although the exact aging period can vary slightly from batch to batch. Aging duration is a critical factor in developing the flavor profile and character of bourbon whiskey. During the aging process, the whiskey interacts with the charred oak barrels, absorbing flavors and compounds that contribute to its complexity and depth.

Booker’s is aged in new charred oak barrels, allowing it to develop rich caramel and vanilla notes, along with hints of oak, spice, and other flavors. The relatively longer aging period of Booker’s compared to some other bourbons contributes to its maturity and robust flavor profile, making it a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts seeking a full-bodied and well-aged spirit.

Is Booker’s Barrel Proof?

Yes, Booker’s bourbon is barrel proof, meaning it is bottled at its original proof without any dilution or adjustment. This results in a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to many other bourbons, typically ranging between 120 and 130 proof (60-65% ABV). The decision to bottle Booker’s at barrel proof allows consumers to experience the whiskey in its purest form, with all of its original strength and intensity preserved.

This uncut and unfiltered approach showcases the full spectrum of flavors and aromas present in Booker’s, including its rich caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice notes. Despite its high proof, Booker’s is known for its smoothness and balance, making it a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts who appreciate bold and flavorful bourbons.

What Is the No. 1 Bourbon in the World?

Determining the “No. 1” bourbon in the world is subjective and can vary depending on individual preferences, expert opinions, and market trends. However, certain bourbons have consistently earned high praise and accolades, positioning them as top contenders within the bourbon landscape. Brands like Pappy Van Winkle, Buffalo Trace, and Woodford Reserve are often regarded highly by whiskey enthusiasts and critics alike. Pappy Van Winkle, in particular, has achieved legendary status, with its limited releases generating significant buzz and commanding high prices on the secondary market. However, the title of “No. 1” bourbon is ultimately subjective and may differ based on factors such as availability, price, taste preferences, and personal experiences.

What Bourbon Is John Wick Drinking?

In the “John Wick” film series, the titular character, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is often seen drinking a bourbon called Blanton’s. Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery and is known for its distinctive bottle shape, featuring a horse and jockey figurine on the stopper. Blanton’s is highly regarded among bourbon enthusiasts for its smoothness, complexity, and well-balanced flavor profile, making it a fitting choice for the sophisticated and discerning tastes of John Wick. The prominence of Blanton’s in the films has contributed to its popularity and desirability among fans of the franchise.

How Often Is Booker’s Bourbon Released?

Booker’s bourbon is typically released several times throughout the year, with each release consisting of a unique batch or “batch proof” selected by the distiller’s master taster. While there is no set schedule for releases, Booker’s is known for its limited production and small batch approach, with each release showcasing different flavor profiles and characteristics. The frequency of releases may vary depending on factors such as barrel inventory, aging conditions, and market demand. Generally, Booker’s releases are eagerly anticipated by whiskey enthusiasts, with each batch offering a distinctive and memorable drinking experience. Collectors and fans of Booker’s often keep an eye out for new releases to add to their collection or enjoy as a special treat.

Is Booker’s Bourbon Price Worth It? 

Booker’s is one of the only brands that sell cask-strength, uncut and unfiltered bourbon. Sometimes, tasting its harsh alcoholic bite can be quite off-putting. Still, once you get past the initial alcohol heat, you’ll appreciate its complexity, unlike other bourbons you have ever tasted. 

Enjoy it with a bit of water or on the rocks, and you’ll find that this is a delight to drink. 


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