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Bourbons Similar To Eagle Rare: 10 Alternatives (2024)

Bourbons Similar To Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare spirits are becoming hard to find, especially nowadays when the demand is high. 

So what if you crave its delectable taste and satisfying feel? That’s when alternative spirits come in handy. But which spirits should you opt for? We got you. 

In this article, we’ll list down the best bourbons similar to Eagle Rare to satisfy your palate and your drinking experience.  

Top 10 Bourbons Similar To Eagle Rare 

10. John J. Bowman Single Barrel

Close Up Shot of John J. Bowman Single Barrel Bottle

Average Price: around $49.95 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 50% ABV 

Why We Like It: John J. Bowman Single Barrel is a solid bourbon that doesn’t have a mind-blowing flavor, but it’s good to try if you’re looking for something different.

This is a bit sweet, but it has a lot of spice and is quite tasty, reminiscent of E.H. Taylor. 

The nose of the Bowman Single Barrel is strong and oaky, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

It has a creamy feel on the palate, with some apple and brown sugar spice. 

The finish is medium-length, with a dry feel.

9. 1792 Small Batch Bourbon

1792 Small Batch Bourbon Bottle on top of a table

Average Price: around $34 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 47% ABV 

Why We Like It: The nose features a combination of banana, rye spice, and toasty oak. It’s creamy and earthy as you sniff it. 

The palate is smooth with hints of cinnamon and spice coming through — joined by bitter dry oak.

The finish is medium to long with hints of dried oak and cinnamon, and it’s slightly burnt but not harsh. It’s boring, but it’s still fairly easy to drink.

8. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year

Russell's Reserve 10 Year Bottle on top of a wooden table

Average Price: around $42.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 45% ABV 

Why We Like It: Wild Turkey launched Russell’s Reserve as their premium brand, which makes it a great alternative to Eagle Rare.

The nose is sweet and has hints of burnt oak and spices. On the palate, the taste is excellent and has a similar feel to Thanksgiving pie. 

You can get a variety of spices, such as cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla, which adds a buttery flavor to the drink. The finish is rich in maple syrup and brown sugar.

Overall, this is a very sweet whiskey that’s easy to drink, but it also brings out more char. 

7. Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon

Pouring Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Bottle on a glass

Average Price: around $45.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 46% ABV 

Why We Like It: Bib & Tucker Small Batch is a solid bourbon with great traditional notes.

Though it lacks a strong finish, this leaves a more satisfying finish to be desired.

The nose of this bourbon is filled with hints of burnt sugar, maple, French toast, and butterscotch.

The palate is also full of notes of cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and other fall spices. 

The finish is sweet and short, with a tobacco and leather note. This is a traditional bourbon with a lot of potentials to develop into a more complex drink. 

6. Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Single Barrel Bottle and a Glass

Average Price: around $49 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 50% ABV 

Why We Like It: The Four Roses Single Barrel is made with high rye content and is a great example of how a traditional blend can be refined. 

As you start drinking it, it starts to show hints of sweet and fruity notes, making it an enjoyable drink.

This is not that harsh for a bottle bottled at 100-proof [1], but it’s still very good.

The layered flavor profile and interesting presentation make it a great sipper.

This great blend of creamy and crunchy ingredients will leave you with a satisfying and chewy feeling. 

5. Bulleit 10 Year

Man Holding a Bottle of Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon Whisky on Top of a Table

Average Price: around $44.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 45.6% ABV 

Why We Like It: Bulleit 10 Year features a bit of spice and oak. It also has a rich, fruity flavor that’s not as noticeable in the regular version.

The nose has a strong rye spice aroma with hints of green apple, burnt oak, and mint. 

You get a bit of black pepper, baking spice, and charred oak on the palate.

As you let it develop, it provides a bit of sweet fruit, vanilla, and caramel. 

The finish is smooth, with little warmth and burnt oak. It’s great for sipping neat, but adding a drop of water can make it even better.

4. Redwood Empire Lost Monarch

Man Holding a Redwood Empire Lost Monarch Bottle

Average Price: around $34.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 45% ABV 

Why We Like It: The nose and palate give different impressions of this Canadian rye type. The palate delivered more heat and finished with a more earth tone. 

The youthful part of the blend shows its colors early.

After a couple of light fruits, such as Orange Zest and Peach, the palate starts to calm down. There’s also a bit of pepper spice in the finish.

This light and fruity Rye has a similar flavor to a standard Canadian Rye.

It’s made with various fruits, such as peaches, pears, and apricots.

3. Evan Williams Single Barrel

Man Holding Bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel

Average Price: around $27 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 43.5% ABV 

Why We Like It: Evan Williams Single Barrel is well-rounded and has no dominant hints but has a nice sweet taste and aroma. 

This is a smooth and enjoyable drink with a bit of a dry finish, but it is still very good. It’s not as strong as some other drinks, but it still makes great cocktails.

It has a smooth and sweet nose with hints of vanilla and cotton candy.

It feels like it’s lacking in the body on the palate, but it hits you with a bit of spice before it mellows out into honey and vanilla.

2. Maker’s Mark 46

Bottle of Maker's Mark 46

Average Price: around $45.99 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 47% ABV 

Why We Like It: The flavor notes of this bourbon are similar to those found in the traditional version of the same brand.

The nose starts with oak, followed by hints of vanilla and a bit of caramel.

The taste is rich in oak, but the vanilla comes in quickly and delivers a nice taste. It then moves into a cherry flavor and stays creamy.

Maker’s Mark 46 is made using traditional methods, such as taking full-aged bourbon at cask strength.

It then gets seared into the barrels using French oak staves.

1. Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2 Bottles of Coopers' Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and a Glass

Average Price: around $29 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 41.1% ABV 

Why We Like It: You wouldn’t expect much from Cooper’s Craft at first, but it will surely surprise you how good this spirit is.

Although it is still an unremarkable blend of whiskey, it has a variety of notes that make it very drinkable. 

Its fruity blend, which includes cherries, berries, and citrus, adds a welcome and unexpected character to this drink, making it into the category of top-shelf whiskeys like Eagle Rare. 

Compared to other premium whiskeys [2], like Eagle Rare, Cooper’s Craft tastes more mature.

Its sweet and fruity characteristics make it one of the best-value Brown Forman whiskeys under $30. 


Why is Eagle Rare bourbon hard to find?

Eagle Rare bourbon is hard to find because it’s distributed as an allocated spirit, so distributors cannot order them on demand when they run low on stocks. But how can you look for allocated bourbon?

How often is Eagle Rare bourbon released?

Eagle Rare bourbon is released every fall, once a year, and is only available in small quantities. 

What bourbons are similar to Eagle Rare?

Bourbons similar to Eagle Rare include Buffalo Trace, Blanton’s Single Barrel, Four Roses Single Barrel, Weller Antique 107, and Elijah Craig Small Batch.

What makes these bourbons comparable to Eagle Rare?

These bourbons share similarities in their flavor profiles, aging processes, and production methods, resulting in a comparable drinking experience.

Can I expect similar flavor notes in bourbons like Eagle Rare?

Yes, bourbons like Eagle Rare often feature notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and subtle spice, offering a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.

Are there any specific characteristics I should look for when choosing a bourbon similar to Eagle Rare?

Look for bourbons with similar mash bills, aging statements, and production methods to ensure a comparable flavor profile and drinking experience.

Final Verdict

Since Eagle Rare is only released at a certain time of the year, and there is so much demand, it can be tough to get a hold of this bottle.  

But you can satisfy your liquor cravings by opting for alternative spirits close to Eagle Rare.

From the John J. Bowman Single Barrel to the Maker’s Mark 46, you can achieve your desired drinking experience. 

But what we can recommend the best as an alternative to Eagle Rare is Cooper’s Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  

The taste profile and character are almost close to Eagle Rare – at an affordable price. 


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